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Chapter 7 Entanglement

“I don’t want your money! Stay away from me!” Pan Aizi was in a terrible mood, but Xue Jinzhi haunted her like brown candy.

“Then what do you want? Brand-name clothes, brand-name bags, brand-name shoes? Or BMW? This is my credit card, you can use it!” Xue Jinzhi took out a platinum credit card from his pocket and threw it on Pan Aizi’s body.

Pan Aizi picked up the credit card and threw it back on him: “Get your stinky money back! This lady is not short of money! She has enough food and dressed warmly! I don’t need your charity! Just stay away from me! You are very annoying. Hey! Don’t follow me steadily, okay?!”

The corner of the credit card hit Xue Jinzhi’s eyelid with a sharp pain. He also got a temper, grabbed her by the collar, and dragged her out: “Okay! You said you don’t lack food, clothing, and money. Then you just lack a man? Want to be dissatisfied? I will satisfy you today! I want to see how hungry you are!”

Pan Aizi was caught off guard and was dragged out of the bathroom. She broke his hand and yelled at him: “You let go! Are you crazy? I’m going to call someone!”

“You shout! Don’t forget, this is the presidential suite! The glass is bulletproof! The sound insulation is good! You shout loudly! A slut|women have to look like women|women! Scream loudly!” Xue Jin one side After arguing with her, he dragged her to the bedside and threw her onto the bed with a strong effort.

Pan Aizi turned over to get up. He moved faster than her. He fluttered on the bed and pressed on her.

The weight of more than one hundred jin suddenly fell, squeezing out all the air from Pan Aizi’s lungs. She couldn’t catch her breath, wrinkled her face in pain, and pushed the man on her body hard: “You let me go! Do you dare to move me, I’ll be with you!”

Xue Jinzhi ignored Pan Aizi’s resistance. He straddled her and tore her clothes hard: “Are you hypocritical now? Have you forgotten the time to take the initiative to give me a hug? Why suddenly become pure again I am going to strip your skin today to see what kind of heart you have?”

Hearing these words, Pan Aizi couldn’t help being discouraged.

Yes, she took the initiative to give her arms to the eldest son of the Xue family in the morning, but at that time she was to get the job in the president’s secretary office. Now that he is struggling like this, in his opinion, it is indeed a little hypocritical.

But the situation is different now! She has already contacted Xue Shenzhi, she must concentrate! You can’t make Xue Shenzhi dislike her because of any other factors!

Especially when Xue Shenzhi just left here, how many pairs of eyes were staring outside, Xue Jinzhi didn’t care how others looked, and even came into the room at this time. If she can’t leave here quickly, how can she make it clear?

His strength is so great that she can’t tear him. Seeing that she was bare-chested, she was anxious and couldn’t help but tears.

One of Xue Jin began to drag her out of the bathroom only because of anger. The woman couldn’t understand what he said, which made him very crazy, and he wanted to teach her a lesson.

Until he saw her tears.

Her tears were like a flood that broke the embankment, and they kept pouring out of her eyes and filled her cheeks. Her lips and nose were trembling, and two veins burst out at the corner of her forehead.

Seeing her look, how wronged! Xue Jinzhi was immediately full of guilt.

Especially her eyes… those eyes were filled with tears of grievance! It was a fatal blow to him!

He was a little flustered, after a moment of stunned, he reached out to draw a tissue on the bedside table and wiped the tears from her face.

Where is Pan Aizi willing to receive his love? She opened his hand “snapped”, pushed him aside forcefully, jumped up and ran out.

As soon as he ran to the door, Xue Jinzhi ran after him, grabbed her shoulder, and dragged her back to the bed.

Pan Aizi is angry!

She threw away his hand and began to convince herself: “You just refused to let me go today, didn’t you? Okay! Come on! Isn’t it just a man? Am I afraid of you?”

Pan Aizi raised his chin: “What? Are you scared? Aren’t you fierce? You are strong in the outside world!”

“Are you a woman lacking heart and soul? I let you go into the bathroom, and you go quickly! Don’t talk nonsense here!” Xue Jinzhi felt that he was about to explode, and he could burst out fire with his mouth open.

Seeing his face flushed, Pan Aizi squinted his eyes and moved his gaze away from his face…

Then, she “pushed” and laughed: “I’m really sorry, it made Mr. Xue suffer.”

After speaking, she wrapped the sheets tightly, turned around and went into the bathroom, closing the door smoothly.

“Cry and laugh, must be crazy…” Xue Jinzhi glared at the bathroom door, muttered, and suddenly realized that where she was looking, it seemed to be…

He bowed his head and saw that a certain part of himself was revealed!

