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Chapter 8 Casually

Then, he sighed, started the car, and went back on the road: “Address!”

Pan Aizi stared at his profile and thought: I really can’t tell. His angry look is quite scary. Look at his face, it is cold and hard like a stone sculpture. Ever since I saw him, I saw him smiling. I thought he was a good temper…

“Address!” Xue Jinzhi yelled louder without hearing her answer.

Pan Aizi was startled, and was frightened for an instant, and immediately reported her address.

Xue Jinzhi didn’t speak any more, and drove straight to her house.

On the way home, Pan Aizi glanced at the ice-faced man next to him, thinking: It was all going well today, but I didn’t expect to run into this dead star! I didn’t say anything about her that broke, and haunted her. Is he just to get Xue Shenzhi right? Or are there other reasons? It seems that I will hide from him a little bit later, if he is staring at him, nothing can be done.

“If you want to look at me, just look openly and openly. What do you mean by slanting your eyes at all times?” Xue Jinzhi drove the car and suddenly turned his head and glared at her.

Pan Aizi immediately turned to look out of the car window: “Don’t be stinky, I’m only looking at the shops on the other side of the road!”

Xue Jinzhi smiled and said nothing.

Soon I arrived downstairs at Pan Aizi’s house. As soon as the car stopped, Pan Aizi reached out to grab the car key. Xue Jinzhi moved faster than her. Before she reached her hand, she had already pulled out the car key.

Then he got out of the car and shook the car key. After Pan Aizi got out of the car, he locked the car and looked up at the apartment building in front of him: “You live here? The environment is good!”

After speaking, he stepped up the steps and walked into the building.

Pan Aizi rushed forward and stopped in front of him: “You still want to enter my house? I didn’t invite you! I’m going home to take a bath and rest. You should stop here.”

“You take your bath and sleep, and I won’t bother you.” Xue Jinzhi pushed her away and continued to walk forward.

“The master doesn’t welcome you, why are you embarrassed to enter someone’s house? Your cheeks are too thick?” Pan Aizi followed him and grabbed his arm.

Xue Jinzhi turned his face and smiled at her: “You can see it? That’s easier, so I don’t have to explain it myself. But in the future you follow me, and you have to get used to this. Besides, I am your boss. of!”

“I don’t want to follow you…Hey! What do you mean? Why should I follow you…”

Pan Aizi hadn’t figured out this problem before she was dragged into the building by Xue Jinzhi.

An apartment manager just walked out of the management room and saw Pan Aizi being dragged in. He was taken aback for a moment: “Miss Pan…do you need help?”

“No…no need…” Pan Aizi didn’t want to make Xue Jinzhi too stiff, so he let go of Xue Jinzhi’s arm.

Unexpectedly, Xue Jinzhi suddenly held her wrist backhand and smiled at the administrator: “Hello, I am her boyfriend…”

“Oh…” The manager nodded clearly, returned Xue Jinzhi with a smile, turned and left.

Before Pan Aizi could explain to the administrator, Xue Jinzhi was stuffed into the elevator. She was just about to make a fuss, Xue Jinzhi pointed to the camera on her finger: “You have to go home and make trouble. You don’t want to be watched by the big brothers in the surveillance room, right?”

Pan Aizi almost turned her back. As soon as the elevator stopped, she rushed out of the elevator door, turned to the stairwell, and wanted to go downstairs and leave.

Xue Jinyi stretched out his hand to drag her back, pressed it against the wall, raised his hand and touched her body: “Where is the house key?”

Pan Aizi was so scared that he quickly pushed him away, shouting: “Are you crazy? Who put the key on him? Of course it’s in the bag!”

Xue Jinzhi grabbed her bag, found out the key, and pointed to the three doors in front of him: “Which door is yours?”

Pan Aizi turned his face and ignored him, so he didn’t ask much, took the key and walked to the one on the left, and directly inserted the key into the keyhole.

Pan Aizi was about to be tortured madly by him, rushed over to take away his hand, and scolded him in a low voice: “Don’t trouble me! Don’t open other people’s doors!”

“Not this one? That one?” Xue Jinzhi pointed to the door in the middle, and saw Pan Aizi’s cannibalistic eyes, he smiled, walked leisurely to the door on the right, inserted the key in, and twisted it gently. .

With a click, the door opened.

Xue Jinzhi advanced in the door, and when Pan Aizi stepped into the house angrily, he saw him looking around her house.

