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Flash Married Husband Sweet

Flash Married Husband Sweet (Novel)
Other Name: 闪婚老公甜蜜蜜

Genre: novel, President, romance
thought the little seven
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Encountered the double betrayal of her fiance and sister, she directly caught an uncle flash marriage, only to know after marriage…

“I…” Faced with Qin Zhengnan, Tang Miaoyu was surprised, but he was still not embarrassed to ask the surprise in his heart, “Is my mother calling you and saying that I am here waiting for you?”

“Yes.” Qin Zhengnan faced the direction of her speech and nodded.

It seems that the adoptive mother has discovered that she secretly took the hukou book.

But how could she know that she would appear in the Civil Affairs Bureau?

Tang Miaoyu froze in place for a while, and her heart was messy, not knowing how to say what she hadn’t thought about to obtain a certificate with Qin Zhengnan.


Suddenly, a jeweled figure flashed into the Civil Affairs Bureau hall.

Tang Miaoyu looked up and it turned out that Xue Zhupei came in a hurry.

After glancing at the man in the wheelchair, Xue Zhupei quickly piled a smile on his face, and stepped forward to hold Tang Miaoyu’s wrist. “Miaoyu, you forgot to take an important thing with you. I’ll bring it to you.”

“What?” Tang Miaoyu looked inexplicably at Xue Zhupei, who was pretending to be gentle, not knowing what medicine to sell in her gourd.

“That, Qin Shao, please wait a moment, I will speak to Miaoyu.” Xue Zhupei said to Qin Zhengnan complimentingly, turned and dragged Tang Miaoyu out of the Civil Affairs Bureau hall.

Looking at the lady’s flattering face, Zhao Shu tickled her lips disdainfully, “Sir, this Xue Zhupei came so timely! Sure enough, as expected, Miss Tang stole the account book and came out.”

The man in the wheelchair tickled his lips lightly. “Xue Zhupei is not useless. When she came, she saved us a lot.”

There was a certain amount of light shining in the bottomless eyes, and he could not see that he was a blind man without looking closely.


“Mom, did you lie to Qin Zhengnan?” Tang Miaoyu shook off Xue Zhupei’s hand and asked.

Xue Zhupei snorted coldly, “Can’t you be gentle? Qin Zhengnan is blind, but his ears are so good! You are so disrespectful to me, and you are not afraid that your future husband will abandon you?”

“My husband?” Tang Miaoyu sneered, “I said, I will not marry Qin Zhengnan and become your mother and daughter’s chess pieces!”

“You can’t help you!” Xue Zhupei smiled coldly, took out his phone from his bag, opened a video and handed it to Tang Miaoyu, “You have to take a good look before making a decision.”

Tang Miaoyu gave her a suspicious look. When she accidentally glanced at the frozen photo on the video, she instantly widened her eyes and grabbed the phone.

In the video, a white-haired old lady said tenderly and lovingly, “Miao Yu, when will you come to pick up your grandmother? Grandmother doesn’t like to live here, it’s too deserted, you should send grandmother to a nursing home. …..”

The video is very short, only a few seconds.

Tang Miaoyu red eyes, “Where did you send my grandmother? The background of this video is not in a nursing home!”

“Oh, I asked the hospital for permission to go through the legal formalities before taking the old lady.” Xue Zhupei raised her arms arrogantly, “If you don’t marry Qin Zhengnan today, you never want to see the old lady! “

“You…” Tang Miaoyu clenched her fists. If it were not the woman who had adopted her for more than 20 years, she would surely push her fists over. “Do you have to force me like this?”

Grandma is her weakness, and she has no choice but to think that Xue Zhupei will use her to threaten her.

“Choose one out of the two, you decide for yourself!” Xue Zhupei raised her eyebrows without consulting.

Tang Miaoyu closed her eyes deeply, and when she opened it again, her clear eyes were already desperate, “I marry!”

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