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Appreciation of the works of “Swing”

“Swing” was created in 1766 and is Fragonard’s most famous representative work.

The work depicts an aristocratic couple playing in the dense jungle. The young lady was swinging, her eyes were full of provocation. She deliberately kicked her shoes into the woods, causing young men to look around in a hurry. Instead, she laughed unwillingly. Although the works are frivolous and vulgar, but they are in line with the tastes of the nobles at the time. Regardless of the subject matter and form, they all reflect the typical Rococo style.

Creative background

Fragonard’s teacher Boucher was a favorite painter of Louis XV’s mistress, Madame Pompadour, and Fragonard wanted to seek refuge with Louis XV’s favorite Madame Barrie, but it was said that he couldn’t agree with him. Mrs. Barrie once commissioned this painter, who she was called the Little Fragonard, to paint a group of paintings. The title was probably “The Sublimation of Love in the Heart of a Girl”, because the title and image creation in it offended this Bibon. Madame Padul fell out of favor with the more beautiful Madame Barrie, and this “Swing” is a related one.

Art Appreciation

One of his representative works, “Swing”, cleverly uses the changes of light and shade, with delicate brushwork, depicting the beauty of the courtyard and the woods, which is very delicate. Its slender lines have a variety of pathological charms, and the colors are also elegant. In terms of this kind of performance, although Fragonard is a talented artist, his subject is slightly unserious.

The young nobleman who looked up at the noble lady on the swing might not have been criticized at the time, but today it seems to be quite frivolous. In this regard, Fragonard can only be regarded as a frivolous style that caters to the nobility.

The painting depicts a young girl accidentally flying off a high heel while swinging in a quiet forest, while a swinger who is hiding from a peek is eager to pick up the fallen shoe for courtesy. According to research, the prodigal son is the banker Joe. Lyon, this is a vulgar and boring plot that inherits the painting tradition of his teacher Boucher’s “presenting courtesy to the lady”. The coexistence of graceful nature and low-profile characters in this painting reflects the artist’s own characteristics.

If Hua Duo is a good Rococo painter, then it must be said that Fragonard possesses Rococo’s aura of evil. It is precisely because of this that he should be said to be the most rococo. In short, Boucher and Fragonard have fully demonstrated the life, feelings and tastes of the aristocrats and ladies of the Louis dynasty.

Later influence

His style became the style reference for the 2010 Disney animation “Tangled”, and the 2013 animation Frozen appeared on the walls of Arendale’s palace.

About the Author

Jean Honore Fragonard (1732-1806), French painter in the Rococo style. Born in Grasse on April 5, 1732, and died in Paris on August 22, 1806. Fragonard became the darling of the times for depicting female beauty, and was a painter who kicked off the heyday of Rococo. Although Fragonard is a talented artist, his themes are slightly unserious. In this regard, Fragonard can only be regarded as a frivolous style that caters to the nobility.

In 1765, he exhibited “Coresus and Callirrhoe” (Coresus and Callirrhoe) at the Salon, making him a master of contemporary history painting. After 1767, he stopped participating in Salon exhibitions. Since then, in order to cater to the interests of private customers, most of his works are mainly flirting pictures, rural landscapes and decorative paintings, and are famous for them. His works are now scattered in France. , In major museums in the United States.

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