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Chapter 9 Understanding

She tried to use a joking tone, but Xue Shenzhi was still the boss upset: “Don’t listen to his nonsense! You will stay away from him in the future, he has no good intentions for you!”

“No? I only met him during the interview this morning, and I’m just an applicant who wants to work for Huangtu. What can he get from me?” Pan Aizi asked deliberately.

Xue Shenzhi answered her question impatiently, and said perfunctorily: “Oh! Beautiful women want it! Don’t tell me you don’t even understand this! Anyway, listen to me! Stay away from him! Go straight to my office tomorrow. Go to work! You are my new assistant!”

“Oh… that… Mr. Xue, Mr. Xue has already notified me that he wants me to go to work in his office tomorrow, look…” Pan Aizi asked him for help.

Xue Shenzhi was really angry: “Dare to snatch someone from me? It’s different now! I’m not so bullied! Don’t worry, I will solve this matter! You just go to my office to work tomorrow!”

“Okay, I see.” Pan Aizi agreed happily.

After putting down the phone, Pan Aizi sneered twice.

Xue Shenzhi, you are waiting for me, I am coming!

The next day, Pan Aizi got up early, put on sports clothes and sports shoes, and went out for morning exercises.

The sky was not bright yet, and the morning light enveloped the city.

Pan Aizi did a few stretching exercises downstairs, warmed up, and ran west.

To the west from the apartment where Pan Aizi lives, there is a mountain 500 meters away. The mountain is not high, but it is the best place to exercise in this area. A wide asphalt road turns from the foot of the mountain to the mountain. Every morning, this winding road gathers many morning exercisers.

Pan Aizi was jogging up the mountain road. The movement made her pores open and sweat leaked out finely. The morning breeze was refreshing, blowing away the heat from the body.

She loves this feeling, like a process of detoxification, draining the bad things out of the body and letting the wind blow them away.

If life can also be emptied in this way, to get rid of the unpleasant memories that have accumulated in her heart, and even to empty her past life, let her return to the beginning of life and start again, she is willing to do this Run to the ground.

It is a pity that life is not the water in the body after all, and it cannot be evaporated into sweat. What happened, staying in that place forever, is a nick that can never be erased.

At this moment, Pan Aizi was standing in a semi-open area halfway up the mountain, leaning on the railing, sweating, panting slightly, looking at the place where the traces of her life were engraved.

In front of her, there is a sea shrouded in morning mist, and the coastline is a stretch of green hills. The place where Pan Aizi is located is one of the mountains.

She turned sideways to the sea, and on the opposite side was another taller and larger mountain. There were several super-luxury villas built in sparsely underneath the mountain. Pan Aizi’s gaze fell on one of the four-story buildings with white walls and blue tiles. on.

The yard is very big, and the green lawn covers the whole yard.

When Pan Aizi came back these days, as long as she was free, she would come here, overlooking the handrail, condescendingly looking at the green lawn of the house. Sometimes she would see several women with a child playing on the lawn.

Because they were too far away, those figures were just a few small points of activity in her sight.

But she still feels excited, staring at the smallest figure with a good eye, always seeing him tired of playing, being picked up by someone, and returning to the house, she has a feeling of being taken off, and her chest is again Empty and painful.

A few times, she brought up the binoculars, wanting to see more clearly. But the people coming and going up and down the mountain looked at her with strange eyes, as if they were suspecting that she was trying to do something wrong with the rich.

Although she is indeed plotting wrongdoing, she does not want to attract attention.

Later she stopped using binoculars.

This morning, there were only pruners and sprinklers on the lawn, and no children were playing. But she still couldn’t bear to leave. She looked at the villa, imagining that he was in one of the rooms, sleeping sweetly in the warm blanket…

Until someone called her name, she was startled and suddenly awakened from a beautiful dream.

“Pan Aizi? What a coincidence! I can meet you here too! Are we too fate?” A man’s voice came from behind her, and then, a big hand was slapped on her shoulder.

It’s Xue Jinzhi!

When Pan Aizi heard his voice from behind her, her head went big!

It’s too late for her to hide from him! This can also be called fate?

