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What is Design?

Design is the science of thought. and must use art as well be creative and resolving existing problems to meet the aim and bring it back to use satisfactorily. Satisfaction can be divided into three main points as follows:

Beauty is the first thing we experience first. Each of us has different perceptions of beauty and satisfaction in these two matters. It is therefore highly controversial. and no criteria in any judgment is clearly defined, Therefore, the work that we have to arrange the appropriate elements. It can be seen as beautiful as well.

It’s very important in any kind of design work. For example, if it is the design of things such as chairs, sofas, it must be designed to sit comfortably and not feel pain if it is a graphic work such as print media. The book must be easy to read, easy to understand, to be named. It’s a nice functional design. Have a good design idea a way of thinking that makes the design work responsive to feelings of satisfaction, admiration, and value; some may give more or less importance Or may not be important at all. So sometimes in the design using good ideas may make works Or something that is designed is more valuable.

Therefore, a designer (Designer) is someone who tries to find out. and innovating, finding solutions, or finding new solutions to problems.

Designs can be divided into 10 types:

1. Creative design

Creative design is designed for presents beauty, satisfaction, emphasizing creativity, quirky and new to be shocking and exciting. This creation may be an improvement from the existing. Or create a new one.

This creative design has 5 characteristics:

  • Design, Painting – is an art of drawing and coloring to express emotions. and feeling in a two-dimensional manner is required creativity In each work of the creator
  • Design sculptures – is the art of sculpture, sculpture, connected in a three-dimensional manner. It is both width, length and thickness.
  • Graphic Design (Printmaking) – is an art that uses a printing process to create patterns with various printing techniques such as wood, metal, stone, etc.
  • Mixed media design – is a work of art that uses various materials such as paper, wood, metal, plastic, steel or other materials to create a harmonious blend of different works.
  • Photos & Design (Photography) – this era where shooting is a breeze. For those who create photography because of photography, technology has developed rapidly with a very inexpensive creative investment Photography can be images of people, animals, objects, and nature in general. by focusing on creativity Exotic content to meet the needs of the photographer

2. Symbol & Sign Design

It is designed to convey meaning. is a symbol or mark that Understands the sightings without the need for language signs such as red, yellow, green lights at intersections or other traffic signs.

A sign (Symbol) is a meaning that expresses the meaning to point out, warn or make members of society aware of the terms, dangers.

A symbol is a symbol that conveys a meaning. to tell about something which has no practical effect like a mark, but has an effect on perceptions, thoughts, or attitudes that should have on that symbol.

3. Structure design

Designed to be used as an anchoring structure for buildings and structures to be stable. And can bear the weight, it may be called architectural design. It is the design of various types of buildings, building designs such as residential design, dam design, bridge design, monastery design, church design, etc. that are durable and permanent. Designers are called architects who give great importance to this work. In addition, the design of the structure is also part of the sculpture. that emphasizes the quality of the three-dimensional design. It also means designing furniture, sets, and stages.

4. Model design

It is designed to be a model for zooming in, real work, or to study the details of such things as House model, Town plan model, Mechanical model, Scientific models, and etc.

These models may be created by design or imitating something that already exists to study the details or information which may be classified as follows:

  • Models to enlarge or shrink models such as buildings, monuments, coins, etc.
  • Miniature models from the environment such as globes, landscapes, etc.
  • Models to study details such as models inside the human body. machinery, etc.

5. Publication design

It is a design for the production of various types of publications.

6. Product design

It is designed to be used in everyday life. by focusing on mass production in product form to pass to buyers The broad consumer is the production of various kinds of products, which has a very broad scope. And can be divided into many, many styles. Designers are responsible for the functionality and beauty of the product.

This type of design work includes:

  • Furniture design
  • Design work
  • Sanitary ware design
  • Design of various appliances
  • Jewelery design
  • Costume design
  • Product packaging design
  • Design and manufacture of various tools, etc.

7. Advertising Design

It is designed to guide and persuade. in terms of products, services, and ideas from one person’s thoughts to the general public which advertising is an important factor necessary for people’s livelihood and business because it will help stimulate or push one in society in order to meet the needs of the people and compare what each advertisement to buy choose the service or choose an idea utilized in our daily life

Product advertising, such as food advertisements sell construction Sales of electric machines, agricultural products

Advertising of services, such as advertisements for travel services mechanical repair service Job search services Airline services. Advertising ideas such as advertisements for academic opinions, writings, social commentaries. goodness in society. There is also propaganda that offers opinions, persuasion, influences ideas or attitudes, such as religious propaganda. Advertise obeying traffic rules. Advertise for patriotism

These advertisements are the media that will be used to distribute to the public include:

  • Broadcasting media such as radio, TV, cinema
  • Print media such as newspapers, magazines, journals
  • Personal media, such as distributing products to send people to sell home delivery

8. Commercial art design

It is designed for craftsmanship. show the beauty used to decorate It may be a small object or appliances. Most of them will focus on beauty and cuteness, which is the beauty that has a provocative nature to the viewer immediately. and show beauty or art that prevails over utility like the design of the envelope holder Instead of just having a holder and a hanger, which are the main functions.

It may be designed in the shape of an owl. or animals showing creative colors and designs that are exotic, provocative, etc. The nature of commercial art design also focuses on designing in the form of fashion. that has changed continuously according to the trend

9. Artificial art design

It is a design that shows elaboration and beauty in order to create happiness and enjoyment more than any other expression of feelings. Elaboration here means Creative decoration, patterns or patterns with effort It is meticulous and meticulous craftsmanship.

The vegetable arrangement, which is a dipping sauce for Thai food Instead of putting peppers, eggplants, cucumbers, and onions in the dish only. Some skilled cooks will decorate those plants and vegetables very beautifully, such as flowers, animals, or patterns.

There are many types of artificial arts such as:

  • Carvings of soft fruits such as soap, candles.
  • Banana leaf flower arrangements such as garlands, flower chandeliers, flower lanterns
  • Decorative embroidery work such as embroidery, various patterns, knitting, crochet
  • Body decorations such as rings, bracelets, earrings, brooches
  • Paper crafts such as paper stencils, paper making into flowers
  • Crafting of scrap materials such as leaves, shells, grass flowers, coffee straws
  • Carved pediment, carved corbel solid metal doors.

10. Decorative design

It is designed for everyday living specially designed to enhance beauty to buildings and residential area in order to create a livable beauty The design is decorated here. Refers to the exterior design and interior design.

Interior design refers to the decorative design that complements and arranges the interior of the building to be beautiful and livable, including Inside buildings, houses, workplaces, shops, schools

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