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Who is the hero? Why is Bai Choufei imprisoned?

The first time Bai Choufei was imprisoned was because he and Wang Xiaoshi offended Fu Zongshu, so they were put in jail. Bai Choufei was imprisoned for the second time because Wang Xiaoshi failed to assassinate Cai Xiang, so for the safety of Jinfeng Drizzle Tower and his elder brother Su Mengzhen, he was arrested and imprisoned on the charge of assassinating a major minister alone.

Bai Choufei did this because Wang Xiaoshi was his brother, and he believed that Su Mengzhen and Jinfeng Drizzle Lou would definitely save him, but what he waited for was the news of Wang Xiaoshi’s death, the last thought in Bai Choufei’s heart after Wang Xiaoshi’s death The light went out, so he was controlled by his dark inner demon and embarked on the road of blackening.

In fact, Bai Choufei’s ambition is very big. What he wants is not only the position of the deputy owner of Jinfeng Drizzle Building, so Bai Choufei’s blackening is inevitable. After the blackening, Bai Choufei was extremely cruel. He not only killed the two principals who were sent by Su Mengzhen to rescue him, but also disfigured Zhu Xiaoyao. Fortunately, Bai Choufei still had a trace of conscience. After he got out of the prison, he let Lei Mei After telling where Zhu Xiaoyao was, Su Mengzhen arrived in time to save Zhu Xiaoyao.

Bai Choufei definitely wanted to cooperate with Cai Xiang for power, so he strongly demanded to marry Lei Chun to Cai Xiang on the grounds that he could better manage the six-and-a-half court. Bai Chou Fei’s strong marriage to Lei Chun is on the one hand because he really likes Lei Chun, on the other hand, it is also in order to repay the revival of the dream pillow.

He wants to prove to Su Mengzhen that the things and power he wants to get do not need Su Mengzhen’s alms. It can be obtained that Bai Choufei even killed Su Mengzhen, who regarded him as a brother, for his own selfish desires.

Later, Bai Choufei found out that Wang Xiaoshi was not dead. When Wang Xiaoshi persuaded Bai Choufei to turn back, Bai Choufei said that he could never look back.

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