She did not turn around because there were still tears in her eyes, too late to wipe them off. Xue Jinzhi didn’t mind her indifferent attitude, stepped forward, stood beside her, leaned on the railing, and tilted his head to look at her: “I came down from the mountain and saw you from a distance. So you also have the habit of morning exercises. …Hey? Are you crying?”

“I should cry!” Since he found out, Pan Aizi simply wiped his face generously, “I can meet you wherever I go, and I can meet you when I come out for a run early in the morning. I shouldn’t cry. ?”

“Nonsense! I’m not wicked!” Xue Jinzhi smiled and patted her arm very familiarly. “But when I went to your house yesterday, I didn’t realize that we actually live very close. I saw you standing just now. Here, I was surprised. It turns out that our residence is just separated by a mountain. From now on we will make an appointment for morning exercises. You run up from the west of the mountain, I run up from the east of the mountain, and I bring you coffee. , Let’s meet here, how about?”

While speaking, Xue Jinzhi untied a sports bottle from his waist and handed it to Pan Aizi: “Are you thirsty? Hot coffee, would you like a sip?”

Pan Aizi was really thirsty, and after she stood in the cool breeze for a while, the heat generated by exercise was almost consumed, and she was a little bit cold.

She was not polite, took the kettle, unscrewed the lid, and poured two sips of hot coffee, which immediately warmed from the throat to the stomach, making it much more comfortable.

“Unfortunately, you can imagine that one runs up the mountain from the east and the other runs up the mountain from the west. This is also called exercise together?” Pan Aizi returned the coffee pot to him and rolled his eyes.

With this look, she could clearly see what Xue Jinzhi looked like at this moment.

He wore a white sportswear, the sleeves of his shirt and the sides of his pants were studded with blue stripes, and he wore blue jogging shoes on his feet, which looked very refreshing. His face was reddened, with beads of sweat hanging on his forehead, his eyes were piercing and smiling, and he looked at her.

Pan Aizi sighed secretly in his heart: I have to admit that compared to Xue Shenzhi, Xue Jinzhi is more like their father Xue Yuanchi. When Xue Yuanchi was young, he was both handsome and sexy. Now his two sons, one inherited his handsomeness, and the other inherited his wealth.

Xue Jinzhi took the coffee pot from Pan Aizi’s hand and didn’t mind if she had just drunk it. He took two sips directly into his mouth and exhaled comfortably. Then he said, “Do you run on this mountain every day? My last one. Time is up to the mountain every day, why didn’t I meet you?”

“What’s so strange about that? You didn’t know me before, even if you met, you didn’t recognize me!” Pan Aizi retracted his gaze and looked at the sea covered by morning mist in the distance.

Xue Jinzhi was silent for a few seconds, then whispered: “No, if I have seen you, I will definitely notice you…”

“Why? Am I so pretty?” When Pan Aizi asked these words, he turned his head and looked at Xue Jinzhi intently.

Xue Jinzhi smiled bitterly, pursed his lips, and changed the subject: “What were you looking at just now? He was motionless,

It seems to be very focused, that direction… isn’t it my home? “

Pan Aizi pretended not to know, and asked in surprise: “Where does your family live? Which one of those villas is yours? No wonder you said that you came up from the east of the mountain, so we really live very close.”

“Yeah, it’s very close. Since we live so close and met here again, then you can show your face and go to my house for breakfast?” Xue Jinzhi pointed to the white-walled and blue-tiled villa under the mountain to Pan Aizi send invitation.

The door that she couldn’t knock on before, suddenly opened a gap in front of her eyes!

This opportunity came too quickly, and Pan Aizi was a little overwhelmed.

She was a little panicked, looked down at herself, and said, “Are you kidding me? My embarrassed look is not suitable for visiting other people’s houses. Besides… Your family is not a guest that anyone can be a guest. Right?”

“What’s wrong with you like this? Youth and health, I think it’s good! Besides, our family eats separately, and my mother and I use our own dining room. You won’t dine at the same table with Xu Huixin, don’t worry.”

Pan Aizi knew very well that she shouldn’t go to Xue’s house at this time. Because the timing is wrong, maybe her appearance will be annoying.

But she couldn’t help this temptation. Her reason couldn’t overcome her emotions, and she didn’t doubt why Xue Jinzhi invited her back home, so she happily agreed to his invitation.

The two of them walked side by side and walked down the mountain from the east after running along the winding road to the top of the mountain.

