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Empress of the Ming (2019) 大明风华 Episode 53 Recap

In the royal palace, Sun Ruowei came to the Ministry of Defense late at night, knowing that Zhu Qizhen was trapped by the Wajing army, he could not support it for a while, and fell to the ground. Sun Ruowei woke up from a coma, called Yang Shiqi , and pleaded with Yang Shiqi to help him rescue Zhu Qizhen. Yang Shiqi was embarrassed and didn’t agree. Sun Ruowei was very helpless and told Xu Bin that Zhu Qizhen was trapped in a civil castle . Xu Bin was also desperate and thought that there was no way to go. This situation had become a dead end. Eight hundred li rushed the military newspaper to the palace, and even Yang Shiqi panicked. Jin Yiwei took Yu Qian back from the lime kiln in the suburbs of Beijing . Chen Wenrong rushed out of the door and slaughtered the soldiers from the tile, but unfortunately he was outnumbered and died unfortunately. The few remaining Jin Yiweis were soon broken by the Watanabe army. I also knew that after Chen Wenrong died, he was overjoyed and led his soldiers to the deserted temple.

In the deserted temple, the guards around Zhu Qizhen were annihilated, and only a few eunuchs, who had no power to bind chickens, trembled and hid in the corner. Zhu Qizhen was panicked. Its wooden frame and led the army to open the temple, curiously Qizhen, he recaptured the Wala tribe. Zhu Qizhen was caught in the big account, and people from various clans met Zhu Qizhen and came forward to ridicule Zhu Qizhen. Zhu Qizhen was scared to speech. I also had great ambitions first, and I had to lead the army to continue south. After the people of the various tribes left, Qi Muge came to look for the reward, and proposed to give Zhu Qizhen to herself, but she could not beat Qi Muge first, so she was responsible for guarding Zhu Qizhen.

In Hu Shanxiang Palace,when Hu Shanxiang was fighting with Zhu Qiyu , Sun Ruowei was just here. Sun Ruowei saw the bruise on the hands of Princess Concubine, guessing that Hu Shanxiang had beaten him, and persuaded Hu Shanxiang to say something. Hu Shanxiang was yin and yang, and Sun Ruo was very angry. Let Zhu Qiyu come to the Dachao tomorrow.

At the Dachao meeting, Yu Qianguan resumed his post. At the Dachao meeting, he talked about the situation of the Civil War I. In the civil war I, 52 soldiers died and suffered heavy losses. Zhu Qizhen was captured and the ministers present fought the king. Zhen’s nephew Wang Shan and Sun Ruowei waited for a while before the minister was opened. Wang Shan had been killed alive. Sun Ruo questioned the ministers, and when Zhu Qizhen favored Wang Zhen, why no one persuaded Zhu Qizhen not to regain Wang Zhen, except for Yu Qian, who had persuaded Zhu Qizhen not to send troops. Sun Ruowei ordered the nine gates to be opened to let the people flee, and the Ministry of Defense to discuss a plan for the Waji Army. Yu Qian Yang Shiqi told the Ministry’s plan. Sun Ruozheng and Yang Shiqi discussed the war and peace with Watanabe. Xu Youzhen suddenly made a speech and suggested that Sun Ruowei move south quickly to avoid disaster.

Yu Qian was furious and rebuked Xu Youzhen. Xu Youzhen said that he can fight only 20,000 troops. Why? He resisted the 600,000 troops of Watanabe, but Yu Qian said that the capital was the state. The lesson of the Song Dynasty ’s southward migration was very painful. Zhu Qiyu agreed with Yu Qian, Xu Youzhen was very arrogant, and even suggested that Sun Ruowei killed Yu Qian’s sacrifice banner, and Yu Qian was furious, regardless of Xu Youzhen came to the ground, Sun Ruowei stopped Yu Qian, and asked Yang Shiqi’s opinions. The three felt that the Minister of North Korea and China could move south, but the troops must stay to resist the enemy, but if so, the morale of the troops would be depressed. , Sun Ruowei hesitated to decide.
Esen big business, but also to be in and negotiate with the tribes people how to Fuming Jun, tribal people want to rely on Qizhen plundered a sum of money, decided to attack first while into the city of Beijing.

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