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Flash Married Husband Sweet Chapter 2

Qingyuan District, south of the city.

After getting out of the taxi at the entrance of the community, Tang Miaoyu ran home without a breath.

Seeing that Xue Zhupei was cooking in the kitchen, Tang Miaoyu ran in without a word, snatching the potato she was cutting and putting it down, “Mom, I have something important to ask you.”

“What’s so anxious?” Xue Zhupei sternly glared at her.

“Mom, I just wanted to ask you, was the fiancee that Mr. Qin set for Mr. Qin Zhengnan originally me or Miao Xue?” Tang Miaoyu’s red eyes stared closely at Xue Zhupei, and asked from the door.

Xue Zhupei suddenly stunned, slipped a little embarrassment on his face with delicate makeup, looked up at Tang Miaoyu, and his tone softened instantly, “Miaoyu, how are you asking what this is doing?”

“Oh, Miaoxue and Zhou Shaohui were discovered by me together. She said that I was Qin Zhengnan’s fiancee. Mom, you wouldn’t lie to me, right?” Since things had already happened, she didn’t want to hide anything.

She just wanted to figure out what was going on with the marriage contract that year.

“What? Miao Xue and Shao Hui are together?” Xue Zhupei apparently didn’t expect his baby girl to do such an extraordinary thing, and asked with wide eyes in shock.

But in the end she was the one who had met the world, and soon she calmed down, her face clear.

“Mom, tell the truth!”

My sister and boyfriend have betrayed her, and she doesn’t want her only dependent parents to hide her all the time.

“Okay! Since I can’t hide it, I won’t hide you anymore!” Xue Zhupei was so shrewd that she took her upstairs.

When he arrived at the study, Xue Zhu opened the drawer under the bookshelf and took out a red book from it and handed it to Tang Miaoyu. “This is the marriage contract written by the Qin family’s grandfather. Please read it for yourself!”

Tang Miaoyu quickly took it over and opened it to see, the two lines of vigorous and vigorous brush writing came into view:

“Tang Jiaqian Miaoxue, dignified Xianshu, and my grandson Qin Zhengnan are very good match, especially for the two children to make a marriage contract, after the woman graduated from the university to get married.”

The registration is the private seal of “Qin Zhiguo”, indeed the name of Grandpa Qin Zhengnan.

Tang Miaoyu’s eyes fell on the word “Snow”, and he suddenly froze.

Obviously, this word has been moved by people. The word “Rain” on the top is very large, and the word “彐” below is extremely small, and the handwriting is soft. It was added by someone later.

If you ignore the word “彐”, it is not difficult to find that “Tang Jia Qian Jin Miao Yu” is the original handwriting.

“How could this be?” Tang Miaoyu looked at the two lines of words in disbelief, as if the words had become ropes one by one, strangling her neck and making her breathless.

“Miaoyu!” Xue Zhupei raised Tang Miaoyu’s back, sorry. “The old man of the Qin family really liked you, and I liked you at first sight, so I did not hesitate to set it for you. This engagement. But Miaoxue had met Qin Zhengnan at the time. She liked Qin Zhengnan and changed her name naughtily. Now that you know it, let Miaoxue return Qin Zhengnan to you. Anyway, the Qin family father is confused now. I can’t remember these things anymore!”

“Naughtyly changed her name? Give it back to me now?” Tang Miaoyu snapped her red book in her hand and looked coldly at Xue Zhupei, “Mom, you have kept my purpose for so long, Isn’t it because of the title of Qin’s grandmother? Now that Qin Zhengnan is like that, I don’t want anyone else to think about returning it to me?”

Seeing such an aggressive Tang Miaoyu, Xue Zhupei simply stopped pretending and returned to that impatient face, “Tang Miaoyu, how is it? Isn’t this normal? Although the Qin family is rich and powerful, Qin Zhengnan is already a waste person. One, I must not sacrifice the happiness of Miao Xue’s life!”

Moreover, when I heard that Qin Zhengnan was maimed and murdered after being disabled, the Qin family’s servants would somehow die one every month.

“Oh, can you sacrifice me?” Tang Miaoyu’s eyes were red and desperate to hold back the tears. “For so many years, you will let me do whatever I want, just because you promised that I would not interfere with my own affairs. Why doesn’t speaking count?”

This is her family who is willing to be a cow and a horse to repay their kindness… Why suddenly became so strange and terrible?

“Nothing of conscience!” Xue Zhupei snorted coldly, staring at Tang Miaoyu with cold brows, “Can our Tang family raise you right after graduating from university? Can’t you? I’m not pushing you into the fire pit again! Qin Zhengnan is disabled. Yes, but the Qin family is the most powerful man in Ningcheng after all, it’s still beautiful when you marry it!”

“Whoever loves the scenery and the scenery will go, anyway, I will not marry!” Tang Miaoyu was afraid of crying out of nowhere, throwing a sentence and taking the door away.

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