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Flash Married Husband Sweet Chapter 1: Make a living together

Hospital, ward.

The corridor full of strong sterilized water smell could not conceal the puffs of puffs.

“Shao Hui, do you say I am good or my sister is good?”

“Little goblin, do you still need to ask? Your sister Tang Miaoyu is a fucking wood!”

“Hate! Work harder!”

“Fairy! Laozi fuck you!”


Tang Miaoyu, who was about to knock on the door, listened to the dialogue inside, and his face was incredible.

This voice, this conversation…

Despite the collapse of his heart, Tang Miaoyu slowly raised his trembling hand unwillingly, and opened the door a little bit.

“Squeaky” The sound of opening the door made a pair of men and women stand at the same time, and they looked at the door together.

In an instant, three people froze at the same time.

The unbelievable moment in Tang Miaoyu’s eyes turned into anger and shame…

The pair of lovers in front of her are none other than her boyfriend Zhou Shaohui and sister Tang Miaoxue.

In an instant, Tang Miaoyu felt that his strength had been pumped away, and he had no strength in trying to pull his legs away, leaving his feet as if they were nailed in place.

“You… what are you doing?” Tang Miaoyu couldn’t say a word completely because of shock and consternation.

The incubator in his hand slipped and grunt rolled down, and the chicken broth inside spilled out.

Zhou Shaohui was hospitalized for stomach problems. She brought him soup for five hours at home, but he let her watch the blockbuster for free?

Compared to her shock, Zhou Shaohui and Tang Miaoxue were more calm, glanced at each other, and both stood up from the sofa, sorting out the messy clothes casually.

Zhou Shaohui raised his hands to embrace Tang Miaoxue, raised his eyebrows and shrugged indifferently to Tang Miaoyu, “Miaoyu, since you saw it, Miaoxue and I don’t want to hide from you anymore, I love Miaoxue, let’s break up!”

“Zhou Shaohui, are you crazy?” Tang Miaoyu burst into hair instantly, glaring at the unshameful man in front of him, “Do you know that Miao Xue is my sister! How can you deceive our sisters like this?”

Tang Miaoxue sneered disdainfully, “Come on, my good sister, Shao Hui didn’t lie to me, Shao Hui and I are really in love!”

With that, he looked affectionately at Zhou Shaohui, and Zhou Shaohui took her hand and kissed it.

“Shut up!” The stimulated Tang Miaoyu raised his finger to Tang Miaoxue, his clear eyes were already filled with crimson, “Miao Xue, you have your own fiance Qin Zhengnan! Even if you are not afraid of losing our Tang family, you should also be wary What about the face of the Qin family?”

“Haha!” Tang Miaoxue laughed arrogantly like he heard the most funny joke in the world, and scornfully licked his lips. “Do you think I will marry a crippled and blind man?”

It is rumored that Qin Zhengnan, Qin Zhengnan’s son and son, is blind but physically disabled…

Tang Miaoyu lightly huh, “That was decided by Grandpa Qin for you. Wasn’t you looking forward to marrying in the first place? Just because Qin Zhengnan became a disabled person and you didn’t marry again? What a mean!”

Tang Miaoxue sneered contemptuously, “Did you know? At first, Grandpa was looking at me, you Tang Miaoyu, and the marriage contract was also written by Tang Miaoyu. When I saw Qin Zhengnan look handsome, I changed the rain into snow. Crippled…”

Hearing the words, Tang Miaoyu’s eyes widened suddenly, “Miao Xue, in order to be with this scumbag, you can also make up such lies?”

“I don’t believe you go home and ask your parents!” Tang Miaoxue was not afraid. “I wanted to bear the consequences for the measures I did, so I would wrongly marry the blind man by mistake, but after meeting Shaohui…I Found out that the person I love is him!”

With that, his hands clasped Zhou Shaohui’s arm and snuggled up snuggly.

“You…” Tang Miaoyu powder fist clenched, flushed by Tang Miaoxue in front of him.

Although the sisters were not related by blood, they grew up together.

Normally, this younger sister is arrogant and arrogant. She just let her sister give it away. I didn’t expect to be able to do this kind of robbery!

Is the relationship between sisters in twenty years really worth a man?

“Tian shamelessly!” Although Tang Miaoyu’s eyes were already red with rage, he refrained from tears. After scolding Tang Miaoxue from his teeth, he extended his index finger to Zhou Shaohui, “You scumbag, you will regret it! meeting!”

Tang Miaoyu ran out just a few steps, and a wheelchair suddenly appeared in the front corner.

“Miss Tang, please stay.” A low-alcoholic voice came, and the man in the wheelchair reached out to block her way.

Tang Miaoyu paused and looked down.

The man in the wheelchair wore a white dress, and the facial features on the angular handsome face were as deep and beautiful as the sword.

It’s just that those deep eyes are very dim, obviously blind.

“Qin, Brother Qin?” Tang Miaoyu called out in amazement.

This blind man with a strong aura but sitting in a wheelchair is his sister’s fiance, Qin Zhengnan, grandson of Qin’s parents, the city’s first wealthy man.

Qin Zhengnan took a step forward in controlling the wheelchair and smiled at Tang Miaoyu. “Are you interested? I invite you to get married?”


Tang Miaoyu was stunned, but soon understood that Qin Zhengnan was also aware of Zhou Shaohui and Tang Miaoxue’s adultery!

Feeling her hesitation, the man opened his lips lightly, “Since we are all betrayed, it is better to be sorry, let’s make a difference, get married and live together!”

Although the eyes were invisible, the smile on the man’s face was vivid and bright, and there was no trace of annoyance from the cheating. Instead, he was happy to see the same, “Why, you don’t want to marry me this blind and crippled waste?”

“No no no!” Tang Miaoyu quickly shook his head, “too sudden…”

Qin Zhengnan raised her hand, took her hand accurately, and with a little force, pulled Tang Miaoyu directly into her arms, let her sit on her lap, and a warm breath sprayed on her ears, “Marry Me! With Mrs. Qin’s status, you have the right to call the wind and the rain, do whatever you want, do whatever you want to abuse others!”

The clear, pleasant smell of the man swept over instantly. Tang Miaoyu shuddered as if he were over-charged. He instinctively wanted to push away Qin Zhengnan, but he was held tightly in his arms by holding his shoulder.

With a thin lip, the man leaned up and whispered in her ear, “Relax! We are only a contract marriage. I have a disability below the waist and I cannot have a husband and wife with you!”

“I!” Tang Miaoyu broke free from him, “You let me think about it!”

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