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How did Murong Chong counterattack from the male pet to the emperor?

In the Ming Dynasty, Zhu Yuanzhang lived in a temple and worked as a beggar, overthrowing the Yuan Dynasty and creating the rule of Hongwu; Li Zicheng was a farmer overthrowing the Ming Dynasty, and he was killed in Hubei after enjoying the throne of the dragon chair for more than 40 days. However, the second emperor of Xiyan has experienced many difficulties A dangerous dramatized character who has worked as a slave and a favorite of men, and finally personally led his troops to overthrow the former Qin and become the emperor of Xiyan. This man is Murong Chong.

Murong Chong was born in the royal family of the Xianbei clan. The literary and martial emperor of Yan Jingzhao, Murong Jun, is his father. Murong Chong inherited his father’s high-quality genes. Not only is he brave and a warrior, he is also a beautiful man who looks like a panan.

He is also included in the list. One of the ten most beautiful men in ancient times. In addition to his handsome appearance, Murong Chong is also outstanding in his abilities. When he was only twelve years old, he had already held important positions such as King Zhongshan and Da Sima.

This shows that Murong Chong is very popular in the royal family. However, there were unpredictable circumstances. When the country of Yan was destroyed by the enemy, Murong Chong instantly became a subjugated slave. He began an ill-fated life, which was his first stage of life.

This is how the incident happened. In the fifth year of Taihe (370), the former Qin Shizu Fu Jian led an army to attack Xiyan, and the Kingdom of Yan was destroyed. Murong Chong, who was reduced to a “slave”, originally thought that he would lead a lowly and difficult life, but unexpectedly, Fu Jian fell in love with their siblings and brought them back to the palace.

Who is Fu Jian? This man is the third monarch of the former Qin Dynasty. He has worked hard to govern and has strong national power. He is indeed a monarch with outstanding ability, but he has bad habits-the good of Long Yang. Therefore, after Murong Chong and his sister, Princess Qinghe, were settled in Guanzhong, they were favored by Fu Jian as concubines and male favorites because of their outstanding looks.

“Book of Jin” mentioned that the two were favored: “In the twelfth year of the year, they also have the appearance of a dragon and sun. Fortunately for them to be strong. The sister and brother are exclusively pampered, and the palace is not to enter.” The two sisters and brothers were admitted to Fujian’s bedroom. How favored is the latter? Fu Jian’s loyal minister, Wang Meng, worried that the male pet would miss the country in the future, and strongly advised him to send the young Murong Chong out of the palace.

But Fu Jian said: The phoenix is ​​not that phoenix trees do not inhabit, or that the fruits of bamboo do not eat. They can only be raised in Afang City. Fenghuang and Murong Chong have the same pronunciation of “Fenghuang”, which implies that Murong Chong can only stay in Afang City. It can be seen that Fu Jian is extremely fond of Murong Chong.

This became a great shame in Murong Chong’s eyes. A generation of princes became others’ playthings. The young and energetic Murong Chong swallowed his anger in the palace, looking for a chance to turn things around. This was his second stage.

Around the 9th year of Taiyuan Yuan (384), Murongchong was named Prefect of Pingyang by Fu Jian because of his outstanding talents. This unexpected gift became a hidden danger for future rebellion. Finally, Uncle Murong Chong rebelled, and the dormant veteran soldiers rose up. Murong Chong led his own soldiers in the uprising in Pingyang, and the old soldiers of his brother decided to fight hard. This was the third stage of his life.

In the 9th year of Taiyuan (384), Murong Chong decided to occupy Afang City and regain power. Murong rushed into Chang’an with a blinding tactic. He ordered the woman to ride a cow and horse to cover up the real number of troops. He raised a pole like a flag and raised the earth to dust. Using the time when the enemy was relaxed in the morning, he rushed into Fuhui’s barracks. . When Fu Hui sent troops again, Murong Chong’s army had already beaten the drums and shouted. At this time, Fu Hui could no longer resist Murong Chong’s army and had repeatedly been defeated.

Fu Jian never imagined that the intimate male pet on the bed would really come back one day. He treated Murong Chong’s favor so well, but that person changed overnight: “You group of slaves happen to be herding cattle and sheep. , Why come to die! I will present you with a brocade robe to show my heart. I don’t know what kind of grace I have for you, but such a change occurred overnight!” It really confirms Wang Meng’s advice back then—these People have lost their country.

“I’m just a slave. I’m tired of the pain of being a slave. I just want to replace you.” Murong Chong expressed his distress. No one understands that obedient male pets will rise up and conspire, but he is very clear about the shame under the fence. Shame.

His resentment was all sprinkled in the days of Jinjunguan, fighting Fujian, Murongchong brutally raged in Guanzhong, the people were lost in exile, and the entire Guanzhong was uninhabited for thousands of miles, until he rushed into Chang’an City, he still ransacked and looted all the way. , There are countless innocent dead.

In the tenth year of Taiyuan (385), Murong Chong finally proclaimed himself emperor in Afang City and changed his reign to the beginning. As the emperor, he was not loved by the people, and the war that marched into Chang’an was full of evil deeds and made people resentful. In the eleventh year of Taiyuan (386), general Han Yanshun complied with popular opinion to get rid of Murong Chong, and the 27-year-old handsome boy returned to his hometown. This is Murong Chong’s fourth stage.

Murong Chong’s short life was full of ups and downs that no one could understand. The prince who was supposed to be sympathetic, but because the country broke down and became a slave, the young handsome man was accepted as a male favorite; but no one could understand that this poor man who should have been sympathetic became cruel The abuser. People began to resent him, but they couldn’t understand why Murong Chong acted like this.

Murong Chong’s brutal behavior is only the result of years of repression. It is also deeply psychologically affected after being bullied by Fu Jian for many years, venting his dissatisfaction through simple and rude methods.

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