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Ever Night Season 2 将夜2 Episode 2 Recap

Ning Que breaks through the realm while fighting with Long Qing

Khanh broke rather lack of enchantment in the design, rather lack of seriously injured, apparently now Khanh powers above him, Sang Sang and unconscious in the carriage, rather lack of time to find ways to delay, he pretended to be Speaking of last words, I hope Long Qing will not hurt Sang Sang. Long Qing sneered at all. It is impossible for Sang Sang to take revenge in the future. He wants to devour Ning Qi and then swallow Sang Sang, so that his martial arts must advance more quickly. Seeing Long Qing’s face, he quickly called his elder brother Li for help slowly, but he shouted many times, but didn’t respond. Knowing that he was fierce and bad, Ning was short of vows to resist, and finally he was desperately trying to break through with Long Qing. Long Qing Every failure, the Master secretly assisted Ning Que and let him take Sang Sang away.

The peach blossoms are blooming, the fragrance is everywhere, the Xiling Temple, and the bear teaches that Xiu Chumo always believes that Ning Que must be the son of the legendary Pluto. Wei Guangming has always seen the night, and he has discussed with everyone. Threatening the prosperity in front of him, he decided to get rid of the son of Pluto Ning Que, Ye Hongyu disagree, but now only speculation, there is no evidence to prove that Ning Que is the son of Pluto, it is not too late to wait until the beginning.

When the great priest came to Xiling, he reported to Ye Hongyu that the remnant that Xiling had sent out that day had been recalled by Long Qing and Wugong was restored. He just got the news that Ning Que is already on the road with his injured Sang Sang, hoping Ye Hongyu can help Sang Sang and help Sang Sang when necessary. Ye Hongyu promised that it was her duty to save the bright daughter, and she told her men to follow her to rescue her.

Mo Shanshan, who lacked a master, invented a technique of using a magic hot pot. After tasting, the master praised the taste very well. Mo Shanshan was very pleased and asked his elder brother to name it “Zi He Guo”. Jun Mo got the news that Sang Sang had an accident. He hurriedly reported to the master. Please do n’t use it now to rescue him. The chef ate from the hi pot and murmured that he had just rescued them for a while. Sang Sang is the bright master of the future. Now it is necessary to rescue Ye Hongyu. Ye Hongyu gave her all her fascination for Sang Sang. Sang Sang awoke to know that Ye Hongyu gave her a degree of repair. Since she was downgraded, Sang Sang was very moved. Once she heard Ning Que said that Ye Hongyu He was told many times that the next time he saw him, he would undoubtedly kill him. Now it seems that it turned out to be funny. Ye Hongyu wanted to say that this was not the case. Sang Sang interrupted her immediately. Ning Que had always been chivalrous and hoped that they would not become rivals in the future. The two of them had a good heart and they should be friends.

Hearing that Sang Sang naively thought that she and Ning Que could be friends, she quickly vetoed that Ning Qun and her could not be friends in the future. Before leaving, Ye Hongyu told her not to save her with Shenhui. Things were told to Ning Que, and she was saved only because she was the future bright priest.

Ning Que saw Ye Hongyu coming out of the house. He anxiously asked Sang Sang’s condition. Ye Hongyu reminded him that it is more important to care for himself now. Ning Que told Ye Hongyu seriously. If he appears unexpected in the future, hope Ye Hongyu can protect Sang Sang. Ning Que’s infatuation with Sang Sang. Although Ye Hongyu was in pain, she still pretended not to care. She also let Ding Ning take Sang Sang to rest on the road tomorrow, and she will help them quietly on the road. Roadblock.

The bear teaches that Xiu Chumo knows that Ning Que is about to reach Washan, and immediately arrives at Yu Lan Festival. At that time, he will use Yu Lan bells to show Ning Que in Wa Shan. When Yu Lan bells ring, Pluto will appear. Body, saying Master Baoshu went down with his hands to do it. On the way, Baoshu Dashu met Qu Ni, who was very interested in seeing the bell in his hand, and wanted to go with Baoshu. Ning Que took Sang Sang all the way to Washan. When he saw that the surrounding mulberry tree had no leaves, he cried out. Sang Sang told him that the mulberry tree said by the master was the tree in front of Xiaoqi Cave. Tones, Mo Shanshan came on a white horse at this time.

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