At this time, the sea fog dissipated, and the golden light of the sun just rising shone brightly on the opposite sea. Pan Aizi and Xue Jinzhi walked and talked to the golden sea before they came to the door of Xue’s house.

Pan Aizi stood outside the gate, hesitating for a moment. She didn’t know if she had enough concentration to deal with the situation that might happen. But Xue Jinzhi didn’t give her time to repent, he had already entered the password on the electronic access control, and the door opened in front of her.

“Please come in.” Xue Jinzhi reached out a gentleman’s hand to invite Pan Aizi to enter the door.

Pan Aizi’s heart was about to jump out of her chest, with a cold sweat in her hand.

But she still forced her composure, took a step forward, and stepped into the door of Xue’s house.

Xue Jinzhi followed her and introduced to her: “This villa was built when the old man was there. Decades have passed, and it is not out of date. It can be seen that our old man had a good vision back then… Don’t look at the front. A piece of green grass looks monotonous, but there is a very decent garden behind…Hello! Pan Aizi?”

When Xue Jinzhi spoke, he found that Pan Aizi did not respond. Her expression was a little stiff, her eyes fixed on the road under her feet, and she moved forward mechanically without blinking.

Is her soul out of her body like this?

“Hey! Pan Aizi!” Xue Jinzhi stabbed her.

Pan Aizi returned to his soul and turned to look at him: “What’s the matter?”

“You asked me what’s wrong? I still want to ask you what’s wrong? Desperate, you didn’t even hear what I said…” Xue Jinzhi looked at her suspiciously.

Pan Aizi smiled embarrassedly: “I’m sorry, I’m a little gaffe, nothing, I just feel nervous… Huangtu Xue family! Famous family! I thought I would never have a chance to enter this door in my life.”

Naturally, her last sentence had a different meaning, but Xue Jinzhi was a little misunderstood when she heard it. He slumped and said, “Do you really like so-called famous families so much? In order to get into the rich family, you are even willing to do whatever it takes?”

Pan Aizi looked up at the Xue family villa in front of him, bit his lip, and said, “Yes!”

Xue Jinzhi became a little angry and said fiercely: “That’s good! Then don’t forget! It was I who led you to the threshold for the first time! You must always remember this moment!

Pan Aizi knew in her heart that Xue Jinzhi couldn’t understand her situation at all. When she talked to him, it would inevitably be that the lips of the donkey were not against the mouth of the horse.

She doesn’t expect others to understand, do her own thing, let others guess.

Although Xue Jinzhi’s face changed slightly because of the conversation just now, she didn’t care, she just pretended not to see, followed him, through the green lawn of the front yard, and entered the house.

After entering the door, Xue Jinzhi glanced in the direction of the living room, and his face immediately eased.

He turned around and waved to Pan Aizi: “You come with me.”

Pan Aizi didn’t know, so she followed him into the living room. As soon as she entered the living room, she saw Xue Luyanni sitting on a sofa chair near the window, drinking coffee and reading the newspaper.

The old lady wore a lilac purple satin long coat, wide-leg pants of the same color and black soft-soled lambskin shoes. She looked like a very casual home furnishing, but she was casual but elegant and noble.

Although I know that I am in this home, I will inevitably meet people in this home. However, Pan Aizi was still a little embarrassed and didn’t want to have direct contact with Xue Luyanni.

“Morning grandma!” She was not allowed to shrink, and Xue Jinzhi had already greeted Xue Luyanni a good morning.

The old lady raised her head, looked here, saw Pan Aizi at a glance, and stared at her: “Morning… there are guests?”

As a last resort, Pan Aizi walked up to the old lady and greeted with a smile: “Hello, Chairman Xue, my name is Pan Aizi…”

“I know, I met you at the promotion dinner yesterday at noon.” Xue Luyanni nodded.

“Grandma, I just went to the mountain for morning exercises and I met her. She lives on the other side of the mountain and has the habit of getting up in the morning. When we ran down from the mountain, I invited her to have breakfast at home by the way.” Xue Jinzhi Explain to the old lady why Pan Aizi appeared.

Xue Luyanni heard this and didn’t ask much, just said: “Okay, nowadays young people are willing to get up early to exercise. It’s a good habit.”

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