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Category: Person

Wei Zhe Ming 魏哲鸣

Wei Zhe Ming (Actor)Other Name: Miles / 魏哲鸣 / Wei Zhe Ming Nationality: ChineseGender: MaleBorn: May 23, 1990Occupation: ActorBirthplace: Shandong, ChinaHeight: 183 cmWeight:Star sign: GeminiChinese zodiac: HorseTalent Agency: Feibao MediaEducation: Tianjin Normal UniversityOfficial website:Music group: TV Drama Series: Unforgettable Love […]

Lai Yi

Lai Yi (Actor)Other Name: 赖力伟 / Lai Li Wei / 赖艺 / Lai Yi Nationality: ChineseGender: MaleBorn: November 29, 1990Occupation: Model, actorBirthplace: Ganzhou, Jiangxi, ChinaHeight: 182 cmWeight: Star sign: SagittariusChinese zodiac: HorseTalent Agency: Jiaxing MediaEducation: Beijing Film AcademyOfficial website:Music group: […]

Bai Lu

Bai Lu (Actress)Other Name: 白鹿 / Bai Lu / 白梦妍 / Bai Meng Yan / Bai MengyanNationality: ChineseGender: FemaleBorn: September 23, 1994Occupation: ActressBirthplace: Jiangsu, ChinaHeight: 165 cmWeight:Star sign: LibraChinese zodiac: DogTalent Agency: Huanyu FilmEducation: Official website:Music group: TV Drama Series: Chang […]

Xu Hao 徐好 (Actress)

Xu Hao (Actress)Other Name: 徐好 / Xu Hao Nationality: ChineseGender: FemaleBorn: October 30, 1995Occupation: ActressBirthplace: Jiangsu, ChinaHeight:Weight:Star sign:Chinese zodiac: ScorpioTalent Agency:Education: Beijing Film AcademyOfficial website:Music group: Xu Hao was determined […]

Sammual Chan 陳鍵鋒 (Actor)

Sammul Chan (Actor)Other Name: 陳鍵鋒 / 陳鍵鋒 (陈键锋) / Chan Kin Fung (Chen Jian Feng) / 陈恩耀 / Chan Yan Yiu (Chen En Yao) / 鋒仔 (Fung Jai) / 阿苗 […]

Ao Ruipeng 敖瑞鹏

Ao Ruipeng 敖瑞鹏(Actor)Other Name: 敖瑞鹏 / Ao Rui Peng Nationality: ChineseGender: MaleBorn: October 6, 1995Occupation: ActorBirthplace: Chongqing, ChinaHeight: 188 CMWeight:Star sign: LibraChinese zodiac: Talent Agency: Education: Chengdu Vocational College of the ArtsOfficial website: Weibo: @敖瑞鹏的微博 @无法被拒绝的男人 / Oasis: @敖瑞鹏的微博 / Douyin: […]

Garvey Jin 张家玮 (Actor)

Garvey Jin (Actor)Other Name: Jia Wei / Zhang Jia Wei / Jin Ze / 金泽 / 张家玮 / Zhang Jia Wei / 金泽 / Jin Ze / Zhang Jiawei Nationality: […]

Wen Zhou 文渊 (Actor)

Wen Zhou (Actor)Other Name: 文渊 Nationality: ChineseGender: MaleBorn: August 8, 1996Occupation: ActorBirthplace: Shenzhen, GuangdongHeight: 183 cmWeight: 70 kgStar sign: LeoChinese zodiac:Talent Agency: Lebao FilmEducation:Official website:Music group: TV Drama Series: Forget […]

Zheng Ye Cheng 郑业成 (Actor)

Zheng Yecheng (Actor)Other Name: Zheng Yecheng / เจิ้งเย่เฉิง / 郑业成 Nationality: ChineseGender: MaleBorn: August 26, 1993 Occupation: actorBirthplace: Jilin City, Jilin ProvinceHeight: 180 cmWeight: 67 kgStar sign: VirgoChinese zodiac: RoosterTalent […]

Zhang Tian Ai 张天爱 (Actress)

张天爱 / Zhang Tian AiOther Name: Crystal Zhang Nationality: ChineseGender: MaleBorn: Oct. 28, 1990Occupation: ActressBirthplace: Harbin, Heilongjiang, ChinaHeight: 168 cmWeight: 48 kgStar sign: ScorpioChinese zodiac: HorseTalent Agency: FWSEducation: Beijing Film […]

Youwei Chen 陈宥维 (Actor)

Youwei Chen (Actor)Other Name: Chen You Wei / Chén yòu wéi / Chen Wang Zai / 陈旺仔 / 陈宥维 Nationality: ChineseGender: MaleBorn: July 7, 1998Occupation: Actor, singerBirthplace: Zhejiang, ChinaHeight: 185 […]

Aaron Deng 邓超元 (Actor)

Aaron Deng (Actor)Other Name: 邓超元 / Dumpling Nationality: ChineseGender: MaleBorn: May 6, 1997Occupation: Actor, singerBirthplace: Sichuan, ChinaHeight: 187 cmWeight: 65 kgStar sign:Chinese zodiac:Talent Agency: Shaocheng eraEducation: Sichuan Film and Television […]

Yukee Chen 陈钰琪 (Actress)

Chen Yu QiOther Name: 陈钰琪 / Chen Yu Qi / Yukee Chen (陈钰琪) Nationality: ChinaGender: FemaleBorn: July 29, 1992Occupation: ActressBirthplace: Chengdu, Sichuan, ChinaHeight: 1.64 mWeight:Star sign:Chinese zodiac:Talent Agency: Tiffany Tang […]

Hu Yi Xuan 胡意旋 (Actress)

Hu Yi XuanOther Name: 胡意旋 / Hu Yi Xuan Nationality: ChinaGender: FemaleBorn: January 31, 1995Occupation: ActressBirthplace: Yunnan, ChinaHeight:Weight:Star sign:Chinese zodiac:Talent Agency:Education:Official website:Music group:Instagram: TV Drama Series: A River Runs Through […]

Yang Chao Yue 杨超越 (Actress)

Yang Chao YueOther Name: 杨超越 / Yang Chao Yue / 村花 / Village Flower / 超超越越 Nationality: ChineseGender: FemaleBorn: July 31, 1998Occupation: Actress, singerBirthplace: Dafeng District, Yancheng, Jiangsu, ChinaHeight: 168 […]

Lauryn Hill (Singer)

Lauryn HillOther Name: Lauryn Noelle Hill / Ms. Lauryn HillL. Boogie Nationality: AmericanGender: FemaleBorn: May 25, 1975Occupation: an American singer-songwriter, rapper, record producer, and actressBirthplace: East Orange, New Jersey, United […]