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Empress of the Ming (2019) 大明风华 Episode 54 Recap

Sun Ruowei stays in Beijing to inspire soldiers, Yu Qian is ordered to direct the Beijing defense battle. Bai Yangkou’s blood book was urgently sent to Han Qing. Bai Yangkou now has only four hundred troops, and there is no army to support it. Sun Ruowei looked at the heartache and asked Yu Qian if there was no force to rescue it. Yu Qian I told Sun Ruowei that the Beijing city now has only 20,000 troops. Yu Qian persuaded Sun Ruowei that the city walls of Beijing were easy to defend. He transferred the food from Tongzhou to Beijing for at least half a year. As long as the soldiers from the three provinces were transferred to Beijing, the predicament could be eased. turn on. Yu Qian persuaded Sun Ruowei to go to the emperor and let her move to Nanjing first with the Empress Dowager. The Ministry of Defense could flexibly use soldiers to stay dead, and General Yu Qian also told her first, and asked Sun Ruowei to make an early decision.

In the palace, Sun Ruowei looked at the night palace and told Shuangxi that he could walk out of the palace with his eyes closed and let Shuangxi bring a veil to cover his eyes. Sun Ruowei made a bet with God, as long as she could close Going out of the palace door with eyes, that God must bless Zhu Qizhen and return safely. Sun Ruowei covered his eyes and strode up, guessing exactly every step and every palace door, Sun Ruowei walked to the emperor accurately. In the Queen Mother’s Palace, she told the Empress Dowager Zhu Qizhen that the ministers proposed to move the capital to avoid its frontiers and let her go south first, but the Queen Mother was very stubborn and refused to leave. She said that if the soldiers came, To show them death, Sun Ruowei tried to persuade the Empress Dowager to leave and told her that she would be captured as a slave in the north. She said that the Empress Dowager had no face to face her ancestors. Sun Ruowei said before Zhu Qizhen sent troops, I also dreamed about Zhu Zhanji. Now thinking about it, it is Zhu Zhanji who reminded herself to stop Zhu Qizhen, the queen queen cried and said that she was dazed, even if Sun Ruowei was right, she could not scold her, she was Sun Ruowei’s long To forgive her, if the micro Sun was kneeling in front of her unique look into the eyes and said that she can not forgive.

General Shi Heng came to Yu Qian. Yu Qian asked Shi Heng to go to Shandong to rescue him and asked how many soldiers he wanted. Shi Heng said that there were martial arts high-strength brothers and a total of 13 people. Yu Qian asked Shi Heng to go to the back room and write down their names. As long as he can come back alive, he will be promoted. Sun Ruowei approached Yang Shiqi to discuss the decision to move the capital. Yang Shiqi advised Sun Ruowei to go first, and the Ministry of Defense stayed behind to defend the city. If they could not keep it, the three of them would serve the country. Sun Ruowei was very entangled in her heart once the people broke the capital, and she was unwilling to use the lives of hundreds of thousands of people and old people in Beijing as the price of war. Helpless Sun Ruowei came to Xu Bin and almost took the poisonous elixir. Xu Bin hurriedly stopped her. Sun Ruowei could no longer pretend, crying and crying why he had nowhere to go in his life. Sun Ruowei in a costume and a mask played a show in front of the ministers, took off the mask and told the ministers that he would not leave.

