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Category: Korean Manga

Doctor Elise: The Royal Lady with the Lamp

Doctor Elise: The Royal Lady with the Lamp (Manga)Other Name: Oegwauisa Elise, Queen with a Scalpel, Surgeon Elise Genres: manga, Fantasy, Manhwa, Romance, Webtoon, Doctors Authors: Kakao PageChapter: 117+Year: 2017Related Show: Description:Dr. Song, the youngest […]

The Baby Isn’t Yours (Manga)

The Baby Isn’t YoursOther Name: 너의 아이가 아니야 / neoui aiga aniya Genres: Fantasy, Romance, WebtoonsChapter: 1+Country: South KoreaAuthors: 아롱드리 – ArongdriYear: 2020Related Show: Summary: Kalia is a war hero, […]

In Love With Two Of Me

In Love With Two Of Me (Manga)Other Name: 总裁爱上两个我 / 대표님이 사랑한 두명의 나 Genres: manga, drama, romanceAuthors: Chapter: 40+Year: 2019Related Show: Description:The ordinary girl Yuffie Fowler, who was suddenly unemployed, entered a “parallel world” […]

Emperor And The Female Knight

Emperor And The Female Knight (Manga)Other Name: Emperor And The Female Knight ( The King and His Knight ) Genres: manga, Action, Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Josei, Romance, WebtoonAuthors: N/AChapter: ongoingYear: 2019Related Show: Description:Pauliana has been […]

The Evil Lady’s Hero

The Evil Lady’s Hero (Manga)Other Name: 악녀의 남주님 Genres: manga, Ecchi, Romance, WebtoonsAuthors: Lee HaronChapter: 40+Year: 20XXRelated Show: Description:This manga contains materials that might not be suitable to children under 17. By proceeding, you are […]

I Became a Maid in a TL Novel

I Became a Maid in a TL Novel (Manga)Other Name: I Became a Maid in a TL Novel, TL Soseol Sok Sinyeo-ga Doeeotseumnida, TL 소설 속 시녀가 되었습니다 Genres: manga, Fantasy, RomanceAuthors: Danali […]

I Became a Millionaire’s daughter

I Became a Millionaire’s daughter (Manga)Other Name: N/A Genres: manga, romanceAuthors: N/AChapter: OnGoingYear: 201XRelated Show: Description:Lee Yoori, an employee of the EG Department Store HR team, and Lee Yool, the youngest daughter of the EG […]

The Villain’s Savior

The Villain’s Savior (Manga)Other Name:  Genres: manga, Drama, Fantasy, Josei, Manhua, Romance, TragedyAuthors: N/AChapter: OnGoingYear: 201XRelated Show: Description:Set on a path to tragedy and misfortune from a young age, Aseph Randell is doomed to […]

Surviving As A Maid

Surviving As A Maid (Manga)Other Name: n/a Genres: manga, Drama, Fantasy, Historical, RomanceAuthors: n/aChapter: 40+Year: 201XRelated Show: Description:When I opened my eyes while cooking ramen, I woke up as the Queen’s maid, who was treated […]


Housekeeper (Manga)Other Name: 하우스키퍼 Genres: manga, Manhua, Psychological, Sci-fiAuthors: 채용택Chapter: 40+Year: 201XRelated Show: Description:In the near future where Android (A.I) becomes common among humans, a virus outbreak suddenly occurred, turning over 70% humanity into zombie-like […]

The Duchess’ 50 Tea Recipes

The Duchess’ 50 Tea Recipes (Manga)Other Name: 공작부인의 50가지티 레시피 Genres: manga, Isekai, Manhua, Romance, WebtoonsAuthors: Ant Studio, Jiha LeeChapter: 40+Year: 201XRelated Show: Description:When I opened my eyes, I had become the duchess. But something […]

Sincerely: I Became a Duke’s Maid

Sincerely: I Became a Duke’s Maid (Manga)Other Name: 날것: 공작가의 하녀로 빙의했습니다 Genres: manga, Fantasy, Isekai, Manhua, RomanceAuthors: Jooara/Juara (주아라)Chapter: 40+Year: 201XRelated Show: Description:I woke up one day inside the story of a novel as […]

I Am a Child of This House

I Am a Child of This House (Manga)Other Name: I Belong to House Castielo Genres: manga, Fantasy, Romance, WebtoonsAuthors: ShiyaChapter: 40+Year: 201XRelated Show: Description:Except that I have memories of my past life, I lived as […]

Who Made me a Princess

Who Made me a Princess (Manga)Other Name: One day I became a princess, Suddenly Became a Princess One Day, 某天成为公主, 어느 날 공주가 되어버렸다 Genres: manga, Comedy, Fantasy, Isekai, Manhua, RomanceAuthors: PlutosChapter: 40+Year: 201XRelated Show: […]

Leveling Up, By Only Eating! (Manga)

Leveling Up, By Only Eating! (Manga)Other Name: 1 Genres: mangaAuthors: Chapter: 40+Year: 20XXRelated Show: Description:The main character is stricken by a rare condition that affects only two people in the entire world, bulimic deficiency. He […]

I had the first night of the man

I had the first night of the man (Manga)Other Name: 남주의 첫날밤을 가져버렸다-로판(완결) Genres: mangaAuthors: Hoshimiya IchigoChapter: 40+Year: 20XXRelated Show: Description:The name was also possessed by the fascinating supporting role of Posiraegi. I thought, “Because […]