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Priest (Author)

Name: Priest, 牧牧, Mu Mu, Pippi, PP, sweet
Profession: Writer
Birthplace: China

TV Series

  • Shan He Biao Li (2022)
  • Liu Yao (2022)
  • Capitalist Swordsman (2022)
  • Light the Darkness (2022)
  • Winner is King (2021)
  • Word of Honor (2021)
  • Legend of Fei (2020)
  • Guardian (2018)


  • Guardian (2021)
  • The Unbeatable (2021)

Severe fine points, two forced youth, the crazy semi-illiterate, wretched death house renewal intermittent episodes of physical memory with the mushroom growth cycle may be, large waste wood teach Honorary Life Member (from the column of self-introduction) . Priest’s world setting was originally larger than most female frequency writers. She is good at constructing various magnificent worldviews. Since 2007, Priest has been serializing novels in Jinjiang, involving fantasy, fantasy, mecha, martial arts, criminal investigation and There are many types of science fiction, and after “Silent Reading”, they pay tribute to classic literature. It can integrate the exploration of life philosophy and the plot harmoniously, and the plot content is rich in levels. Most female frequency writers who only write about relationships and “small worlds” show heterogeneity and transcendence. Many of his titles are popular topics, and many IPs have been successfully filmed and animated.

Author’s representative works include ” Fire Pouring Sorrow ” (2018), “The End of the World ” (2010), ” Soul Soul ” (2012), ” Six Yao ” (2014), ” Big Brother ” (2013), ” Slaying the Wolf ” (2015), ” Bandits ” (2015) [30] , ” Silent Reading ” (2016), ” Defective Products ” (2017), “No Pollution ” , No Pollution ” (2017)etc.

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