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Category: Korean Manga

The Live

The Live (Manga)Other Name: Система Жизни, 더 라이브 Genres: manga, Drama, Horror, PsychologicalAuthors: Ant StudiosChapter: ongoing Year: 2020Related Show: Description:After losing his wife and daughter in a horrific accident, Yun-Jae […]

Promised Orchid

Promised Orchid (Manga)Other Name: Nan Yak Genres: manga, Action, Adventure, Comic, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Manhwa, Seinen, SupernaturalAuthors: JEON Geuk-jinChapter: ongoing Year: 2019Related Show: Description:Yang Jaesin always dreams the same dream […]

Contract Concubine

Contract Concubine (Manga)Other Name: 후궁계약 Genres: manga, Comedy, Historical, Romance, Shoujo, WebtoonsAuthors: RejongChapter: ongoing Year: 2019Related Show: Description:One day, Yesuh, a famous murderer, receives a strange request from a suspicious […]

Sword of the Falcon

Sword of the Falcon (Manga)Other Name: Genres: manga, Action, Fantasy, Josei, Manhwa, Romance, WebtoonsAuthors: Choi soojeong,Kim kyungmiChapter: 40+Year: 2020Related Show: Description:Rescued from a band of human traffickers, Eremia, the continent’s […]

The Flower of Francia

The Flower of Francia (Manga)Other Name: The Flower of Prencia, 프렌시아의 꽃 Genres: manga, Comedy, Fantasy, RomanceAuthors: Sung Eun-TaeChapter: 40+Year: 2020Related Show: Description:Sabin is ready to say goodbye to life […]

The Pharmacy Where the Wolf Howls

The Pharmacy Where the Wolf Howls (Manga)Other Name: Genres: manga, Comedy, Drama, Josei, Romance, WebtoonsAuthors: Kim jisuk,WoodlandChapter: 40+Year: 20XXRelated Show: Description:As a teen, Sooji was heartbroken when her favorite idol […]

Valentine’s Kiss

Valentine’s Kiss (Manga)Other Name: Valentine’s Kiss; Valentine’s kiss; Bacio di san valentino; Bisou valentine; Валентинский поцелуй; 발렌타인 키스; Valentine Kiss (Kim Hee Seong) Genres: manga, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Romance, […]

Immoral Night

Immoral Night (Manga)Other Name: 不道德之夜 / 부도덕 한 밤 Genres: mangaAuthors: N/AChapter: ongoingYear: 2020Related Show: Description:Her identity has changed from a noble lady to a maidservant. The man who once believed the most has become […]

A Beastly Scandal

A Beastly Scandal (Manga)Other Name: 짐승같은 스캔들 Genres: manga, Drama, RomanceAuthors: 완결Chapter: ongoingYear: 2020Related Show: Description:A BELLE OF THE BALL…Lady Annabelle Marchant was a belle of the ball in London until she used her psychical […]

Daughter of the Emperor

Daughter of the Emperor (Manga)Other Name: Emperor’s Only Daughter / Koutei no Hitori Musume / 皇帝の一人娘 / 皇帝的独生女 / 황제의 외동딸 / ابنة الإمبراطور Genres: manga, Korean , Shoujo , Comedy , […]

An Inescapable Love

An Inescapable Love (Manga)Other Name: 거부할 수 없는 운명 Genres: manga, Korean , Josei , Drama , Historical , RomanceAuthors: Koodo, lee jong eun, mieun-leeChapter: OngoingYear: 2020Related Show: Description:For Princess Seollan, life as the twin […]

My Man’s Business

My Man’s Business (Manga)Other Name: 我男人的生意 Genres: manga, Korea Manhua, romance Authors: LimoChapter: 40+Year: 2020Related Show: Description:He is a workaholic who only has work in his head, even if he […]

My Sister Picked Up the Male Lead

My Sister Picked Up the Male Lead (Manga)Other Name: 언니가 남자주인공을 주웠다 Genres: manga, Fantasy, Isekai, Manhwa, RomanceAuthors: Moon si-hyunChapter: 40+Year: 2020Related Show: Description:My name is Amy. It’s nice to […]

The Great Deity

The Great Deity (Manga)Other Name: 대귀갑사, The Divine Punished One Genres: manga, Action, Adventure, Webtoons, Martial artsAuthors: Kim Geon HuiChapter: 40+Year: 2019Related Show: Description:This is a story of an exceptional boy, Lu Xiao Yi who […]