“Stop it!” Pan Aizi yelled, rushed to his bedroom and locked the half-covered bedroom door “slap”.

Xue Jinzhi, who was looking through the desk drawer, stopped, looked at her for a while, and walked over: “What are you panicking? What’s the secret in the bedroom? Let me go in and take a look.”

“Don’t be foolish! Just come in and sit down. You dare to flip through my things! If you mess around, I can call the police!” Pan Aizi was really annoyed this time, blocking in front of the bedroom door, staring fiercely. Xue Jinzhi.

Xue Jinzhi thought for a while, then quit a few steps, and shrugged: “What are you doing so nervously? I wasn’t robbed, I just visited your home… Your home is really big… It’s still newly decorated. Did you buy the house yourself?”

“I rented it! Can you control it?” Pan Aizi stalked her neck, like a little hen ready to jump out and bite at any time.

Xue Jinzhi was amused by her amused smile: “I just ask, you don’t need to be so excited… But you are capable of renting such a large house in this area. It can be seen that you do have some financial strength and you are not short of money. …”

While talking, Xue Jin was pacing in her room, looking around, touching here and there. Pan Aizi followed him step by step. Whatever he took, she grabbed something: “Why are you so rude? How can you ruin other people’s things? Don’t take this! You…”

The more she prevented Xue Jinzhi from turning things, the more vigorous Xue Jinzhi turned. Finally, he turned over a record from her record shelf, looked at it over and over, and said, “You actually have this asspowe limited edition record? I haven’t found it for a long time! Let me listen to it!”

“No!” Pan Aizi’s heart began to hurt as he watched him pull out the record.

She chopped her hand to grab the record, and Xue Jinzhi tucked his arm and hid the record behind him. He pointed to the bedroom door: “Either let me visit the bedroom or borrow my record, you choose.”

Pan Aizi pondered for a moment. There were only two of them in the house. If Xue Jinzhi had to enter the bedroom, she really couldn’t stop it. But that record is her heart, lent it to him? What should I do if it is scratched?

The two evils are the lesser one, she thinks over and over again, stomping her foot: “Lend it to you! Don’t break it! If you dare to break my record, I will kill you!”

Xue Jinzhi only shook the record triumphantly when he couldn’t see her fierce expression, “This is a great harvest! Thanks!”

After speaking, he took the record and went out leisurely.

Pan Aizi followed him. As soon as he stepped out of the door, she wanted to slam the door, but he reached out and stopped her: “By the way, I forgot to tell you. I will report to the personnel department tomorrow, and then go to my office to work. , You are my new assistant!”

Pan Aizi was anxious when he heard it: “Why is it your assistant? Mr. Xue has announced that I am his assistant! Besides, the secretary of the president’s office I applied for! Why shouldn’t it be your assistant!”

“I told you that I was the vice president in charge of personnel, did you forget?” Xue Jinzhi patted her on the shoulder, “If you want to work in Huangtu, you have to listen to my arrangements, unless you want to give up Huangtu, don’t Seek a job.”

“You…” Pan Aizi was so angry that he couldn’t speak, and watched him enter the elevator.

She was so angry that she slammed the door and rushed to the kitchen, ready to pour a glass of cold water to calm the fire.

As soon as I opened the refrigerator door, I heard a knock on the door outside.

“Tuk tuk…”

Pan Aizi thought it was Xue Jinzhi who was back again, just as he could not hear the knock on the door.

Unexpectedly, the knocking on the door kept going, and it rang patiently.

Holding a glass of water, she came to the door and opened the door to see that it was not Xue Jinzhi, but a man in blue standing outside the door.

“Why are you here?” Pan Aizi frowned, let go of the doorknob, and turned around and walked into the house.

The man in blue followed in, closed the door, and instead of answering Pan Aizi’s words, he asked: “What’s the matter with you? Why are you getting involved with Xue Jinzhi? Don’t be confused, it’s not good for you.”

“I do things by myself, you don’t need to talk too much, you just do what you do. Go and check, what is the relationship between Xue Jinzhi and Xu Ruchu? I have a hunch that this should be a triangular love story.” Pan Aizi sat on the sofa When I went to drink water, I didn’t look at the face of the man in blue, only talked to him.

The man in blue went to the kitchen to pour a glass of water by himself, and then picked up her words when he came back: “You mean… Xue Jinzhi took the initiative to entangle you?”

“Yes.” Pan Aizi nodded.

