Ugly Beauty 皮囊之下 Episode 12 Recap

Through this time of getting along, although Xiao Mu and Chen Mo will not live together and die together, they have also experienced many things that make her feel incredible. […]

Miss the Dragon 遇龙 Episode 10 Recap

Xueqianxun brought all the flowing things back to Luofeng Pavilion. Qingqing had to chase to Luofeng Pavilion to find Xueqian. She saw the satin fragments all over the floor and […]

Love Crossed 完美的他 Episode 3 Recap

After Guan Qianya returned home, she began to experience the virtual lover glasses that Manager Cui bought for her. After she put on the glasses, the surrounding scene did not […]

Love Crossed 完美的他 Episode 1 Recap

For a long time, people have been longing for perfect love, perfect lovers, and the junk food generated by social software makes love cheap. Now people’s imagination of love can […]