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What is The Origin of Korean Novels?

Korean Novels

The origin of Korean novels is literary literature. In the Joseon Dynasty, which is now traditional literature and deeply rooted in theology, it was not treated well because it wasted time on study or family work. So far, the tendency was strong because there were many novels that dealt with interesting content rather than seriously dealing with actual novel content.

As of now, it was considered as a concept of martial arts novels, light novels, and fantasy novels that are read without any meaning. It is presumed that it is because of this perception that the authors of many novels written in the late Joseon Dynasty are unknown.

At the time, however, the illiteracy rate was enormously high, and especially in the case of Chinese writing, it was practically able to be used properly by the ranks and divisions. Since the novel is inseparable from the characters and started from the Chinese novel, it is natural that the foundation is the rank of the four gods . It was a type of entertainment, so it was also a nightlife that belonged to a higher axis than the handling.

Since ‘eonpae ( eonmun novel)’ is but the advent of the cut line is lowered Star – Spangled, eonmun also followed also do not learn commoners, books did not get to read novels even anyone to buy because it was the very burden of going level to the public in sijangpan or street Electricity NumberI even listened to the novels they read. Since it was originally started in the ranks of the ranks, it was obvious to the ranks, and it was common for women in the ranks to borrow novels to kill time.

In addition, there were cases in which novel books were published, but nonetheless, there were not a lot of seniors who viewed the novels positively, so Yeongjo enjoyed the novels, and some generations also created their own novels. In some cases, it is often seen. Representative examples include Kim Si – seop , Kim Man-jung , and Park Ji-won , and Kim Jo- soon, who is famous for opening the door of Sedo Politics , enjoyed a novel book, and there was an anecdote that caused Jeong Jo-jo, and also created a novel book.

Then, as the genre of new novel was introduced, many enlightenment novels were published, and since then, during the Japanese colonial rule and the liberation of 8.15, the Korean War, and the military dictatorship, realism novels have become the mainstream, and have serious meanings such as social participation and self-reflection. There was a lot of stuff. There were many novels that escaped from society and enjoyed personal life and consumer culture, but even those novels had to be filled with emotions of guilt and guilt because of their dark colonial reality.

In addition, after the liberation, the dictatorship continued, and the freedom of publication in ideological and academic journals contracted, and the literature was relatively free from the oppression and interference of the system. Thus, literature has been heavily changed toward emphasizing the message to society. In other words, the intellectuals want to say what they want to say through novels, not academics and the media, and accordingly, the novels have been the driving force in shaping social discourse.

This led to the development of literature as a means to contain social claims , and as a result, readers in modern times regarded literature as heavy and difficult, or used novels as a means to learn or obtain something like a self-help book .

Of course, it wasn’t exactly the case that the novel was emphasized only in the liberal arts part of the time, and the novel for entertainment purposes still came out well. It was common to make a novel or adapt it to a movie or drama, but if the novel simply emphasized liberal arts or social participation, this adaptation at the media level would not have happened. Not many movies or dramas have been successful in making such works, and when the drama was produced by a broadcaster until the early 1990s, some of the best-known novels were produced as dramas.

There was no practical reason for the novel’s imaging, but it was a time when the copyright was very cheap, and it was also because it was much easier to make a novel based on the novel than to create it.[2] Of course, due to the increase in copyright, these practices have been reduced, but anyway, it is Osan that only thinks of the TV Literature Museum as a novel based on the novel of this time. Because genre novels are not obsolete , martial arts are often read in comic books. Of course, it was true that novels sold on martial arts or on the street were treated relatively inferiorly, but that was not the case.

In the film industry, 10 million audience films are common, but in the literature world, a million-selling novel is rarely seen as a miracle. But there are no words that have achieved such a miracle. The novel market itself has become very small, and few communities have read and talked about it. The novels of the days when novels were a tool of message communication were educated as if they were all through public education, and most Korean novelists devoted themselves to sociality, history, underdogma, enlightenment, and sentence aesthetics so that the story itself had fun and emotion. The missed trend is also fanning the decline of Korean novels.

In the 21st century, novels were pushed back to the cutting edge of popular culture by being pushed to video media or smart devices, and the reading fever of the people withered. To grow the reading market again, we need to cultivate popular (genre) literature that is well known to the public, but the Korean pure literature community is exclusive, so we do not raise popular literary writers, and readers decrease because we have not escaped the friendship of established literary writers. Paragraphs are turning into their own leagues.

In the Korean reading market, Japanese novels have been dominant in the genre novels such as thriller SF mystery, and novels in the United States are also joining in, such as the original novels in Hollywood movies.

With the advent of internet novels, the number of writers and writers who want to write novels is increasing. That occupies a non-negligible share in the domestic soseolgye yangpanso and Guiyeoni current romance novels punk fireIt is often evaluated, but it also has a crowd of readers.

No matter how insidious people are, they are written and published. In particular, Guini’s novels have their own meaning because they became the starting point for the publication of Internet novels in earnest. It was a shock to the publishing world that online text was printed without emoji and spelling emoticons.

Some of the novels that are famous for their bad meanings in this area include so-called sealed novels such as tax-exempt craftsmen, beautiful angels, and Harry and monsters. In the case of legendary, not legendary, transparent dragons, even the re-evaluation may occur because the impact at the time of the serialization was so great that the senses of this floor were also high.

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