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Russia Performing of Arts

The old and beautiful Russian classical performance art, ballet, has its origins in the Italian royal court since the Renaissance (15th century) but has evolved until its appearance. Like the current ballet in France And became widespread in Russia Before later it has grown into another form in America. Ballet has developed a lot differently from its beginnings in Italy. It was in the era of France’s Louis XIV, or in the 17th century, which formed the form that laid the foundation of today’s classical ballet until around 1850. Ballet’s heyday moved the wigs to Denmark and glorious. This is what Russia is known to have become the kingdom of toe dancers.

During the two centuries, the revolution in ballet took place in France. As it is said to change the format from the beginning Perhaps because King Louis the 14th had a special interest in performing arts. They also wanted to create new standards. In 1661, King Louis XIV founded the Academy of Dance or the Academy Royale de la Danse (Academie Royale de la Danse, now the Paris Opera Ballet. At the same time, the five basic postures of classical ballet were established.

Ong-Battist Lilly, an Italian composer who served the French court. It played a great role in the development of music for ballet over the next century. He is also supported by King Louis XIV because he is a dancer himself. Make an understanding of the posture and compose songs that support the movement of the dancers as well.

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