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“Happiness to Ten Thousand Homes” is set, the date is very warm, Zhao Liying’s new drama plays a rural girl

At the end of the year, all the artists are busy walking the red carpet, all of them are bright and beautiful, and they are also a landscape.

However, it was also discovered that Zhao Liying did not appear on any red carpet. As an actress who is far ahead in TV series, Zhao Liying has become a low-key when it comes to grand occasions.

This also has something to do with Zhao Liying’s character. She used to be in Hengdian almost all year, only going out for more than ten days. She herself loves performances, but she doesn’t like liveliness. For her, it is Zhao Liying who can produce good works that are worthy of the audience. The original intention of entering the business for 15 years.

However, Zhao Liying has been filming, but the two works have not been broadcast, which makes many audiences eager to see. The current backlog of dramas are “Happiness to Ten Thousand Family” and “Who is the Murderer”. “Happiness to Ten Thousand Family” is a drama about women’s independence and self-improvement. It is also a transformational work of Zhao Liying. It is based on reality and brings the villagers together to get rich.

“Who is the Murderer” is Zhao Liying’s suspense drama. Zhao Liying rarely challenges the role of the villain. “Savage Growth” is being filmed, which is one of the reasons why Zhao Liying is absent from major festivals.

It is rumored that Zhao Liying received an invitation from the organizer, but did not want to take a leave to walk the red carpet, she wanted to settle down and become a pure actress.

In fact, there is a reason why Zhao Liying’s drama is expected. The average quality of today’s TV dramas is not high. “Flower Thousand Bone” leads the trend of Xianxia ancient puppet dramas. From this drama, Xianxia ancient puppet dramas began to blowout. Most of today’s costume dramas are ancient puppet dramas.

After “Knowing or Not” hit the air, the industry began to follow the trend to shoot house fighting dramas, such as “Yu Lou Chun” and “The Mistress of the House”. It can be said that the probability of Zhao Liying’s drama stepping on the pit is very small, and the plot is wonderful, which is also the reason why the audience likes her.

The drama “Happiness to Ten Thousand Homes” must not be bad either. Zhao Liying’s acting skills have been online all the time. In the previous filming highlights, Zhao Liying was filming in the countryside. She was dressed very well, and she was walking in the countryside and basking in the sun. She never acted in a good manner. Star racket, this drama also has many scenes in the countryside.

Zhao Liying described the role of “He Xingfu”: She is a woman like a creeping tiger, soft and tough.

Zhao Liying played a rural girl in “Happiness to Ten Thousand Homes”, with Luo Jin playing a special role, and the entire crew is also very strong. The director Zheng Xiaolong is a big name in the industry. The filming of “The Legend of Zhen Huan” will not happen even in 10 years. There are still many viewers discovering new details in the outdated TV series, so Director Zheng checked, and this drama is undoubtedly guaranteed.

The supporting role Luo Jin is also a highlight, he is very handsome, and he is also a good actor with very good acting skills. Originally, “Happiness to Ten Thousand Homes” has been under pressure for so long, and many people don’t know when it will be broadcast.

Recently, the good news of “Happiness to Ten Thousand Homes” has also brought hope to many viewers. It is rumored that this realistic theme starring Luo Jin and Zhao Liying will be broadcast in the Spring Festival in mid-February.

Finally, Zhao Liying’s new drama has arrived. If it is true, this time period is also very meaningful. The Spring Festival is a day of joy. The audience who have been busy for a year, the family reunites during the Spring Festival, and watch Zhao Liying’s new drama “Happiness to Ten Thousands” together. Home”, it’s really a happy thing.

After watching a year of palace fighting dramas, professional dramas, and watching a TV drama full of happiness during the Spring Festival, it can be regarded as saying goodbye to the old and welcoming the new. Zhao Liying has also brought many meaningful works to the audience.

Are you looking forward to this drama?

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