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Empress of the Ming (2019) 大明风华 Episode 55 Recap

One day after the war, Zhu Qiyu returned to the camp to tell Yu Qian that the cavalry was trapped and asked for support from the Shenji Battalion, but Yu Qian asked him to tell the Cavalry Battalion that the Shenji Battalion was immobile and had no support. Yu Qian began to command tactics. After the 3,000-battalion cavalry was annihilated, the Shenji Battalion was ready for battle, and the fifth-battalion was not moved.

Finally, under the sorrowful support, the soldiers brought back the victory of the Vaughan cavalry. Yu Qian was relieved when he heard the news. Yu Qian ordered the main force to go to Xizhimen and then rushed to Xizhimen to continue commanding the battle. His younger brother was killed under the city of Beijing. At the beginning, Watanai was also very heartbroken. The whipping of the soldiers led all the cavalry to launch a total offensive at the same time. They decided to lay the head of Zhu Qizhen in Beijing. Qi Muge saw that Wa Ling also led his soldiers away and came to Zhu Qizhen’s tent to accompany him to grab stones.

When Yu Qian learned that Anding’s goalkeeper counterattacked Watanag, he was furious and asked who did it. Shi Heng suddenly appeared and said it was his cousin Shi Biao. Yu Qian asked Shi Heng whether Shandong Beiyi soldiers had arrived. Shi Heng told him 200,000 Beiyi The soldier was less than sixty miles away from Beijing. Yu Qian breathed a sigh of relief, feeling that Tianming was not dead, and the two laughed at each other. Shi Heng told the leading troops of Yu Qian to enter the city from Yongding Gate, and after reporting the reinforcements, Shi Heng asked Yu Qian to take the lead and kill the enemy. Yu Qian gave him the position of An Ding goalkeeper. Shi Heng was so happy that he could not wait to report to the road immediately.

Ambush the enemy. Qi Muge came to feed him in Zhu Qi’s tent to feed him and told him the war situation of the Waji Army. The Waji Army suffered heavy losses. Qimuge also began to regret that he should not leave the grassland. Suddenly two Waji soldiers came in and dragged Zhu. Qi Zhen. Sun Ruowei knew that when the reinforcements arrived, he was in a good mood. When he was washing, Zhu Qiyu came to report the news solemnly. Sun Ruowei came out and watched Zhu Qiyu’s face was a little flustered. He went to the city wall. Sun Ruowei saw that the Watan soldier was humiliating Zhu Qizhen Can’t support it.

Shi Heng was so angry that Shi Biao asked why the emperor didn’t commit suicide. Shi Heng stopped him from saying such a thing to the Nine Tribes. Because of the relationship between Zhu Qizhen, the Ming Army did not dare to continue to fight, and morale was very low. Yu Qian told him and decided to enter the city. Sun Ruowei was irritated, and he was so anxious in bed that he couldn’t hold Xu Bin’s medicine. Xu Bin fed the medicine to Sun Ruowei’s mouth and used the silver needle to calm Sun Ruowei. Xu Bin asked Zhu Qiyu to take the medicine and persuaded Sun Ruowei to Make the right decision. At this time, he is not Zhu Qizhen’s mother, but the Empress Dowager Daming. The national movement of Daming is all in the thought of Sun Ruowei, and he wants to draw his feelings out.

Qi Muge knew that Xining had made an idea to let the Vayu people humiliate Zhu Qizhen, and he was so annoyed that he would kill Xining with a bow and arrow. Vayu also stopped Qi Muge first, saying that only Han people can deal with Han people. Yu Qian came to the palace to report the situation to Sun Ruowei. Sun Ruowei was still heartbroken for the humiliation of Zhu Qizhen. He felt shameless and faced Zhu Zhanji and would rather be killed himself. Yu Qian said loudly that the emperor was not a god. Now Zhu Qizhen is just a The unfortunate surname Zhu is a stupid and arrogant child. Yu Qian’s arrogant words annoyed Sun Ruowei.

Yu Qian said with a heavy tone that he could understand the sadness of Sun Ruowei as a mother, but those who died because of the war also had family members. As a queen mother, Sun Ruowei must make the right decision for the people, not just for Zhu Qizhen. Yu Qian told Sun Ruowei that the soldiers were very sad. The popularity had fallen to the freezing point. No one dared to shoot an arrow. In two days, there might be surrendered people. Sun Ruowei finally wanted to understand. She helped Yu Qian to say that she was too confused and said something wrong, and asked him to worship her.

After that, Sun Ruowei regained his face and said that Watanabe must not dare to fight before making such a play, and let Zhu Qiyu and Yu Qian go out and wait for the will. Only Xu Bin was left in the room. Sun Ruowei blamed Xu Bin for not giving her an idea early. Maybe she would not send her son out. Xu Bin told Sun Ruowei that if Zhu Qizhen was crushed, he would be insufficient. Strong, without suffering, how can they become talented, when they all watched their parents die, then they were still children. Being a mother is not the same as being a queen mother. If you turn the Central Plains into a ranch and burn all the books, you will be a sinner forever. Sun Ruowei listened to Xu Bin’s words, and immediately decided to abandon the emperor Zhu Qizhen in front of Baiguan. Zhu Qiyu was renamed as Emperor, and his name was Jingtai. Zhu Qiyu sat on the throne with a stiff face, and Sun Ruowei led Baiguan to pay homage to Zhu Qiyu.

Qi Muge told Zhu Qizhen the news of Sun Ruowei’s abandonment of the Emperor, saying that he didn’t need to die. After listening to the news, Zhu Qizhen opened his mouth and asked her what she said. Hu Shanxiang returned to Nanjing’s palace and returned to Hu Shangyi’s house that year, with complex feelings and endless duties to his daughter-in-law. Hu Shanxiang was worried about Zhu Qiyu, and felt that Sun Ruowei would not let Zhu Qiyu come back alive. When Hu Shanxiang viciously speculated that Sun Ruowei, all the descendants came to announce good news to Hu Shanxiang, and said that Zhu Qiyu’s ascension, Hu Shanxiang was very surprised. Zhu Qiyu also wrote a greeting to Hu Shanxiang and sent various rewards.

The snow was heavy in Beijing, and the palaces gave Sun Ruowei a gift for the year. Sun Ruowei saw something and passed it on, and the emperor’s jade Ruyi also passed on to Hu Shanxiang. Zhu Qiyu and Yang Shiqi discussed with each other and wanted to take the soldiers to fight back the tile. The three of them made Zhu Qiyu think twice. Now the emperor is still in the hands of the enemy. The soldiers can’t let go and let Zhu Qiyu ask Yu Qian’s opinion. Zhu Qiyu sealed the title of Prince Yu Shao, and Qian told the eunuch of Zhuan Zhi that if Zhu Qiyu was going to attack, he would resign to the post of commander to Sun Ruowei. After the eunuch of Chuan Zhi left, Qian Qian encouraged the soldiers and felt this battle. If you can’t reach the beginning of spring, you will retreat first.

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