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Empress of the Ming (2019) 大明风华 Episode 25 Recap

Zhu Zhanji went back to the East Palace in despair, walked to the door of the room in a daze, and fell down. Seeing his son getting hot, Zhu Gaochi hurriedly asked the Crown Princess Zhang Yan to call the Royal Doctor. Zhu Zhanji lamented that he shouldn’t laugh at Zhu Gaochi, and Zhu Gaochi was a little puzzled, so let him say it later, don’t let the princess hear it. The Physician left Zhu Zhanji after seeing his illness. Zhu Gaochi began to ask what happened to him. Zhu Zhanji heard Zhu Gaochi’s information and told him that Zhu Xi knew that Sun Ruowei was an orphan. Zhu Gaochi also panicked. Seeing Zhu Zhanji said that there was no room to retreat, Zhu Gaochi also arrogantly said that he would take the prince with him, and he told Zhu Zhanji that he should think about this day. Zhu Gaochi reminded his son that Zhu Xi likes to give questions to others.

In the evening, the court ladies were celebrating Hu Shanxiang , and some court ladies hurriedly reported that Hu Shangyi was here. Hu Shangyi knelt down respectfully and respectfully to Hu Shanxiang, and blessed her very indifferently. Hu Shanxiang didn’t know how to answer. After Hu Shangyi left, Hu Shanxiang came to Sun Ruowei and spoke with her. Hu Shanxiang lamented that the two could have fate and could meet again, and they could marry the same person. Sun Ruowei told her that she actually liked someone, but there was no way to stay with him. Hu Shanxiang was a little confused. She felt that no one except Zhu Zhanji deserved to like it. Hu Shanxiang didn’t know what it was like to be alone. Sun Ruowei told his feelings to Hu Shanxiang, but Hu Shanxiang couldn’t understand Sun Ruowei’s feelings and couldn’t understand what she was talking about.

Hu Shanxiang returned to the house. Suddenly, the palace daughter-in-law reported that someone had come to invite Hu Shanxiang. Hu Shanxiang was a bit scared. It turned out that Zhu Gaojiu wanted to meet her. It was also that Zhu Gaojiu leaked the news that Sun Ruowei was an orphan. He wanted to let Hu Shanxiang know that without him, Hu Shanxiang simply Unable to take the position of Princess Taisun, Zhu Gaojiao told her that she had bought the people around her as a messenger. If there was important information, let her report a letter next to her. When the two met, Hu Shanxiang hated Zhu Gaojin again. Fearful, but only obeying his orders.

Sun Ruowei heard that Zhu Zhanji was seriously ill and came to visit him. When he came to Zhu Zhanji’s room, it was Xu Bin who opened the door for her . Sun Ruowei was a little puzzled about Xu Bin’s appearance, and Zhu Zhanji told them frankly. It turned out that Zhu Xi already knew her identity, and also said that Zhu Xi asked him to make a decision. Xu Bin said that he would ask Sun Ruowei’s opinion. Xu Bin said that if Sun Ruowei ’s identity was pierced when the two were married, it would definitely be Was severely punished. Zhu Zhanji was a bit desperate and didn’t know what to do. Xu Bin said that only when Zhu Gaojiu bowed his head can he break the situation, but Zhu Zhanji did not agree. When the two were deadlocked, Sun Ruowei suddenly proposed that Zhu Zhanji arrange for him and Zhu Xi to meet. If Zhu Xi does not see her, she commits suicide, eliminating the hidden dangers of Zhu Xi and Zhu Zhanji.

Zhu Zhanji had a fever to meet Zhu Xi, who was arranging military affairs with the ministers and refused to see Zhu Zhanji. Zhu Zhanji asked the eunuch beside Zhu Xi to tell Zhu Xi that he would resign, and Zhu Xi let Zhu Zhanji enter the door. Zhu Rong asked Zhu Zhanji where he was going, and warned him not to splash and roll. Zhu Rong asked Zhu Zhanji to take over Chen Youliang’s old ministry on the east coast of Zhejiang.

As long as he didn’t go ashore, he let him go. Zhu Zhanji said that he had come to resign, and he would have to say what should not be said. Zhu Zhanji told Zhu Xi that the battle of Jing Nan was indeed the wrong of Zhu Xi, and Jing Nan ’s orphan ’s debt was due sooner or later. Zhu Zhanji said that if someone called Sun Ruowei’s identity, he would tell the world that his wife was Jingnan orphan, to prove that they could face the past, and he would build a shrine for Fang Xiaoyu. Zhu Zhanma asked Zhu Xi how to maintain the context of the Ming Dynasty. Zhu Zhanji told Zhu Xi the words of Sun Ruowei. When Zhu Zhanji finished speaking to him, Zhu Xi suddenly laughed. Zhu Xi said that Zhu Zhanji was right, and told him that if he built a shrine for Fang Xiaoyi in the future, don’t make himself too miserable. If Zhu Zhanji told Zhu Xicheng that the world would understand his difficulty, then Zhu Xi did not say more and left happily.

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