The blue-clothed man thought for a while, and said: “I heard that the old lady of the Xue family has no hope for Xue Shenzhi, so she called Xue Jinzhi back, and recently the old lady attended important occasions and frequently brought Xue Jinzhi to appearances… , Xue Jinzhi is about to take the position in the Xue family. If you can catch him… it might turn out to be better.”

“Shut up!” Pan Aizi put down the cup angrily, stood up to face the man in blue, “You remember, all you have to do is to cooperate with me! Only if I achieve my goal, you can achieve my goal! If I fail to achieve my wish , Then you won’t get anything! So don’t make any crooked ideas! Listen to me! Do whatever I ask you to do!”

The blue-clothed man flattened his mouth and said, “I’m just talking about it, you’re so angry? I care about you too, so I came to see you. You don’t know good people.”

Pan Aizi waved his hand: “I’m fine, you don’t have to worry… By the way, I have to remind you that we should try to meet as little as possible in the future, and call if something happens. If someone from the Xue family hits you, I can’t explain it. .”

“I know, I won’t come in the future.” The man in blue finished speaking, drank the water in one sip, turned around and left.

Pan Aizi neither kept him nor sent him off. She sat back on the sofa and let out a long sigh of relief when she heard the door closing sound from behind.

She was finally left alone.

But after this busy and noisy day, her brain was like a machine with full power. The room was quiet, but her mind couldn’t calm down.

She thought about what happened today before and after: originally thought she had good luck today, but it wasn’t. Although the people who should be “encountered” have already been met, the people who should not have been met have also been met. It now appears that things have become more complicated.

But she was not worried.

After rehearsing for so long, the scene finally officially kicked off and it was about to be staged. She was a little excited, but also looking forward to it.

She got up, took the key, opened the bedroom door, and walked in.

The sun shone into her window from the west, and the bright light was hitting her bedside table. There is a crystal photo frame on the cabinet with a picture of a baby in it.

The baby in the photo looks only a few months old, white and fat, with big watery eyes, holding his little feet and chewing on sweetness.

Pan Aizi walked over, picked up the photo frame, and gently stroked his fingers on the baby’s small face.

The baby has a small bald head shaved, and his eyes are big and bright, like two pure autumn waters, without any impurities. .

Pan Aizi looked at the child in the photo, and the child seemed to be looking at her too. The child’s eyes were so innocent, like a holy light, hitting Pan Aizi’s face.

Pan Aizi’s heart was both happy and painful, and tears couldn’t help but burst into her eyes.

This photo can no longer be placed in the clear place. If she hadn’t reacted quickly, Xue Jinzhi rushed into the bedroom and saw it, the trouble would be big!

She kissed the baby’s cheek, raised the back of her hand and wiped a few tears, then took out a soft flannel from the cabinet, wrapped the photo frame, put it in the bottom drawer of the bedside table, and locked it.

After doing this, she fell on the bed, lying on her back, thinking about what happened today.

After a busy day, there was hardly anything to eat. She is hungry, but she doesn’t want to eat.

At this moment, she is like a soldier about to rush to the battlefield, nervous and excited, and a little bit of fear and worry, the whole person is in a state of tension, completely unaware of hunger and fatigue.

She was thinking about what to do tomorrow, she didn’t want to be Xue Jinzhi’s assistant, she didn’t want to have anything to do with this man. But he seemed to be very interested in her, as if he had to get involved with her.

Do you want to ask Xue Shenzhi for help? Maybe he has a way to change Xue Jinzhi’s decision, because before Xue Jinzhi made the decision, Xue Shenzhi had already declared that she was his assistant.

Thinking of Cao Cao Cao Cao appeared, Pan Aizi was hesitant to call Xue Shenzhi, and Xue Shenzhi’s phone number came over.

She calmed down and answered the phone: “Hello? Mr. Xue?”

“What the big boss and the little boss, do you yell like those people!” Xue Shenzhi was unhappy when she heard her address to him.

“Mr Xue is good.” Pan Aizi quickly changed his words.

“En…” Xue Shenzhi replied, “I heard someone say… After I left, did Xue Jinzhi go to see you?”

Sure enough, Xue Shenzhi minded the appearance of Xue Jinzhi very much.

Pan Aizi thought for a while and said, “Yes, Mr. Xue said that he was afraid of accidents that would affect the operation of the hotel, so he went to see if I was killed, hehe…”

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