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Chapter 6 Speaking

Xue Shenzhi was puffed up first, lying on the seat of the car without speaking. A minute later, he suddenly stretched out his hand and put it on Pan Aizi’s lap: “Go to Huangtu, I need to rest!”

The skirt that Pan Aizi wore today is not long, above the knee. As soon as she sat in the driver’s seat, the hem of the skirt was stretched up again, exposing her thighs.

Xue Shenzhi’s hand was placed on the edge of her skirt, feeling that she had no resistance, his fingers moved down again and touched her skin.

Pan Aizi could only continue driving calmly without noticing it. Xue Shenzhi was very satisfied with her performance and couldn’t help but smiled. The unhappiness that was ignored by her grandma at the dinner party just now disappeared.

The car quickly drove to the Huangtu Hotel on the Jinshui River. The doorman of the hotel recognized Xue Shenzhi’s car. He ran over when he saw Xue Shenzhi’s car from a long distance and waited there to open the door for him.

Pan Aizi followed Xue Shenzhi into the lobby of the hotel. The lobby manager welcomed him respectfully and asked Xue Shenzhi for instructions: “Mr. Xue, first inspect the work? Or do I need to take a break first?”

“I worked all morning and I was so tired. I rested for a while and don’t disturb me.” Xue Shenzhi spoke and moved his neck, as if he had really read the documents for the whole morning and his neck was sore from exhaustion.

The lobby manager agreed and didn’t follow up. Instead, he picked up the phone and called upstairs to arrange a room upstairs.

Xue Shenzhi took the elevator to the top floor.

Pan Aizi followed him silently. She knows what will happen next, so her mood is very complicated.

It stands to reason that she should be happy, everything went smoother than expected, with almost no obstacles. But she knew that she was not happy, and when she thought of having a physical entanglement with the man in front of her, she couldn’t help but feel nauseated.

But she couldn’t retreat, and she had to make adjustments to her psychological discomfort. She has no retreat, she must grab the man’s heart on the bed.

They quickly entered the presidential suite on the 30th floor of the Huangtu Hotel. Xue Shenzhi stepped on the warm-colored pure wool carpet and walked into the bathroom. After not taking a few steps, he looked back and found that Pan Aizi was standing at the door of the room, leaning against the dark red carved wood door, and didn’t mean to follow him in.

He turned back to her, touched the door with one hand, held her waist with the other, circled her, and looked down at her: “You follow me, I won’t treat you badly.”

Pan Aizi did not evade, but raised her head to meet his gaze, smiling charmingly: “Mr Xue was joking with me? How many women have you promised this sentence, don’t you remember it?”

Xue Shenzhi frowned seriously and said, “No! I never need to promise other women! But for you… I really want to say, if you follow me well, I will treat you well!”

“Why? We just met, don’t tell me anything about love at first sight, I don’t believe it.” Pan Aizi straightened her waist while talking, and her forehead hit Xue Shenzhi’s nose.

Xue Shenzhi seemed to be hit by an electric current, took a deep breath, closed his eyes, gritted his teeth slightly, and said, “Don’t ask me why, you just tell me, do you follow or not?”

Pan Aizi blinked, paused for five seconds, doing serious thinking.

Then, she raised an arm, hooked Xue Shenzhi’s neck, stood on tiptoe, and gently kissed his left cheek: “This is my answer.”

Such a face, so close to Xue Shenzhi’s cheek, made his blood boil.

He raised his hand, stroked Pan Aizi’s face, looked at her facial features carefully, and muttered softly: “It’s really amazing. This must be deliberately arranged by God. There will really be people in this world who look like this. Alike.”

“What are you talking about? Who do I look like?” Pan Aizi leaned close to his ear and asked him softly.

She snorted and said, “You hurt me, can’t you be gentle?”

“Gentle? Okay…”

Xue Shenzhi looked at her with emotions in his eyes. He lowered his head, touched the tip of her nose, tilted his head slightly, and covered her lips.

She thought that she had practiced so much that she was so happy and angry, she did not expect that her mood at this moment would be so complicated, the past was like a tide, and she was slapped with waves one after another.

She wants to cry, but she must hold back.

So she couldn’t breathe well, and she trembled all over.

“Small thing! I have made a condition now? Do you like the car I drove today? I gave it to you!”

Pan Aizi smiled and threw herself in his arms, hugging him, seemingly very happy: “Thank you, Mr. Xue! What do you really want to give!”

Xue Shenzhi breathed a sigh of relief: As long as a woman who can send money with money, it won’t be too much trouble.

So he picked her up and walked to the bathroom: “Baby, I will give you everything you want, what do I want?”

