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Naughty, short attention span, the root cause of social problems

Naughty disorder, short attention span

It is a disease that deviates from normal behavior. Small children tend to be mischievous. short attention span and impulsivity Still can’t control themselves according to age because the development of the brain’s self-control area is not yet developed. when gradually growing up Children will have better self-control abilities until they start school age. will be able to sit and study longer and restraint when needed, can wait longer, but if the child is unable to develop these skills as they were at the same age.

It will be a problem in living with other people in society. If there are many problems There may be accidents causing serious injuries due to being very naughty, such as wounds requiring stitches, broken bones, or picking or eating dangerous things because they want to play, want to eat, etc., as well as having problems living with other people.

Playing with friends, not willing to wait, when it’s the age that you should sit and learn to write and read I can’t do it, often walking to class or disturbing others while studying. The child’s behavior may be more or less problematic. It depends on the severity of the disease and the environment.

However, children are often not diagnosed with the disease before the age of five unless there is a clear, serious problem. All children, both with and without disease, will have a decrease in problem behaviors. Due to the development of self-control of the brain.

What should parents do?

  • Optimizing the environment At a young age, there should be a place where children can run, play, climb freely and safely. Items that may be dangerous should be stored so that children can not play with it. In the case of school-aged children, when doing activities that require concentration, such as studying online or doing homework, etc., should arrange for the child to sit in class or do homework in a place where there are no stimuli to stimulate interest. This will make children easily distracted and distracted. It could be a quiet room or sit facing a wall.
  • Parents should have as much time as possible each day or week to spend quality time doing activities with their child that interests them. especially young children in order to closely observe the behavior and interests of children If the children do activities that interest them. Usually tends to be able to do it for quite a long time. especially if parents are present It will help to have that activity for a longer time. which is the development of focusing on activities and increase good relationship When a warning is required on other occasions, the child will listen more.
  • Minimize or avoid unnecessary scolding. For example, if a child is mischievous, there is no need to constantly scold or stop him. because the child will get used to it and will not listen to the prohibition or being scolded should fix the cause because a very naughty child There is always something to do. Children should not be expected to remain still for long periods of time. If possible, avoid hitting children. because the beating may only temporarily stop the child But when the child is regularly beaten Children may imitate violence. and then hit other people when angry or irritated.
  • You should try to look for the merits and give occasional compliments. Naughty children love to help with things. But parents often don’t want to do it. for fear of causing damage Children should be given the opportunity to help as much as they can. and have an adult to supervise and complimented that I like that you come to help me do it or if that day the child doesn’t look as naughty as usual. I can give compliments that today I’m not very naughty. Mother likes it, even though the child has not much desirable behavior. But if you get compliments on a regular basis However, the child’s compliments should be based on the actual situation, not the casual compliment.

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