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Empress of the Ming (2019) 大明风华 Episode 41 Recap

In the Han Palace, Yu Qian awakened Zhu Gaojiu and asked him to read with him. Zhu Gaojiu was very disdainful and vilified Confucius and Mencius. Yu Qian was so angry that he couldn’t refute Zhu Gaojiu. In the Imperial Study Room, Zhu Gaoji asked for Zhu Zhanji . Zhu Gaojin was charming, respectful of Zhu Zhanji, and proposed to give Zhu Zhanji an ear and eyes, and to detect danger for Zhu Zhanji in advance. Zhu Zhanji but ask yourself what are the risks, Ju Sui look mysteriously said Zhu Di before the expedition, wrote a genetic purpose, asked Ju Chi had not given him. Zhu Zhanji never heard of it, and asked where he heard it from. Zhu Gaojiong intentionally talked about the fact that Zhu Gaojiu was out of the capital on the same day. Zhu Zhanji knew that there was something in Zhu Gaojiu’s words and knew his purpose, but he did not intend to be used by Zhu Gaojiao.

In the evening, Zhu Zhanji thought about it, but couldn’t figure it out, so he came to Zhao Gao’s Mansion to find Zhu Gaojiu. Zhu Gaojiu told Zhu Zhanji that year. Zhu Gaojiu talked about the three masterminds who planned the mutiny. In order to show his sincerity, Zhu Gaojiu had found someone to capture the three men. Zhu Zhanji ordered Jin Yiwei to interrogate the three of them, but Zhu Zhanji couldn’t understand the punishment. How did Zhu Gaojiang get the news? Zhu Gaojiao told him that Zhu Qi had told him to do it. Later, Zhu Zhanji asked Zhu Gaojiao to tell him some palace news. Zhu Gaojiu told Zhu Zhanji that the palace was severely banned, but in fact it was full of wind. There was a small door at Xihuamen. The wall collapsed when it rained in the past. The eunuchs tried to make it easier to transport coal out of the country, so they changed it into a door. Someone relies on this door to do business. Zhu Gaoyu told him that there was a dark line to report that tonight a big fish had penetrated into the Queen’s palace. Zhu Gaojiao encouraged Zhu Zhanji to send someone to stare to see what big fish he could catch.

In Hu Shanxiang’s palace, someone carried Hu Shanxiang a big box, Jin Yiwei appeared in time, making Hu Shanxiang panicked. Hu Shanxiang scolded Jin Yiwei to leave, but Jin Yiwei did not spare, Hu Shanxiang argued again, but fortunately, Sun Ruowei appeared in time, which pushed Jin Yiwei out of the door. When Zhu Zhanji heard Zhu Gaojiao’s words, he just grabbed Hu Shanxiang. When Zhu Zhanma asked Hu Shanxiang, Hu Shangyi suddenly appeared, saying that the box was his own. Zhu Zhanji repeatedly asked, and Hu Shangyi was not afraid at all. Zhu Zhanji asked Hu Shangyi to think clearly. If the real thing is true, then it is the Jiu Jiu tribe. Hu Shangyi had no father, no mother, no concern. Zhu Zhanji shouted angrily at Hu Shanxiang and inserted a sword into her body. Zhu Zhanji scolded her for what she was ill, and Hu Shanxiang ordered people to give Zhu Zhanji the lifeline on the bed. When Zhu Zhanji saw Hu Shanxiang’s small birth, Long Yan was furious. He directly confined Hu Shanxiang into the palace and put Hu Shangyi in jail.

Zhu Zhanji wanted to put Zhu Gaojiao’s handle out of Zhu Gaojiao’s mouth, but Zhu Gaojiao thought that Zhu Gaojiao had been banned, and now he is a paper tiger, which has little use value. Seeing that he did not intend to speak, Zhu Zhanji handed Hu Shanxiang’s case on Zhu Gaoyu to him, and asked him to find out and report to himself. Zhu Gaoyu agreed.
Late at night, Sun Ruowei came to jail to visit Hu Shangyi. Shang Yi felt a bit lost when Hu Shanxiang didn’t show up. Sun Ruowei tried to see if Hu Shangyi had anything to say to Hu Shanxiang, she would definitely help convey it. For a long time, Hu Shangyi believed that Hu Shanxiang needed her more, but after Hu Shanxiang left, she discovered that Hu Shangxiang needed Hu Shanxiang more. Hu Shangyi feared that the incident would affect Hu Shanxiang and decided to apologize for her death. When Sun Ruowei was leaving, Hu Shangyi questioned whether Sun Ruowei was Hu Shanxiang’s elder sister. Sun Ruowei did not answer her, but Hu Shangyi already knew it and felt that someone could finally accompany Hu Shanxiang. Later, Sun Ruowei came to Hu Shanxiang, saw Hu Shanxiang not eat or drink, sympathized with her, and told Hu Shanxiang that Hu Shangyi committed suicide. Hu Shanxiang felt pain in his heart this morning, and it became clear that Hu Shangyi was gone. Hu Shanxiang and Hu Shangyi cherish each other, each knowing the importance of the other.
The rebels turned out, and the leader of the rebels was Li Li. Zhu Zhanji asked why the Ministry of Defense did not report the incident. Yang Shiqi quickly explained that it was an incident in March last year. Zhanji asked Zheng He whether he must withdraw the Chief Secretary of Daming. Some ministers wanted Zhu Zhanji to obey Zhu Gaochi’s decision, but Zhu Zhanji did not want to throw away the rivers and mountains that had been shot in vain. Zheng He also said After losing the cowardly danger, the ministers still persuaded Zhu Zhanji to stop using troops for reasons of financial strain. Zhu Zhanji wanted to use his money to repair his tomb to send troops. Yang Shiqi also wanted to persuade him again. After he decided to prepare expenses for Zheng He, he supported Zheng He to go to the west.
Zhu Gaoyu told Yu Qian that he had become a street-crossing rat everyone shouted. Thanks to Yu Qian, he called himself Brother Zhu, and offered to give Yu Qian a daughter-in-law. Yu Qian thought that Zhu Gaoyu was joking, and laughed. Zhu Gaoyu told Yu Qian that the daughter was not born to the princess. No one in the world knew her existence. She was worried that Zhu Zhanji would destroy him in the future, and there would be no one to survive. He hoped that Yu Qian would accept it, whether he was a wife or a daughter Better than die. If Yu Qiancheng would protect her comprehensively, Zhu Gaozhen declined Yu Qian’s kindness and bowed him down. At night Yu Qian went to bed halfway to sleep. A girl in a wedding dress really appeared in front of Qian ’s bed. Yu Qian was startled, but she didn’t want to go to bed. She moved to the floor to sleep and left the girl aside. .

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