He was so embarrassed that he wished he could rush into the bathroom immediately, pull the woman out, and press on the bed to clean up.

But he remembered the way she was crying just now, so he suppressed the idea forcibly.

He took out the phone and called his assistant: “Xiaodong, send me a set of women’s clothing, one set… from the inside to the outside.”

Xiaodong asked him about his size. He pondered Pan Aizi’s figure and said, “It should be in size S…”

“It’s obviously M, do you have eye problems?” Pan Aizi’s voice suddenly came out from the bathroom.

Xue Jinzhi glared bitterly at the bathroom, and changed his words: “It’s M size!”

There is a women’s clothing department on the first floor of the Huangtu Hotel. Xiaodong is very efficient in doing things. Ten minutes later, he brought a small pink blue dress in size M and gave it to Xue Jinzhi in a white opaque plastic bag. Said: “What’s that here…underwear…”

Xue Jinzhi was embarrassed, but he still took it.

He came to the door of the bathroom with his clothes and punched two doors: “Open the door!”

Two seconds later, the bathroom door opened a gap, and Pan Aizi stretched out a hand. Xue Jinzhi hung the clothes on her hand: “I know you are shy now? How boldly he took it off just now…”

Before he could say anything, the bathroom door closed “?” before his eyes.

He shrugged his eyebrows, turned helplessly, returned to the living room, sat down on the sofa, picked up the fruit bowl, and looked at the direction of the bathroom while eating, thoughtfully.

Twenty minutes later, the bathroom door reopened and Pan Aizi walked out of it.

Her hair has been combed again, neat and stylish, and draped over her shoulders. The little pink-blue dress fits her very well, making her skin extra white.

She walked to the opposite side of him without a hassle and sat down.

Somehow, Xue Jin suddenly remembered the way she had just stood in front of him, and a flow of heat burst from under his belly. He quickly closed his eyes and looked away.

Pan Aizi smiled: “You don’t need to avoid it. I know what you think. Even if I dress neatly, you still think of me without clothes, right?”

Xue Jinzhi was seen through his mind and frowned angrily: “You are a little serious! I ask you a word! Why on earth do you want to haunt Xue Shenzhi? Did you have any feasts with him? He hurt you before?”

Pan Aizi stabilized his emotions in the bathroom for a long time, but was broken by Xue Jin’s words.

She originally planned to talk to Xue Jinzhi about work. She was worried that after such a fuss, Xue Jinzhi would prevent her from working in Huangtu. Although Xue Shenzhi has claimed that she is his new assistant, but the chief examiner for this interview seems to be Xue Jinzhi.

But before she could speak, Xue Jinzhi suddenly asked her why she was pestering Xue Shenzhi.

Her mind short-circuited for an instant, and she was stunned for a while, before she said, “What’s up with you? I didn’t pester you.”

Xue Jinzhi put down the fruit plate in his hand heavily and looked at Pan Aizi with a serious look, “Is it none of my business? The person you entangled with is my brother. This is our Xue family’s business, and naturally it’s mine.”

“What a high-sounding reason, are you very close to Xue Shenzhi? Why did I hear that your brothers are not in harmony.” Pan Aizi curled his lips.

Xue Jinzhi’s face became stiff, and he immediately said: “Okay, it doesn’t matter if you don’t tell me, I can call the personnel department right away, don’t think about it when you come to work at Huangtu, and don’t seek heights from tomorrow. “

Use this thing to threaten her! It’s so despicable!

Pan Aizi scolded him secretly in his heart, but his mind turned quickly. After thinking about it, she said, “I admire him! He is my idol! I just want to be with him. For him, I don’t care about my status.”

Xue Jinzhi twisted his brows: “You can also say such things? What do you admire him?”

Pan Aizi broke his fingers and said, “He was born rich, handsome, and…”

She only counted two, and she got stuck. Xue Jinzhi sneered, and then she said: “People are mad again, aren’t they?”

“That’s right!” Pan Aizi nodded, “Men are not bad, women don’t love them! I love to see him appearing in the news screens in the news screens in his famous brand, driving rich men with his arms around him, how manly!”

Xue Jinzhi didn’t speak any more, staring at Pan Aizi’s face for a while, and suddenly stood up: “Let’s go! The longer the two of us stay here, the more unclear we will be. Let’s leave.”

Pan Aizi was also worried about this, so she stood up.

As she walked outside the door, she was calculating in her heart, would there be many people outside really waiting to see her embarrassed?