Boyan Timur and Qimuge escorted Zhu Qizhen. When Qimuge saw that Zhu Qizhen was still not talking, he told a joke to see if Zhu Qizhen was really frightened. Zhu Qizhen listened After the joke did not respond, Xining said that he was pretending to be sprayed with water. Sun Ruowei decided to evade the harem family members and six officials from Beijing and be escorted to Nanjing by the army. Sun Ruowei told Zhu Qiyu that he was staying alone in Beijing to set his army. If he was really broken, he would take the poison and commit suicide. Sun Ruowei ordered Zhu Qiyu that if she died, the six officials would make Zhu Qiyu the emperor. She told Zhu Qiyu not to return to avenge them and to take the responsibility of restoring the Jiangshan community. Zhu Qiyu did not agree to kneel and said that he could fight the enemy. Sun Ruowei said Hu Shanxiang Will not agree, let him take good care of Hu Shanxiang. Sun Ruowei told Zhu Qiyu that he was not good enough for Hu Shanxiang over the years and made a lot of mistakes. It was a mistake to let Zhu Qizhen go on the expedition. After the descendants became emperors, they must restore the rivers and mountains. They cannot be reduced to the status of the Southern Song Dynasty. Enterprising, he will not let go of him as a ghost, Sun Ruowei tells Zhu Qiyu, if you die, you must tell others.

Watay also sent an ambassador to falsely report Zhu Qizhen’s will and let Sun Ruowei retreat to Jiangnan. Sun Ruowei knew that Watay also thought first and rejected the minister’s long letter and only said that he would quit the whole body of the Great Wall. He also predestined to death. Zhu Qiyu returned to the palace and told Hu Shanxiang that Sun Ruowei had moved himself south. Hu Shanxiang was relieved. Hu Shanxiang told Zhu Qiyu that the most important thing now is to live well. When Sun Ruowei was discussing military affairs with the Ministry of Military Affairs, Yu Qian suddenly broke in and shouted that Wajiu would not attack Beijing first, and analyzed the real purpose of Wajiu Xian against the map. Sun Ruowei decided to open the nine gates and meet the enemy outside the city. Yu Qian personally defended Deshengmen, Sun Ruowei gave Yu Qian command, and sealed him as the commander of the Ministry of Defense to uniformly command the Beijing defense battle.

After leaving the city gate, Zhu Qiyu thought about it and decided to turn around and return to Beijing. Hu Shanxiang looked at the leaving Zhu Qiyu, and collapsed and called Sun Ruowei to return his son. Sun Ruowei saw Zhu Qiyu kneeling in front of him with some doubts, but Zhu Qiyu said that as long as he could leave Hu Shanxiang, he would rather die in battle. Zhu Qiyu feels that he is a descendant of the Zhu family. As long as he can fight the enemy, he will not face the ancestors underground. Now that he has a son, he is not afraid of death. Sun Ruo thought for a long time, and was moved by Zhu Qiyu’s bloody spirit, let him go to Yu Qian , Guarantee that as long as he heroically kills the enemy on the battlefield, he will not be disappointed.

Xu Youzhen suddenly came to Yang Shiqi, and felt that he was assigned to Nanjing as a soldier, and asked Yang Shiqi to help him to stay in Beijing. However, Yang Shiqi said that it was now Yu Qian’s full authority to let him go to Yu Qian. Yang Shiqi satirized Xu Youzhen for his honest return. south. When the messenger entered the palace, he met Sun Ruowei, and the letter was very arrogant and very rude to Sun Ruowei. Sun Ruowei felt angry and humiliated by the shame, so he went back and told him that he had prepared a cannon and a bomb. Life is better than death. Sun Ruowei went back to the harem in anger and summoned Xu Bin. He was named the former Supervisor of the ship and asked him to take the fleet down to the south of the river to escape. Xu Bin said that he would stay to guard Sun Ruowei and go nowhere. When the army of the Wadi came, Sun Ruowei put on the armor and went to the battle to inspire the spirit of the Ming army, and together with Yu Qian to defend the Deshengmen. At the beginning of the war, Sun Ruowei saw Zhu Qizhen on the city wall, and Watanabe first also let Zhu Qizhen look at Sun Ruowei on the city wall. Sun Ruowei looked at Zhu Qizhen in distress, and Shuangxi hurried to comfort Sun Ruowei. Zhu Qiyu bravely killed the enemy, Sun Ruowei said that it was a red cannon to bless Daming.

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