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The villain princess asks for life

The villain princess asks for life (Manga)
Other Name: 反派皇妃求保命

Genres: manga
Park Jin-Beom + Seong Eun Tae + N’oah
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“The villain’s imperial concubine asks for life” is a web comic serialized by Park Jin-Beom+Seong Eun Tae+N’oah. The comic tells the story of Reyana, who is a combination of beauty and wisdom, travels into a book read in her previous life. In the book, she is the vicious princess of the empire who is jealous and loves to fight for favor. She is sent to prison for killing the emperor’s beloved woman. Die alone in the middle. This time, she wants to fight against the world, avoid the thousands of women in the harem, and the emperor…but! “Why haven’t I seen you, you are Leyana?” It’s over! The emperor…

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