Pan Aizi put his arms around his neck, pressed his face to his chest, and said shyly: “Don’t worry, I have a conscience, I will give you whatever you want…”

This sentence gave Xue Shenzhi infinitely beautiful imagination. He couldn’t wait, speeded up his pace and ran into the bathroom, put Pan Aizi on the sink, and began to untie her clothes.

At this moment, I just heard a few loud noises coming from outside: “Bang bang bang!”

Two people were taken aback at the same time, Pan Aizi listened, and said: “It seems that someone is knocking on the door…”

There must be no good thing when someone knocks on the door and knocks so quickly.

Somehow, Pan Aizi suddenly remembered Xue Jinzhi.

Xue Shenzhiyuan wanted to ignore the knock on the door and continue to linger with Pan Aizi. But the knock on the door became louder and louder, fully expressing the anger and anxiety of the knocker.

Xue Shenzhi was so quarrelsome that he cursed, put his clothes in order, and went out to open the door with a sullen face.

Pan Aizi sat on the sink, did not move, listening carefully to the movement outside.

Xue Shenzhi’s impatient voice came first: “Why are you here? I’m very tired. I want to rest for a while. You go back first!”

“I won’t bother you to rest, I just passed by here, wanting to borrow a place to take a bath.” A young woman was talking to Xue Shenzhi.

As soon as Pan Aizi heard the woman’s voice, she rubbed into the sink. After she sat firmly, she kicked off her high heels, raised her skirt to her waist, exposing her thighs, and quickly unbuttoned her shirt. With the bottom one left, he pulled off one collar and exposed his shoulders diagonally.

She turned her head and looked at herself in the mirror, not quite satisfied, and put her fingers in her hair again, and pulled her hair a few times, messing up her hair.

Just after finishing these things, the bathroom door was pushed open, and a woman broke in and saw Pan Aizi sitting on the sink.

Xue Shenzhi rushed in behind the woman and saw the two women staring with big eyes, Pan Aizi looked innocent and puzzled.

He shrugged, pointed at the woman and said to Pan Aizi: “Since I saw it, I will introduce it. This is my wife Xu Huixin. She often breaks into my room when I am resting. You have to get used to it. “

Xu Huixin looked at Pan Aizi, seeing the toes from her hair, and from the toes, her eyes finally fell on her bare shoulder.

Pan Aizi also lowered her head and glanced at her shoulder. Then she slowly raised her hand, pulled the collar back, and wrapped her shoulder. She jumped off the sink, stepped on her high heels, and in front of Xu Huixin, tied the shirt buttons that had just been unbuttoned one by one.

While tying the buttons, she looked back at Xu Huixin and said with a smile: “It turns out that it is Mrs. Xue, who has been looking up for a long time, she is really young and beautiful.

Xu Huixin didn’t want to get mad in front of Pan Aizi, but Pan Aizi’s calm and self-consciousness deeply irritated her and jumped to her head angrily.

She narrowed her eyes, pointed at Pan Aizi, turned her head and asked Xue Shenzhi angrily: “Who is she?!”

“My new assistant, Ms. Pan Aizi, you should see each other often in the future. It’s better not to be too stiff. It’s better to leave a little room to get along.” Xue Shenzhi leaned on the door frame and curled his lips.

“You want me to get along with her? How should I get along with her? How about you teach me! Should I call her sister!” Xu Huixin turned pale with anger, stamped her feet and yelled.

“Mrs. Xue may not be my elder, maybe you are the younger sister.” Pan Aizi pretended not to understand the meaning of Xu Huixin’s words, replied softly, and then turned to Xue Shenzhi: “Mr. Xue, you guys have a good rest. ,I go first.”

Xu Huixin was so angry that she would not let her go. As soon as she took two steps, Xu Huixin rushed up from behind her, grabbed her hair, and yanked her back with force: “You don’t know what a good vixen! I didn’t like to care about you! Since you have If you have the courage to challenge me, just tell me clearly! Dare to be worthy of my sister? Are you crazy? Think I’m a bully, Xu Huixin?!”

Xu Huixin cursed Pan Aizi while pulling her hair, throwing her to the ground!

Pan Aizi was thrown to the floor of the bathroom. The light golden tiled floor was hard and cold. She knocked on her knee, which seemed to be broken and hurt.

The pain spread from her knees to her heart, evoking some unpleasant memories in her. For a second, she was impulsive and angry, and almost jumped up to pounce on Xu Huixin.

But she quickly calmed down, she was no longer that reckless little woman.

She curled her legs, lying on the ground, without moving.

Xu Huixin scolded Pan Aizi while raising her foot and kicking her belly. Seeing Pan Aizi’s powerless appearance, she was even more proud and arrogant.

