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Category: Actress

Zhang Tian Ai 张天爱 (Actress)

张天爱 / Zhang Tian AiOther Name: Crystal Zhang Nationality: ChineseGender: MaleBorn: Oct. 28, 1990Occupation: ActressBirthplace: Harbin, Heilongjiang, ChinaHeight: 168 cmWeight: 48 kgStar sign: ScorpioChinese zodiac: HorseTalent Agency: FWSEducation: Beijing Film […]

Yukee Chen 陈钰琪 (Actress)

Chen Yu QiOther Name: 陈钰琪 / Chen Yu Qi / Yukee Chen (陈钰琪) Nationality: ChinaGender: FemaleBorn: July 29, 1992Occupation: ActressBirthplace: Chengdu, Sichuan, ChinaHeight: 1.64 mWeight:Star sign:Chinese zodiac:Talent Agency: Tiffany Tang […]

Hu Yi Xuan 胡意旋 (Actress)

Hu Yi XuanOther Name: 胡意旋 / Hu Yi Xuan Nationality: ChinaGender: FemaleBorn: January 31, 1995Occupation: ActressBirthplace: Yunnan, ChinaHeight:Weight:Star sign:Chinese zodiac:Talent Agency:Education:Official website:Music group:Instagram: TV Drama Series: A River Runs Through […]

Yang Chao Yue 杨超越 (Actress)

Yang Chao YueOther Name: 杨超越 / Yang Chao Yue / 村花 / Village Flower / 超超越越 Nationality: ChineseGender: FemaleBorn: July 31, 1998Occupation: Actress, singerBirthplace: Dafeng District, Yancheng, Jiangsu, ChinaHeight: 168 […]

Lu Xiao Yu 吕小雨 (Actress)

Lu Xiao YuOther Name: 吕小雨 / Lu Xiao Yu Nationality: ChineseGender: FemaleBorn: July 4, 2000Occupation: ActressBirthplace: Hebei, ChinaHeight:Weight:Star sign:Chinese zodiac:Talent Agency:Education:Official website:Music group: TV Drama Series: Qing Qing Zi Jin […]

Sun Qian 孙千 (Actress)

Sun Qian (Actress)Other Name: 孙千 / Sun Qian Nationality: ChineseGender: FemaleBorn: April 18, 1997Occupation: ActressBirthplace: Harbin, ChinaHeight: 172 cmWeight:Star sign:Chinese zodiac: AriesTalent Agency: Enlight MediaEducation: Central Academy of Drama in […]

Sandrine Pinna (Actress)

Sandrine Pinna (Actress)Other Name: 張榕容 (张榕容) / Chang Yung Yung (Zhang Rong Rong) / Sandrine Pinna / Zhang Rong Rong / Chang Yung Yung Nationality: TaiwaneseGender: FemaleBorn: April 10, 1987Occupation: […]

Kim Ji Eun 김지은 (Actress)

Kim Ji EunOther Name: 김지은 / Gim Ji-eun / Kim Chiŭn Nationality: South KoreanGender: FemaleBorn: October 9, 1993Occupation: Actress, modelBirthplace: South KoreanHeight: Weight:Star sign: Chinese zodiac:Talent Agency: HB EntertainmentEducation: Cheongju […]

Chai Wei 柴蔚 (Actress)

Chai Wei 柴蔚 (Actress)Other Name: 柴蔚 / Chai Wei / ไช เวย / 蔚蔚、乖宝、蔚宝、小蔚 Nationality: ChineseGender: FemaleBorn: December 12, 2002Occupation: ActressBirthplace: Cixi, Ningbo, Zhejiang, ChinaHeight: Weight: Star sign: SagittariusChinese zodiac: […]

Kim So Hyun (Actress)

Kim So HyunOther Name: 김소현 / Kim So Hyun (Kim So Hyeon) Nationality: South KoreanGender: FemaleBorn: June 4, 1999Occupation: Actress, and singerBirthplace: AustraliaHeight: 165 kgWeight:Star sign: GeminiChinese zodiac:Talent Agency: E&T […]

Song Yi Ren (Actress)

Song Yi Ren (Actress)Other Name: 宋伊人 / Song Yi Ren / Ireine SongNationality: ChineseGender: FemaleBorn: May 7, 1993Occupation: ActressBirthplace: Shandong, ChinaHeight: Weight: Star sign: Chinese zodiac: Talent Agency: Golden Pond […]

Sul In Ah (Actress)

Sul In Ah (Actress)Other Name: 설인아 / Sul In AhNationality: South KoreaGender: FemaleBorn: South Korea Occupation: ActressBirthplace: Height: 167cmWeight: 50kgStar sign: CapricornChinese zodiac: Talent Agency: Oui EntertainmentEducation: Hanlim Multi Art […]

Song Zuer 宋祖儿 (Actress)

Song Zuer (Actor)Other Name: Lareina Song (formerly Claudia) / 宋祖儿 / Song Zu Er / 孙碧涓 / Sun Bi Juan Nationality: ChineseGender: FemaleBorn: May 23, 1998Occupation: ActressBirthplace: Tianjin, ChinaHeight: 165 […]

Jeon Ji Hyeon 전지현 (Actress)

Jeon Ji Hyeon Other Name: Jeon Ji Hyeon / 전지현 / ช็อน จี-ฮย็อน / 전지현 / Wang Ji Hyeon / Gianna Jun / Jun Ji Hyun / Jun Ji Hyeon […]

Eleanor Lee 李凱馨 (Actress)

Eleanor LeeChinese name: Lee Kai Xin (李凱馨) / 李凱馨 – เอเลนอร์ ลี Nationality: SingaporeBirthplace: Taipei, TaiwanBirthday: October 12, 1999 Occupation: Actress, singer, modelSkills: guitar, piano, drums, basketball and the artsParents: […]

Shen Yue 沈月 (Actress)

Shen Yue (Actress)Other Name: 沈月 / Shen Yue / เชน ยูเอะ Nationality: ChineseGender: FemaleBorn: February 27, 1997Occupation: Actress and modelBirthplace: Shaoyang, Hunan, ChinaHeight: 160 cmWeight: Star sign: Chinese zodiac: Talent […]