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Is this the future of male contraception? A new dimension of birth control for men.

It has become an invention that has received a lot of attention. After it won the most innovative invention at the James Dyson Award in Germany. We are talking about an invention called “COSO”, which is called the “A new dimension of contraception” for men, if to describe it in Thai simply, it is “scrotum warmer. with ultrasound waves.”

Rebecca Weiss, a German woman who designed and invented this invention She revealed that she was inspired by her early-stage cervical cancer. Because of the use of contraceptives that affect hormones.
As a result, she and her lover began to look for alternative methods of contraception. and found that the contraceptives for men are very few So she came up with the idea to apply the study of ultrasound waves that she had done in her school days. Let’s create an invention to help solve this problem.

She said ultrasound has the ability to It can “inhibit the production of sperm” in men, so it is an effective method of contraception. And there are no side effects that occur with hormones. It’s very easy to use. Just add water and turn on the machine, wait for the water to warm, then put the cans in and soak them to experience the ultrasound waves inside. Just a few minutes and it’s ready to go.

According to Rebecca, this method of contraception suppresses sperm production for up to 2 weeks to 2 months, after which sperm production will return to 100% normal in about 6 months after use. just once

Call it a temporary sterilization

As for this invention, it is in the process of preparing for submission to compete in the global invention arena next. and not sure in the near future We may have seen this egg warmer available in the market.


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