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Empress of the Ming (2019) 大明风华 Episode 31 Recap

After learningabout the quarrel between Zhu Zhanji and Zhu Xi , Yu Qian supported Zhu Zhanji’s approach and let Zhu Zhanji persuade Zhu Xi to retire his troops. However, Zhu Zhanji said that Zhu Xi could not listen to anyone’s words. Perhaps only when he died at the mouth of the Three Gorges, Zhu Xi realized that he would retreat. Zhu Zhanji turned his head and left, and Yu Qian repeatedly told Zhu Zhanji not to resist, the other party had already stood by the Three Gorges mouth.

Prince House, Ju Chi was with Sun if the micro discuss affairs of state, if the micro Sun Ju Chi casually let one privately call the shots, do not have to report the matter to the Yongle. Zhu Gaochi burned in anger, and reprimanded Sun Ruowei fiercely, ordering her to go out of the Prince’s Mansion, and she was not allowed to divulge major incidents of state military aircraft. Sun Ruowei gritted his teeth and agreed. At this time, Princess Zhang Yan suddenly appeared. It turned out that Princess Han had visited the Prince twice to visit the Princess.

Now she had just sent them away and came to Zhu Gaochi to complain. After several days of reading through the book, Sun Ruowei accidentally found that the reported general was disconnected from Zhu Gaojiu and Zhu Gaojiu. He suspected that Zhu Gaojiao was sending someone to observe Zhu Gaochi’s condition. As long as Zhu Gaochi’s body collapsed, then Zhu Gaochi and others would rebel and the whole country would really be destroyed. At once. Sun Ruowei left urgently, and the princess asked why she chose Sun Ruowei’s substitute. The prince replied that Sun Ruowei imitated his handwriting very much. After all, Sun Ruowei was also a member of the Zhu family and had already taken precautions against her.

Three Gorges mouth, Zhu Zhanji personally lead troops battle Mahmud ‘s army generals Zhu Zhanji not worry about each other’s opponents, can beg Zhu Di ordered a retreat. Zhu Xi not only disagreed, but said that only the Zhu family who had died in battle and never fled. On the battlefield, Zhu Zhanji fought several rounds with the opponent, and was finally brutally poisoned. When Zhu Zhanji was unconscious, Nie Xing appeared in time with a sword and was planning to cut off Zhu Zhanji. On the other side, a war horse approached Zhu Zhanji. Nie Xing first blocked Zhu Zhanji, knocked the opponent down, and then slashed at Zhu Zhanji again. By this time, he was no longer Zhu Zhanji’s opponent. The soldiers arrived in time to take Zhu Zhanji and Nie Xing back to the barracks.

Zhu Zhanji returned triumphantly. Zhu Xi heard that Zhu Zhanji was seriously injured and came to visit him. Zhu Xi first consoled Zhu Zhanji and saw that he was in peace, so he looked at Nie Xing lying in bed. Zhu Zhanji pleaded guilty to Zhu Xi for Nie Xing, and Zhu Xi said nothing more, but agreed to let Zhu Zhanji return to the army barracks for healing, but Zhu Zhanji decided to cross the front line and cut the thorns for the country.
Upon hearing Zhu Zhanji’s letter to his family, Zhu Gaochi ordered Sun Ruowei to state his creed. Sun Ruowei was crying suddenly, and it turned out that Nie Xing was unable to return to the sky after Zhu Zhanji resisted the sword. Zhu Zhanji was grateful for Nie Xing’s help and finally buried him thick.

The princess Han came to the princess to test the military situation by playing cards. Hu Shanxiang released the siege for the princess, but it caused the dissatisfaction of the princess. The two questioned Hu Shanxiang, did they not ask Zhu Zhanji’s news? Hu Shanxiang said that he had never asked, saying that this was the rule of Prince Edward’s Mansion. Princess Zhao said that Hu Shanxiang had just married Zhu Zhanji, but it had nothing to do with Zhu Zhanji’s life. The princess revealed the thoughts of Princess Han. The Princess Han couldn’t do anything, so she left because of something. Hu Shanxiang sent Princess Han and others to leave. On the way, Princess Han threatened Hu Shanxiang to go to the Han Palace tonight, and Zhu Gaojiao once said that when it was time to use Hu Shanxiang, Hu Shanxiang would not shirk.

In the middle of the night, Hu Shanxiang came to the Princess Han, who opened the door to the mountain and asked Hu Shanxiang Zhu Gaochi’s health. Hu Shanxiang deliberately concealed it, but Princess Han had already made it clear that the great and small doctors in the palace had moved into Prince’s House day and night to ask for pulse, and repeatedly asked Zhu Gaochi’s physical condition. Hu Shanxiang lied that Zhu Gaochi was toiled day and night by the military, and his body was obviously tired. Princess Han didn’t believe Hu Shanxiang’s rhetoric. The two chatted so badly that they broke up afterwards. When Hu Shanxiang was leaving, Princess Han hinted that it was time for Hu Shanxiang to consider for herself.

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