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Deep Love Chapter 148

In the military hospital, laboratory, Gu Chengxiao tremblingly received the fresh blood test list. He took three deep breaths before he had the courage to read the final verdict.

HIV negative, completely ruled out.

Excluded completely!



Gu Chengxiao closed his eyes heavily, and the three-life nightmare finally turned into crystal clear dew, dissipating in the long river of years, he was finally able to breathe the fresh air with ease, and finally he was able to savor the sweetness comfortably Life.

And all this in Lin Qian’s eyes, it seemed that he was a dementia-like neuropathy, “Why, you’re so excited with a report, do you want to go to the hall to dance a breakdance? Why, there’s a long in my body. Gold, or diamonds?”

Gu Chengxiao took a gentle breath, smiled and said, “You are healthy, I am happy.”

Lin Qian choked silently, “I said it was okay, but I just vomited a bit. You must ask me to check it.”

“Check, don’t worry, you see, how great.” He stepped forward and put her in his arms with open arms, “Go, go home and celebrate.”

“Huh? Is this still a celebration?”

“Of course, we must do a lot.” Gu Chengxiao bit her ear and muttered.

Lin Qianhu’s body shook. The dryness he said was definitely the dryness that she understood in her heart.

“If you don’t go home, you forgot to make an appointment with you at the Four Seasons Restaurant today?”

“It’s too late to go home again.”

“Don’t, I’m afraid I won’t be able to get out of bed tomorrow.”

A proud smile appeared on Gu Chengxiao’s noble and glamorous face, “Thank you for your affirmation, Madam.”

“…” There is no way to communicate with this person. His personal settings have completely collapsed. Lin Qian hurriedly changed the subject and said, “I have agreed with my sisters and found a basketball team. How about you, Are the soldiers of the whole regiment ready?”

“Waiting at any time, but a football team is not enough points, and a basketball team is not enough. There will be more wolves and less meat. I am afraid that my brothers will engage in infighting.”

“I called Lin Yu. Lin Yu seems to be thinking about his elder brother. He is not interested in Bing brother. The other two roommates have boyfriends. It’s not good to go there, right? It’s from Audition, they are here to give me face.”

“Oh? You have such a big face?”

“That is, I’m the backbone of Audition. I’m called’B size waist fine’. Would you like to give you a paragraph?”

Gu Chengxiao exposed her in public, “Isn’t your nickname called’Man’s wife’, hahahahahahahaha.”

“…” I couldn’t chat anymore.

Gu Chengxiao looked at her fish-eyed expression so funny, he couldn’t help but walked up, took her face up, and pecked her Yintao’s little mouth fiercely, “I love you to death, you grinning little fairy. .”

“Head Gu was beaten today?”

“Yeah, it’s more exciting than playing chicken blood.”

“Won the lottery? Are there five million?”

“I am more happy than the middle five million.”


Gu Chengxiao just smiled again, “I’m just happy, very happy.”

Lin Qian’s final test results were also spread among the special forces, and everyone was relieved.

In fact, this dinner was not set for friendship. It was set as early as when they arrested Sha Kun and Hei Ye from the high seas. It was a kind of celebration.

It’s just the situation at that time, no one is in the mood to gather.

During this period, everyone also persuaded Gu Chengxiao to bring Lin Qian out for a gathering. Everyone knew about AIDS, and normal interpersonal communication and contact were okay. Besides, Lin Qian was not sure if he was infected, but Gu Chengxiao still refused until two months. The test result later turned out to be negative, and he only agreed to have dinner today.

So today’s dinner is not only a celebration feast, but also a social feast, but also a liberating carnival feast.

In the big box of the Four Seasons restaurant, the waiters successively ordered the dishes, such as seafood, meat rolls, vegetables, etc., and filled the two combined rectangular tables.

On one side is the steaming hot pot with red oil, and on the other side is the iron plate grill covered with oil-absorbing paper. Brush a layer of oil, put a piece of meat, and make a creak. This sound directly touches the gluttons in the stomach. It was all hooked out.

For the past three months, Gu Chengxiao has personally made three meals a day, and he can eat or eat, but he is so weak that he even puts the soy sauce in drops. After a long time, he will naturally tasteless.

Not to mention Lin Qian, he himself almost doubted life.

“Boss, sister-in-law.” The soldiers dressed in military uniforms, greeted them as soon as they came in, and then looked at the young girls in that row, their eyes were straight, and they immediately ran over to sit down, for fear that there would be nothing else. Facing the girl’s position.

The girls were trembling at the sight of Bing’s brother. Which one is not tall and strong, and which one is not the facial features. Compared with them, the boys in the school are simply weak, not worth it. One comparison.

The most top-notch among them is Gu Chengxiao, after all, where is the status and the temperament and aura.

Of course, Gu Chengxiao is still very acquainted. He hugged Lin Qian and went to eat alone at the small square table next to him. He could teach them how to go to war, but he still had to rely on his own ability to find a target.

“Eat more, this meat is very tender.” Gu Chengxiao put the roasted meat into a Lin shallow bowl, and added a few beef balls floating on the red oil, “This one is hot, let it cool.” Eat more.”

Lin Qian only cared about eating. The appearance of eating was as if he had not eaten enough for 300 years.

“Husband, here it is. It’s very tasty and delicious.” Lin Qian picked up a slice of beef with sauce and stuffed it into Gu Chengxiao’s mouth, and whispered to his mouth affectionately, “Be careful.”

In addition to them on this table, there are Shen Zian and Meng Xiangxiang, they are more like old couples who respect each other as guests, without the passion of the passion period, and more of the long-flowing tacit understanding.

On one side, there are two pairs of lovers like glue, and on the other side, is an embarrassing army of friendship.

The women’s groups headed by Fanfan are still students, and they have not been deeply involved in the world. Everyone still couldn’t let go when they first met.

Although the special forces regiment headed by Wei Nan was older than them, none of them even took a woman’s hand. Everyone was eager to try but couldn’t get started.

Lin Qian glanced at the table and then winked at Gu Chengxiao. Gu Chengxiao immediately spoke, “Brother, whale, you usually talk the most, so why are you all dumb today?”

“Gao Jiqin, you always rushed to the forefront during actual combat exercises. What about your momentum now?”

Gao Jiqin smiled shyly, and said jokingly: “Boss, have you ever heard of a shot being shot?”

“Wrong,” Lin Qian suddenly corrected loudly, “Whoever wins today will seize the opportunity. Girls, fate is right in front of you, so learn to grasp it.” #darling of young war

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