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“Shan Hai Jing” The Story of Luo Shen Mi Concubine

Yi returned home full of prey, but lost his beloved wife and the elixir. He stared at the starry sky outside the window and screamed up to the sky. He was angry, then pained, and then depressed, until he reunited with Luoshen Mi Concubine on the shore of Luoshui. .

Concubine Mi was the daughter of Fuxi, the emperor of Eastern Mude. She is so beautiful: “Pina is astonishing, graceful as a dragon, Rong Yao Qiuju, Huamao Chun pine. It seems as if the sun is covered by light clouds, and the snow is swayed like a flowing wind. Looking at it from a distance, it is beautiful The sun rises; the sun rises; chasing and observing it, it is as if the lotus leaves Lubo.” (Three Kingdoms Wei. Cao Zhi, “Luo Shen Fu”) She and the god of the Yellow River, He Bomen, became a married couple.

Newly married Yaner, He Bo accompanies Concubine Mi to ride the Longwan Hegai waterwheel, wave surfing, from the downstream Jiuhe straight to the source of Kunlun, wandering around the beautiful scenery of the good day, and holding hands eastward, returning to the new house fish scale house, Zibeique.

However, people do not have a thousand days to be good, flowers do not have a hundred days of redness, the god of the river is prone to change his heart, and the spark of love quickly extinguishes the flow of time. He Bo instructed the witch to choose a young girl for him every year as the bride, and warned the people on both sides of the strait: “If you don’t marry He Bo, the water will drift and drown the people.”

Concubine Mi was also tired of the arrogant and proud He Bo, tired of the frivolous and glorious life. She was happy to get away and return to Luoshui, sometimes picking up floating Cuiyu on the water, sometimes going into the pool to collect the hidden pearl, but the night is quiet. At the moonlight, she will feel helpless and empty. She needs a pair of strong arms and a warm measure.

Probably a match made by heaven, Yi came to Luobin after chasing an antelope (antilope), and met Concubine Mi unexpectedly. One of them is a lonely hero with a knight and blood, and the other is a lonely beauty with tenderness. They can’t move away from each other when they meet each other’s eyes. The two of them know, “Look for him in the public thousands of Baidu” (Song Xin Qiji, “The Qingyu Case.” The other half of “Wu Xi”) is in front of me.

The news of Yi and Concubine Mi’s love and cohabitation spread to the ears of He Bo, who hugged him to the left and right, and he was embarrassed by the male’s jealousy and the self-esteem of the overlord. He was afraid of Yi’s divine arrow and did not dare to face off behind him.

The white dragon came out of the water, and the tornado rose. Seeing that the people were about to cause trouble again, he rode with the concubine Mi to see that the people were about to cause trouble. He turned back with an arrow and hit the left eye of the white dragon.

The one-eyed dragon He Bo cried up to the heavens and asked the Emperor of Heaven to kill Yi to avenge him. Di Yu was feeling a little guilty for being too unfair to treat Yi before, so he interrupted He Bo’s chatter impatiently: “You live in the water mansion in a proper way, who can shoot you? You become a bug for no reason, and of course you will be killed. Hunt and kill. What’s wrong with Yi?” He Bo slid back to the Yellow River sadly, opening one eye, closing one eye, and never going out again.

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