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The inner court of royal family in Qing Dynasties

“Hierarchy” in the inner court of the royal family Qing dynasty

Gratitude” is the most important. Therefore, Huang Tai Hao (皇太后: or that Thai people are familiar with “Hong Tai Hao”) or the emperor’s mother. The position of the first emperor which can be compared to the thousand-year-old Luang will be the “highest” of the royal court In the event that he is still alive. As a rule of law. The emperor had to bless him every day.

When the emperor passed away The wife will immediately change the status to become Tai Hao and had to move from the Central Palace to stay at Tai Ho Palace. Which was a place built for the first wife and widow of the emperor as well In the Shining Gong area. Aside from the wife who had to change status immediately There are also other positions such as Huang Tai Fei (皇太妃) and Huang Tai Phin (皇太 嬪) that have to be stamped together in this area as well.

In addition to Huang Tai Hao, there are other important positions such as Tai Huang Tai Hao (太 皇太后: or that Thai people are familiar with “Tai Hong Tai Hao”) is the emperor’s grandmother

There are rules set forth in the era of Kangxi era. Has divided the system and order of the wives and concubines of the parties in 8 levels as follows:

1. Huang Hua (皇后: or familiar to Thai people as “emperor”) is the emperor’s position of the current emperor. There can only be one position, and there are 10 maid of honor. Huang Hao is responsible for the internal affairs and the Kuning Kong residence. Or the central palace Representing the ground Located opposite to Qian Ching Kong The palace of Chakkraphat That represent heaven

The emperor’s wife is divided into two levels: the Huang Gui Fei (皇 貴妃), the wife of the imperial government, second only to Huang Hua, so can only have one position And there were 8 maids following. Gui Fei (貴妃) had 2 positions, with 8 maids following each person.

The middle wife of the Emperor is divided into 2 levels, namely

  • Fei (妃), with 4 positions, with 6 maids and 6 wives (嬪) with 6 maids

The second level of the position of the wife of the previous two levels is divided into 3 levels, namely Gui Ren (貴人), Chang Chai (常 在) and Taing (答應). In these 3 levels there is no limit to the number of positions. Each position had 4 maids, 3 and 2 members in each order, in descending order.

Huang Gui Fei, Gui Fei Fei and turn around to stay at Dong Li Gong Each position has his own palace. Gui Ren, Changzhi and Tainging will be together in Xilong Kong. Which, together with the eunuchs serving the maids and Sula, who are general female labor Considered that the living conditions of Guiren, Changzhi and Tainging are quite crowded.

In addition to the royal family that is on the inside There are still important personnel such as Mrs. Kiat and the eunuch.

The maid of honor is a maid is responsible for serving the emperor, the consort, the concubine (the prince) and the princess. If the emperor is pleased, he can be promoted to Taing and Chang Zai respectively.

The life of the maid of honor in each period is different.

For example, the court contends that the maid of honor of the maid of honor, chosen from high-ranking noble women from the age of 13 – 15 years, offering the work until reaching the age of 25 can leave the palace. Which is different from the Ming court, which has rules to prohibit leaving the palace until old to die

Therefore the maid of honor had a higher position than the eunuch who had a very low status Responsible for general work and labor Can do from preparing the make-up device to the supreme inspection.

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