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Empress of the Ming (2019) 大明风华 Episode 48 Recap

The Empress Dowager returned to the palace, and Zhang Kejian came to the Empress Dowager again to help. The Empress Dowager Zhang Yan refused Zhang Kejian’s request and scolded Zhang Kejian for leaving a mess to wait for her to clean up. Zhang Kejian Ming Xian Xiang also heard a declaration of war, past and where he also also the first sort of friendship, asked the empress dowager will arrange job to deal with him. The Empress Dowager thought that Zhang Kejian had not been an official and was worried that sending him would cause problems in the past. Zhang Kejian didn’t think it was a problem. Instead, he insisted that the errand had to be done by him. After the completion of the matter, he would filial piety to the Empress Dowager every year. The Empress Dowager was a little emotional.

After all, there was Sun Ruowei, the queen mother, who did n’t have any silver rewards in her hand. Then Sun Ruowei came to apologize to the Empress Dowager, and Zhang Kejian took the opportunity to slip away.
Sun Ruowei helped Chen Wenrong make a siege, so that the Empress Dowager and Empress Dowager were less concerned about martial arts generals. Sun Ruowei was afraid that the emperor and the emperor could not hang up, and lied that Chen Wenrong had been punished in the back, in fact not only did not punish him, but also rewarded him with a fish soup. Sun Ruowei asked the Empress Dowager for a pardon of Chen Wenrong. The Empress Dowager did not agree, but ordered Sun Ruowei to let Zhang Kejian go to the mutual custody of the city. Sun Ruowei was worried that Zhang Kejian was not a minister of North Korea, and he inevitably worried that he would travel to the pool and refuse to agree.

Zhu Qizhen was playing in the back garden and accidentally gave the honeycomb to the sting. All the bees flew towards Zhu Qizhen. The eunuch Wang Zhen used his body to help Zhu Qizhen cover up, causing injuries. Sun Ruowei just passed by and saw Zhu Qizhen in distress, he came forward and took him away. Later Sun Ruowei took Zhu Qizhen to the school to find Yang Shiqi for teaching. Yang Shiqi taught carefully, but Zhu Qizhen didn’t take it seriously, and he repeatedly confronted Yang Shiqi. Sun Ruowei scolded Zhu Qizhen severely and ordered Zhu Qizhen to face the board. After the teaching, Sun Ruowei warned Zhu Qizhen, and then the two were different from each other in the chapel, but here they are the master-student relationship, telling Zhu Qizhen to salute Yang Shiqi. Zhu Qizhen acted perfunctoryly, Sun Ruowei was very embarrassed, but Yang Shiqi didn’t blame a little.

After Zhu Qizhen left, Yang Shiqi told the Empress Dowager Sun Ruowei to pass a word of mouth to the cabinet and directly sent Zhang Kejian to the cabinet. Sun Ruowei was shocked when he knew. Late at night, Zhu Qizhen chatted with the eunuch who was blocking him in the daytime, and his relationship with the eunuch improved.

When Zhu Qizhen was an adult, Sun Ruowei came to the emperor’s bedroom with impulse and arrested Zhu Qizhen’s eunuch Wang Zhen. The eunuch had collected six sons in the name of Zhu Qizhen, and had repeatedly demanded bribes from the Minister of Central China. Sun Ruowei pleaded guilty to Wang Zhenxing, and Wang Zhen begged for mercy. When Sun Ruowei was going to let his men drag Wang Zhen out and chop, Zhu Qizhen stopped Sun Ruowei and did not let Sun Ruowei take action. Sun Ruowei could not hang on his face, and after the slaves were taken away, he did not face the town of Zhu Qi.

Zhu Qizhen’s righteous speech and Sun Ruowei not only satirized Sun Ruowei’s promotion of some people, but also tried to differentiate with Sun Ruo, and ordered Sun Ruowei to take care of his own people, and not to worry about it. Sun Ruowei didn’t dare to speak out, Zhu Qizhen asked Sun Ruowei for help.

The next day, Zhu Qizhen went to the early dynasty to go to Sun Ruowei to greet him. Wang Zhen was worried that Sun Ruowei would get in trouble with him and was reluctant to go. Zhu Qizhen questioned how Wang Zhen had collected his son in private. Wang Zhen was worried about being suspected by the emperor and lied that he secretly wooed the minister just to give the emperor pro-government. Seeing him having this filial piety, Zhu Qizhen went straight to Sun Ruowei without much doubt. Wang Zhen saw that Zhu Qizhen had already left, and secretly led his son to dig out the iron stele stating that the internal officer could not do anything and throw it into the pit.

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