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Keep an eye on “Mew”, the new mutant covid, how is it and how worried should it be?

Currently, the World Health Organization (WHO) divides the COVID-19 mutant into two major groups :

  1. Variant of concern (VOC) covid mutants are new strains of covid of concern, namely covid alpha (UK), beta covid (South Africa), gamma covid ( Brazil) and the Delta strain (India).
  2. Mutated covid variant of interest (VOI) is a new strain of covid that is of interest: covid mu (Colombia), covid Eta . (First in many countries), COVID Iota (US), Kappa (India), and Lambda (Peru).

Why is the Mew (Colombian) covid in the WHO’s attention?

Miu species of covid First discovered in Colombia in January 2021, it was initially named covid B.1.621 and has a total of 50-60 mutations, of which the 5 major mutations are:

P681H causes the mutation of the Mew strain of COVID -19 to occur more quickly. This mutation can be found in the alpha strain of COVID .

E484K and K417N allow the Mew strain of COVID-19 to evade our immune system. This mutation can be found in the beta strain of COVID . that makes the covid-19 vaccination is less effective

R346K and Y144T are currently being studied as no mutated strains of the coronavirus have been found in the area.

Coronavirus outbreak and coronaviruses influenza background as dangerous flu strain cases as a pandemic medical health risk concept with disease cells as a 3D render

The Mew strain of COVID-19 has been discovered rapidly in more than 40 countries in the past eight months. It accounts for 0.1 percent of all coronavirus infections worldwide.

But in the case of Colombia and neighboring countries like Chile The Mew strain has become the dominant strain of coronavirus that accounts for about 40 percent of the total, but at this time, it has not been detected. Miu strain in Thailand

It is for this reason that the World Health Organization (WHO) has shown great interest in the mu coronavirus. Especially in terms of genetic differences that result in more susceptibility to covid infection. more severe coronavirus And the coronavirus is spreading more and more in many countries around the world.

Therefore, it is necessary to closely monitor the new strain of covids whether it is a widespread public health problem or not.

So how big is the concern for the Mu (Colombian) covid-19?

As mentioned above, the Mew mutation at multiple sites may result in the current treatment of COVID – 19 being either not comprehensive or good enough to eradicate this Miu strain. including in the case of people who are already immune to COVID both from vaccination against COVID or from infection with other strains of covid, it may not prevent this strain of covid mu

How to deal with the Mew strain (Colombia)

Alone, it’s just a complete dose of COVID vaccination. Or have been infected with covids before, may not be able to deal with the Miu strain covids as well . so everyone should Strictly practice the new lifestyle, such as

  • Hands and surfaces are cleaned at all times.
  • Wear a mask that completely covers the mouth and nose.
  • refrain from going to crowded places or poorly ventilated social distance
  • Refrain from drinking water or sharing utensils.
  • get enough rest
  • Exercise and maintain normal body weight.
  • Avoid taking drugs or herbs that are unknown to you. or there is no clear evidence that it can help prevent or cure COVID-19
  • If there is a congenital disease, take the same medication regularly. and see a doctor by appointment via remote system

If you have any discomfort or are at risk of contracting COVID-19 to separate from others Get an Antigen test kit (ATK) that works quickly or go to a respiratory checkpoint in a medical facility. or service points in the community that can test PCR genetic material immediately

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