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When will “The Farthest Distance” in the TV series be finished?

The TV series “The Farthest Distance” 《最遥远的距离》was announced on July 23, 2022. “The Farthest Distance” is an urban romance drama directed by Zhongzhong and starring Zhong Chuxi and Zhang Yunlong. The play is adapted from Zhang Xiaoxian’s work of the same name. It tells the love story of mutual healing and mutual achievement between Su Ying, a designer who coexists with strength and beauty, and Qin Yunsheng, an emergency doctor who is cold on the outside and warm and humorous on the inside.

Interior designer Su Ying suffered emotional betrayal. For six years, she only focused on her career development until she met her former owner Qin Yunsheng again. Because Qin Yunsheng’s house needs to be renovated, the two participated in the reality show “Building a House” together.

As the contacts increased, Su Ying gradually opened her heart to Qin Yunsheng, but then found that Qin Yunsheng still missed her late ex-girlfriend Mi Su. In order to bridge the seemingly farthest distance between the two, Su Ying took the initiative to attack for love. In the end, under the influence of Su Ying’s courage and optimism, Qin Yunsheng gradually let go of the past and walked out of the shadow of the death of his ex-girlfriend.

Su Ying also achieved a career leap with the support and encouragement of Qin Yunsheng, and became a person with both commercial value and humanistic feelings. designer. Both healed each other with a more calm and tolerant attitude, achieved self-growth, and gained love.

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