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What is Identity?

Identity is another concept that not only identify personal detail. Identity is the identity of a person or object that makes that person or thing stand out or different from others (Collins Dictionary, 1996). This word may refer to the “inner” dimension of our individuality, both emotionally. Feeling And ideas about oneself or knowing oneself (Self-concept) as well as awareness of “individuality” in which people connect and relate to society Identity therefore is what makes us aware of “who we are” and “we will continue our relationships with others. Including the outside world that surrounds us. “

Marx and Engels states that Under the feudal system We often hear words such as “honor” and “loyalty”, but when it comes to capitalism, words such as “freedom” and “equality” are quickly replaced to make the interests of the powerful people become valuable. Popular with all groups in society The ruling class needs to explain their worldview as something that is inevitable. And make others believe that these ideologies are the only and only choices that are reasonable and correct (Catherine Blaise, Apinya Booming – surname, 2006: 46-48).

Louis Althusser, a professor of philosophy and French sociologist, has expanded his interest to “The ideological mechanism,” Altuser explained that “Ideology is a system of images that define our true relationships with those of others in society. With the invention of imaginary relationships between people, among themselves, and between people and society, therefore ideology is a distorted perception of true social relationships. ” He considers that all social phenomena are controlled by ideology through the repressive state apparatus, such as the police and the ideologic.

In this ideological mechanism, Altuser also explains that When we enter the relationship system in a social structure, we are “appellation” that thing. (So-called subject-subject) according to that structure through language, such as saying that we are Thai / Chinese people Is Na Yu / Si Yan? Is a yellow shirt – red shirt – shirt, etc. The duty of personal ideology is to call or label people to “become” like this By depending on the social institution that is above us (Here refers to the social institutions that define our thinking or that dominate us) such as educational institutions. Professional institutions, religious institutions, national institutions, media institutions Literature, art, etc.

In society, there will be produced and reproducing certain meanings that convince us to think about how we should relate to the real environment around us. And when we were called or labeled like that We have to think and act in accordance with that label. The question that challenges us to think is If considering the concept of Altus Zaire How has the media institution influenced our identity and our society? How has the media called for people to create a group identity? On the other hand, how do people use the media to create their own identities? How does the media choose to present the identity or representative image of each group of people in society?

The Bourdieu proposes a concept of structure in a different way: “The structure is both the one who determines and the one who is determined.” That is to say, in a society, there is a structure that sets the sentiments and actions of the individual (habitus). Nida Sangiamphaisansuk uses the term “nidaphab”), which is the product of the social casting process from the beginning of life by cultivating matters such as conditions.

The social rules, beliefs, values, knowledge, ideas, beliefs, etc., to absorb into the body and soul of the party. The structure defines the scope of action and creates a set of perceptions and evaluations that are consistent with that structure. Then expressed in the form of regular daily practice (Known as reproducing – reproduction) structures are therefore built (constructed) with various actions that were previously determined by habitus and determined by external structures

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