She smoothly picked up a rattan basket on the sink and smashed it into Pan Aizi’s face.

Originally, Xue Shenzhi leaned on the door, just watching Xu Huixin behave violently with Pan Aizi, and didn’t mean to intervene. Suddenly seeing Xu Huixin smash Pan Aizi’s face with a basket, he seemed to have been stung, and almost without thinking, he rushed forward and pushed Xu Huixin a hand.

Xu Huixin did not expect Xue Shenzhi to take action, and was beating Pan Aizi with all his strength. Suddenly he was pushed a little, and she was unsteady. She staggered a few steps to the side and hit the glass in the bathroom with one head. The basket in her hand was also misaligned. , Hit the wall.

She screamed, clutching her head, staring at Xue Shenzhi in disbelief, and cried: “Xue Shenzhi! Do you dare to hit me!”

Xue Shenzhi pointed to Pan Aizi on the ground and said to her: “This woman! You can’t slap her in the face!”

“You say it again! You say it again!” Xu Huixin jumped and shouted hysterically, “Why can’t I beat her? I want to beat her! Xue Shenzhi! I have always tolerated you doing things outside. You treat me as weak. Are you deceiving? I will tear this woman up today! See what you can do to me!”

She yelled, and rushed to Pan Aizi’s body.

Xue Shenzhi’s patience has been exhausted, he grabbed Xu Huixin’s arm, and regardless of whether she could keep up, dragged and walked out: “Don’t be ashamed here! Go crazy and go home! If you are in front of grandma If I dare to be so arrogant, I will kneel down and apologize to you sincerely!”

“Don’t use grandma to scare me! I gave up today! Anyway, I am the real young grandmother of the Xue family! I’ll ask the grandmother to comment on it! See what her old man says…” Xu Huixin was not frightened, but made the quarrel even more fierce.

The couple quarreled all the way and tore out.

Pan Aizi stayed alone in the bathroom of the presidential suite. From the moment she was thrown on the ground, she didn’t say a word. She kept sneering in her heart as she listened to the two people quarreling.

When the room calmed down, she straightened her body and sat up.

The scalp was pulled aching, her knees were bruised, and the foot on her stomach was not light, but to her, this pain was nothing.

But she still cried, not because of pain, but a complicated mood.

She was sitting on the cold tiled floor, rubbing her knees, tearing down her eyes, feeling the weight of her body and couldn’t stand up.

“Miss, sitting in the bathroom of the presidential suite and crying, isn’t it a different taste?” A voice came from the door of the bathroom.

Pan Aizi doesn’t need to look up, just listen to the voice to know who it is, because in this busy day today, she has also met this enemy for the fourth time.

She didn’t intend to pay attention to him, wiped a few tears indiscriminately, stood up, and ran outside.

When he passed by, he stretched out his hand and grabbed her wrist: “Don’t blame me for not telling you. There are so many people outside waiting to see your joke. Are you really going to run out like this with disheveled hair?”

Pan Aizi was grabbed by Xue Jinzhi, hesitated for a moment, shook off his hand angrily, turned back to the bathroom, turned on the faucet, and held cold water to his face.

She washed her face, and Xue Jinzhi leaned against the wall next to her, copying his hands and looking at her: “It seems that you have chosen a road full of bumps and thorns. This road is not easy to follow. This is just the beginning. Embarrassed! Don’t you think about it? How about another way?”

Pan Aizi swallowed hard, continued to ignore him, took a towel to wipe off the water on his face, and began to tidy up his hair.

“Our second grandmother of the Xue family is notoriously aggressive. I advise you not to provoke her. Even if my younger brother is not afraid of his wife, he also listens to his mother. What kind of person his mother is? You have asked. Is it?” Xue Jinzhi saw that his ideals were unreasonable, so he moved out Xue Shenzhi’s wife and mother to scare Pan Aizi.

Pan Aizi was so annoyed that she flicked her hair and turned to look at Xue Jinzhi: “Mr. Xue Jinzhi! I am not close to you. Are you too much control? When Xue Shen and I arrived, Xu Huixin went on the back foot. Here it is! Where did she get the news? Did you kindly report it? You made me be beaten and ashamed! I haven’t settled with you yet! You dare to run to me and make irresponsible remarks!”

Xue Jinzhi was yelled by her, and was also annoyed. He pressed her shoulders: “What are you doing, don’t you know yourself? Why do you have the face to yell at me? Are you ashamed of this woman? Right and wrong? What do you want? Have a sick family member? Do you need a large amount of medical expenses? How much? Tell me! I’ll give it to you!”

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