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Danson Tang

Danson Tang (Actor)
Other Name: 唐禹哲, Tang Yu Zhe, D.T., Táng Yǔzhé

Nationality: Taiwanese
September 2, 1984
 Singer, actor, model
Keelung, Taiwan
 69 kg
Star sign: 
Chinese zodiac:
Talent Agency:
Bada Entertainment
Hsing Wu University
Official website:
Music group:
唐禹哲 DansonTang

He is currently contracted to Eternity Entertainment Corporation (娛樂線股份有限公司) and managed by Comprise Boundless Entertainment (賢叔輯娛樂經紀).

TV Drama Series:

  • Young Days No Fears (SETTV, 2020)
  • Magical Legend (2020) as Zuo Chu
  • Love Under The Moon (2019) as Shen Ju’an
  • Last Friend (2018, cameo)
  • Boy Hood (2017) as Bai Zhou
  • The Adventure for Love (2016)
  • Love Actually (2015)
  • Murphy’s Law of Love (2015)
  • Love In Time (2015) as Roy Thackeray
  • Fabulous 30 (2014) as Edward
  • Xing Fu Pu Gong Ying (2013) as Song Li Xing
  • A Hint of You (2013) as Du Huai An
  • Material Queen (2011) as Li Hai
  • I Use Music to Say I Love You (2009) as Jiang Ming Hao
  • Rolling Love (2008) as Leng Lie
  • They Kiss Again (2007) as Gan Gan
  • The X-Family (2007) as Xia Lan Xing De Yu and Gui Feng
  • Summer x Summer (2007) as Tian Guang Zhen
  • Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu (2006) as Liang Si Nan
  • Xing Fu Pai Dian Bing Xiang (2006) as Lin Mu Bo
  • KO One (2005) as Lei Ke Si
  • Ai Lian Kuang Chong (愛戀狂潮) (2005)
  • Nine-Ball (2005) as Ah Cao
  • Blazing Courage (2004) as Tang Yun Sheng

Movies Films:

  • Guardian (2021) as Zhao Yunlan
  • Midnight Microblog (2013)
  • Armor Hero Emperor (2010)

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