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What is Art?

Art has many different meanings which depend on that person In what way do you look at art? Under any principle or theory which this different point of view It gives us different definitions of art.

Harold H. Titus has researched and compiled the theory of art, which found that there are a total of 7 theories together, which the definition of art varies according to the main idea. of this theory.

The seven art theories are as follows:

1. Art is imitation

This theory is an old theory. It has been around since ancient Greece. Based on the idea from Plato ( Plato) and Aristotle ( Aristotle), which is considered a complete imitation of natural objects. considered to be the most beautiful Therefore, the core idea of this theory imitation of some natural object The imitation that emerges is art itself.

2. Art is satisfied

This view An artist is a person who appreciates beauty and spends his time creating beautiful things. Artists are satisfied with their work. and also hope that other people will be satisfied with their work as well, so the meaning of art is aesthetic satisfaction

3. Art as Play

The idea that Art is this form of play. From the concept of Kant ( Kant) , Schiller ( Schiller) implemented it and Spencer ( Spencer) developed it until it became a theory called ” Spieltrieb” or called the theory of impulse. Play. Play is considered an expression of real life, different from the activities that are human work ( work), but with high satisfaction. Spencer regarded art as an expression of excess energy, just like play. Art is a spontaneous expression of vital force in life. which has a purpose that does not take into account the benefits

4. Art is a sensation (Empathy)

Anxiety refers to the sensory attitude of a person who is viewing an object of art. by conveying the feelings and responses of the audience into artifacts

5. Art is communication

Many scholars think Communication is indispensable. Indeed, it is the heart of art, as Leo Tolstoy said. “…Art is the communication of emotions that arise from one person to another. with the same mood By using lines, colors, sounds, movements or words, the more intense the emotion. Art is just that good…”

6. Art As the Expression

This theory assumes that The purpose of art is to express the inner emotions of human beings, even though art is the expression of emotions. But not every expression of emotion is an art.

7. Art is a feature of experience

John Dewey said that art is a quality that is rooted in experience. which can be found in our general experience. Aesthetics are present in all common experiences.

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