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Chapter 3 are all scams


After a thunderstorm, heavy rain suddenly poured in.

Stopped in a black car with double flashes on the side of the road, the driver turned and asked the man sitting in the back, “Young Master, Miss Tang got up and went forward in the rain.”

“Keep up!” The man’s low alcohol sounded like a cello.

The face hidden in the flickering light revealed only a sculpted and handsome outline.

The rain in the late autumn season hit the body coldly and abnormally. Tang Miaoyu’s pale face turned purple, and she hugged her thin body, still walking stiffly stepping forward, clenching her teeth.

I don’t know where to go, or even where I am at the moment.

There were no pedestrians on the night road where the rain was pouring, only the car passing by occasionally, the agitated splash fell on the girl relentlessly, soaked again and again.

In the car, the man’s big hand on his knee clenched a little harder, and the deep eyes flashed inexplicably in the dark night.

Suddenly, the little woman in front fell down without warning, and her petite body fell on the side of the water-stained road, motionless.


“Master, umbrella!”

“No need to!”

“Squeak–” After a braking sound, the man picked up a silver mask next to it and put it on, pushed the door of the car, walked over with long legs, squatted down in front of the fainted Tang Miaoyu, and lifted her up.

In the light of the headlights, the man saw the pale face of the little woman in his arms and wrinkled his eyebrows, “Miss Tang?”

Seeing her frowning, her eyes closed, the man no longer hesitated, picked her up and hugged her directly into the car, anxiously commanded, “Hospital!”

Qin’s old house.

“Kneel, you stupid boy!”

Zhou Shaohui’s father, Zhou Yuhai, kicked his son’s lap and pressed him on the shoulder, letting him kneel down in front of several elders of the Qin family, and taught him fiercely, “The Zhou family’s face has left you exhausted. Women, you must grab women with your cousin! Don’t hurry and apologize to your aunt and uncle!”

Zhou Qiuyue quickly lifted his nephew and glared at his elder brother, “Brother, what a big thing, Shao Hui is so big, you still beat him!”

Zhou Shaohui got up and grabbed Zhou Qiuyue’s hand, “Aunt, I and Miao Xue really love each other. Please and our uncle complete us! I’m sorry cousin, but I didn’t mean it…”

Before Zhou Shaohui’s words were finished, a low magnetic voice came from the door of the living room: “No apology!”

Everyone in the living room was stunned. They turned around and looked around. Zhao Shu pushed Qin Zhengnan in a wheelchair and walked in.

Despite the lack of glance, the masculinity in the wheelchair was cold and the kind of noble temperament that could not be concealed made him instantly take away the light of everyone present, even where he was sitting.

The wheelchair stopped, and Qin Zhengnan said lightly, “My grandfather’s fiancee for me was actually Miss Tang Jiaoyu, not Tang Miaoxue. So, today’s thing is not that Shaohui and Tang Miaoxue betrayed me and Miaoyu It is because Miao Yu and I have fulfilled the marriage contract between the Qin and Tang dynasties and officially become unmarried couples.”

Except for Zhou Shaohui, Qin Zhengnan’s parents and Zhou Shaohui’s parents were a bit startled.

Waiting for them to respond, Qin Zhengnan said again, “Grandpa always thought that Miao Xue was Miao Yu. If you elders want to raise the matter to grandpa, what will happen, Zheng Nan will not be responsible!”

Although the voice is not loud, the tone is beyond doubt.

For a time, no one in the large living room dared to respond, so quiet that the needle fell.

Zhou Qiuyue gave Zhou Shaohui a wink, so he didn’t be afraid, came over and patted Qin Zhengnan’s shoulder, and laughed, “Son, so, if it weren’t for Shaohui, your fate with Miaoyu would still be misaligned. My mother thanked your cousin for you!”

“There is a working mother.” Qin Zhengnan said with a blank expression.

After that, he made a gesture to Zhao Shu, and Zhao Shu pushed him out of the living room.

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