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Tag: Chinese Movies

1999 (2020) 一九九九

1999 (2020)Also known as: 一九九九 / Yījiǔjiǔjiǔ / Yi Jiu Jiu Jiu Genre: Drama, MysteryCountry: China MainlandDirector: Luo YanWriter:Production:Release Date: 2020Related Show: Cast: Pan Binlong Chloe Maayan Huang Zixing Liang […]

Better Days 少年的你 (Movie 2019)

Young You (Movie)Also known as: Better Days (少年的你) Genre: Movie, Drama, RomanceCountry: China MainlandDirector: Kwok Cheung TsangWriter: Lin Yongchen, Li Yuan, Xu YimengProduction:Release Date: Oct. 25, 2019Related Show: Cast: Chen […]

Eleventh (2019)

EleventhAlso known as: 第十一回, Dì shíyī huí, 11 Genre: Drama, Movies, Comedy, FamilyCountry: ChinaDirector: Chen Jianbin Writer: Chen Jianbin, Niu Jianrong, Niu Niu, Lei ZhilongRelease Date: 2019Related Show: Cast: Chen […]

The Wandering Earth 流浪地球 (Movie 2019)

The Wandering Earth (2019)Also known as: 流浪地球 / Liu Lang Di Qiu Genre: Movie, Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, AdventureCountry: China MainlandDirector: Guo FanWriter:Production: GonggelRelease Date: 5 February 2019Related Show: Cast: Shaw […]

Have Your Name Carved

Child in Heaven (2021)Also known as: 天上的孩子(2021), Have Your Name Carved Genre: DramaCountry: China Mainland Director: Xu LeiWriter: N/ARelease Date: 2018-08 (Montreal Film Festival)Related Show: Cast: Xu Huanhuan Shi Qingfeng […]

Jade Dynasty 1 诛仙 1 (Movie 2019)

Jade Dynasty 1Also known as: 诛仙 1 / Zhu Xian / Jade Dynasty Genre: Drama, Action, Fantasy, Costume Drama, Xianxia, Adapted From A Novel Country: ChinaDirector: Cheng Xiao DongWriter:Production: New […]

Crane Became & Foxtrel 仙鹤戏狐妖 (2019)

Crane Became & Foxtrel 仙鹤戏狐妖 (2019) Also known as: 仙鹤戏狐妖 / Xian He Xi Hu Yao / Crane Immortal and Fox Demon Genre: Drama, Action, FantasyCountry: China MainlandDirector: Wang WeiWriter: […]

Hello Tomorrow 明天你好 (Movie 2019)

Hello TomorrowAlso known as: 少年的你 / The Youthful You / The Youthful You Who Was So Beautiful / 少年的你 / 如此美丽 / 更好的明天 / Shao Nian De Ni / Shao […]

The Living Dead Introduction Synopsis

The film “The Soul of Chen Qingling” is an extravagant part of “Chen Qing Ling”, which mainly tells the story of Wen Ning and Lan Si chasing together to explore […]

3 Body 三体 (Movie 2020)

3 Body 三体Also known as: 3 Body / 三体 / Sān tǐ / Three-Body Problem / San Ti Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Sci-Fi Country: China MainlandDirector: Zhang FanfanWriter:Production: Release Date: […]

Ash Is Purest White 江湖儿女 (Movie 2018)

Ash Is Purest WhiteAlso known as: 江湖儿女 / Jiang Hu Er Nu Genre: Drama, Romance, Romantic DramaCountry: China Mainland, FranceDirector: Jia ZhangkeWriter: Network: Release Date: 2018Related Show: – Cast: Liao Fan Zhao Tao Xu Zheng Feng Xiaogang […]

Back to Yesterday 回到昨天 (Movie 2018)

Back to YesterdayOther Title: 回到昨天 / Hui Dao Zuo Tian Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Time Travel, Romantic ComediesCountry: China MainlandDirector: Tang RuodingWriter: Production: Release Date: 2018Related Show: – Cast: Sha Yi Yao Xingtong Synopsis:Back to Yesterday

Bai Ri and Shanjin 白日与山尽 (Movie 2018)

Bai Ri and Shanjin (2018)Other Title: 白日与山尽 / Bai Ri Yu Shan Jin Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Comedy, Time Travel, Romantic ComediesCountry: China MainlandDirector: Ma KeWriter: Production: Release Date: 2018Related Show: – Cast: Yang Di Kong Chuinan Bao Wenjing Synopsis:Bai […]