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What is The Scream: Scary Screams Under Fire Sky Painting?

The Scream or scream The work of the famous Norwegian painter Edvard Munch celebrated the expression of emotional power. (Expressionism), which is the opposite of impressionism. (Impressionism), which most of Munch’s work reflects the life that is encountered but bad and anxiety. The Scream is painted in colorful, flashy colors, but has a simple drawing style.

Is a human image that does not specify a gender Standing on the bridge screaming and using both hands to cover the ears Atmosphere of the warp red sky In which the human face is twisted like the sky Around him there are two people who are walking away and seem to not be aware of what that human being is concerned at all. Look, is this picture familiar? This is the inspiration for many different parodies that occur. The distorted face of a man in that photo is the prototype of the killer’s mask. In the movie Scream that many people like that.

This picture has been cited as our most favorite image. Among all the paintings, in truth, we are more impressive impressionists and paintings in the Renaissance. Back in the days when studying at Media Arts Bang Mot in Color Theory, we picked Munch’s Madonna’s picture for Reproduction or Reproduction to study the artist’s techniques for drawing and using colors. In the beginning, this picture was called Der Schrei der Natur.

In English, The Scream of Nature, in Munch’s personal diary, said: One day he was strolling with two friends at sunset. The sky turned red. He stopped. At that time he was very shocked. He leaned against the fence. While his friends walked away, Munch stood trembling with fear and anxiety. And as though he could hear the screams of nature that were so loud, the heart would not be able to bear it alone.

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