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You Are My Everything

You Are My Everything
Other Name: You are My Gravitation, เธอเป็นดั่ง แรงดึงดูดของใจฉัน, Nǐ Shì Wǒ De Wàn Yǒu Yǐn Lì You Are My Gravitation You Are My Gravity, 你是我的万有引力

Genres: Romance, Manhua
Mo Xiaoli
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Qin Se has been married for two years and her husband never touch her until a mysterious package led her to crash through her husband’s secret …… In order to retaliate against the scum, Qin Se directed a big show. She carefully selected and chose the powerful head of the Gu family – Gu Jing Yuan. Qin Se thought that she just provoked a different boss, but she didn’t know that she was being guided step
by step to retaliate against the scum, regain her freedom and return to singleness, but also step by step, step into the huge net of love she had already woven.

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