When she opened the door and went out, she found that there was no one outside. Until she walked through the door of Huangtu Hotel, she did not receive the kind of onlookers expected. Except for the few ladies at the front desk on the first floor who looked at her a few more times, no one else paid particular attention to her.

She breathed a sigh of relief and stood at the door of the hotel, preparing to stop the taxi.

At this time, a hotel staff member ran to her and called her: “Are you Miss Pan Aizi?”

“It’s me, what’s the matter?” She wondered if she left something in the presidential suite.

The staff member took out a car key and handed it to her: “We Xiao Xue left this key at the front desk before leaving, and entrusted us to hand it over to you. He said that you will understand after reading this key.”

Pan Aizi took it and saw that it was the key to the BMW SUV Xue Shenzhi drove today.

She thought for a while, and handed the key back to the staff again: “This is the key to Mr. Xue’s car. Go and help me drive it.”

“Give me the key, I’ll drive you.” Xue Jinzhi just got out of the hotel door and saw this scene. He rushed over in a few steps and snatched the key.

People come and go in front of the Huangtu Hotel, and Pan Aizi is not good at playing anger with Xue Jinzhi. She smiled and stretched out her hand to get her key back: “Mr. Xue, don’t be kidding, how dare I help you pick up the car? I’ll go by myself.”

Xue Jinzhi lifted his hand and the key was hung on his finger. He shook the key and said to her: “You are welcome, you probably don’t know. Except for grandma and dad, no one else drives a car under his own name. Yes, but under the name of the company. This car is no exception. In principle, it is the property of the company. Xue Shenzhi can lend it to you. I am the vice president in charge of company administration and personnel. , I also have the right to take it back.”

Hearing what he said, Pan Aizi turned around and left: “Then you can take it back. I can still go home without driving the BMW.”

“Work, work! Does someone not want to work in Huangtu?” Xue Jinzhi shouted behind her.

Pan Aizi stopped immediately, turned around, and stared at Xue Jinzhi fiercely: “Is it fun to play with me?”

Xue Jinzhi smiled triumphantly, and pointed to where she was standing: “Stand there, don’t move! Wait for me to pick up the car!”

Pan Aizi really didn’t dare to move, and stood honestly, waiting for him to drive the car out of the garage and park by her side. She ran over, opened the car door, and said to him: “I want to go home and get out of the car.”

Xue Jinzhi sat still and pointed to the passenger seat next to him: “I don’t think you are in a good mood for driving, so I decided to personally take you home and get in the car.”

Pan Aizi is really going crazy, don’t understand why he sticks to her like brown candy. But with so many eyes looking here, she couldn’t pull him off the car directly.

She stomped her foot, ran to the other side of the car, opened the door, sat in the passenger seat, turned her head and stared at Xue Jinzhi: “What the hell are you doing? I don’t know you well, why should I send you home? Hurry up. Get off!”

Xue Jinzhi didn’t listen to what she said. As soon as the door closed, he started the car and drove onto the road.

“Where do you live?” After the car hit the road, he asked Pan Aizi.

Pan Aizi was so angry that he didn’t want to let him know where he lived, turned his head to look out the window, and said angrily: “You can drive as you like, I won’t go home!”

Xue Jinzhi didn’t want to talk to her, picked up the phone, and immediately called the personnel department: “This is Xue Jinzhi. Check me the address of the Miss Pan Aizi who applied for the company this morning…”

Pan Aizi turned around abruptly, grabbed his phone with his hand, and threw it on the back seat. Then she yelled at him: “Why are you such a rascal? It’s all right for you to do my things! I didn’t want you to send clothes, let alone drive me home! You are so annoying, you know? Why are you pestering me?”

Xue Jinzhi’s face sank suddenly: “Am I ruining your good deeds? You want to climb into Xue Shenzhi’s bed that way? He is a married man! He is *sexy! Why do you not know how to love yourself?”

“What’s up with you? You just came back to Xue’s house! You haven’t got a firm foothold yet! Take care of your own business!” These words blurted out, and Pan Aizi regretted it after speaking.

Sure enough, Xue Jinzhi slammed the steering wheel, parked the car on the side of the road, and looked at her coldly: “How do you know that I came back to Xue’s house? How do you know that my heels are not stable? It seems that you know a lot. What else do you know?”

“I…” Pan Aizi was startled by him, startled, “What are you murderous? It’s no secret. I also listened to the discussions from the staff of Huangtu headquarters…”

“Very good!” Xue Jinzhi gritted his teeth and said these two words.

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