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Kenji Sagata – Urami o Kizamu

Kenji Sagata – Urami o Kizamu (2020)
Other Title: 佐方~恨みを刻む~ / Prosecutor, Sakata: Engrave a grudge / Kenji Sagata ~ Urami o Kizamu

Genres: drama, romance, Mystery
Release Date: 
Related Show:
Adapted from the novel by Yuko Yuzuki


Kenji Sagata – Urami o Kizamu – Prosecutor Sakata Sadato (Kamikawa Takaya) from Yonesaki District Public Prosecutors’ Office seems to be obstinate and hard to approach but he is passionate about upholding justice. He believes that a prosecutor’s job is to mete proper justice for crimes. While reading the investigation records of a case where Murota Kimiko (Otoha), a staff of a traditional Japanese inn was arrested, Sakata has some doubts about what her childhood friend Takemiya Miki (Uchida Chika) saw when Kimiko was using a stimulant. Evidence was found in a search of Kimiko’s home after that and she was arrested on the spot. However, Sakata feels something is wrong with Miki’s statement. She had said that she saw Kimiko’s location at the parking area when she went to pick up her daughter who attends elementary school. But in fact, there was a school break on that day to make up for the previous day’s sports day. Sakata visited his regular on the same day and is certain that he did not hear the voices of children on their way home from school … …

Kimiko has a record of two prior arrests. While she had freely admitted to the charges on those occasions, she firmly denies the charges this time and she also insists on her innocence when Sakata himself interviews her. Meanwhile, an envelope is delivered to Yonesaki District Public Prosecutors’ Office from an anonymous sender. It contains a letter claiming that the evidence was fabricated. Sakata begins a supplementary investigation together with assistant officer Hanaoka Naoko (Takimoto Miori). He learns from Kojo Nobuaki (Harada Ryuji), a section head at the Community Safety Division at Yonesaki Nishi Police Precinct who arrested Kimiko, that she frequents Miki’s bar. At this point, Sakata is pressured by deputy chief prosecutor Motohashi Shinjiro (Matsuo Takashi), who dislikes Yonesaki District Public Prosecutors’ Office’s deteriorating relationship with the police, to stop his investigation.

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