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Meng Detective Detective Case

Meng Detective Detective Case – 萌探探探案

Director: Wu Tong

Number of episodes: 12 episodes

Broadcast Date: May 28, 2021

Actors: Ren Naying / Yang Zi / Sun Honglei / Sha Yi / Huang Zitao / Yang Di / Song Yaxuan

Detective Case Online Introduction:

“Meng Tan Tan Case” is the first work of iQIYI to create a “fan comprehensive track”.
Each episode of the country’s first IP immersive reasoning reality show is based on a classic IP to restore, adapt, and “travel”. Hilarious interpretation of the original drama clips; seven guests formed a “cute detective team”, through the suspicious points of the plot and high-energy games, to obtain clues, anti-routine reasoning, and joyfully search for the truth.

Introduction to the background of the Meng Detective Detective Program :

“Meng Tan Tan Case” combines film and television with variety shows, and creates a new form of IP comprehensive creation by restoring and adapting the classic film and television IP well-known to the public, and hilariously interpreting the original drama fragments. This kind of program performance method not only allows the audience to have a stronger sense of substitution in the familiar plots, characters and scenes, but also on the basis of paying tribute to and restoring different film and television works, a series of subversions and reversals are carried out. And open up an unexpected new story line, so as to present the effect of a new immersive variety show experience for the audience

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