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Chapter 5 Random

Pan Aizi turned his head when he heard the sound, and saw Xue Jinzhi just getting off a black car, holding on to the door of the car, looking in her direction, his eyes like two cold arrows.

When Pan Aizi saw Xue Jinzhi, he was taken aback for a moment, and then he understood.

Since it is an important business banquet, also the vice president of Huangtu, Xue Shenzhi can come, and Xue Jinzhi may of course be invited.

Pan Aizi saw the contempt in Xue Jinzhi’s eyes, but she didn’t care. Even if people all over the world despise her, she doesn’t care.

She only glanced at him, said nothing, enthusiastically greeted Xue Shenzhi out of the car, and asked respectfully: “Mr. Xue, you are already here, can I go now?”

Xue Shenzhi originally planned to let her go because he knew that she had already come to Huangtu for an interview. As long as she went back to the company and checked the information of the interviewers in the personnel department, she could understand her details.

But the appearance of Xue Jinzhi made him change his mind.

He glared at Pan Aizi: “Why? Do you want to skip work on the first day of work? Be careful that I deduct your salary. Didn’t you see that my eldest brother is carrying an assistant? You are gone, am I a polished commander? Literally!”

After speaking, he pretended to be familiar and patted Pan Aizi on the back.

As soon as Pan Aizi heard him say this, he immediately followed in his footsteps and walked into the clubhouse. As she walked, she asked Xue Shenzhi in a low voice: “Mr. Xue, am I being hired?”

“Try it for one day, I will make a decision based on your performance.” Xue Shenzhi also replied quietly to her.

Pan Aizi was overjoyed and immediately expressed his positive attitude: “Mr. Xue, don’t worry, you can do the job well despite your instructions.”

Xue Shenzhi smiled when she saw her joy, and said, “Okay, after the dinner party is over, we will find a place to talk about work seriously.”

Pan Aizi heard his overtones, but she pretended to be stupid, as she didn’t understand, and nodded very happily: “Thank you, Mr. Xue!”

The two men walked in front and muttered, as if they were whispering. Xue Jinzhi from behind stared at Pan Aizi’s back, his eyes sharp and thoughtful.

It wasn’t until entering the banquet hall that Pan Aizi figured out that this dinner was the end of Huangtu’s promotion of the new year’s wedding banquet. Because Huangtu is a five-star hotel, it naturally attracts high-end customers. Although it is only a business promotion and not a formal banquet, the banquet hall is still full of clothes and friends.

Fortunately, Pan Aizi participated in the interview today and was also well dressed. It is okay to appear on such an occasion, not too rude.

Xue Shen entered the banquet hall and was immediately surrounded, whether he was familiar or unfamiliar, came over to greet him.

Pan Aizi dutifully worked as an assistant, followed by his side, brought him water and glasses, accepted the business cards that were handed over, and recorded the necessary appointments.

While taking care of Xue Shenzhi, she took a peek at Xue Jinzhi’s situation.

In stark contrast to the lively greetings here, when Xue Jinzhi came in, few people went to greet him. Standing in the center of the banquet hall with his assistant, the surrounding guests came and went, laughing at each other, but they didn’t seem to know Xue Jinzhi.

Pan Aizi couldn’t help but sigh secretly: The world is cold and warm, and human sentiment is cold and hot, which can be seen from this. The so-called upper-class society is nothing more than a circle of profit-seeking people gathering together, taking advantage of each other and trampling on each other.

She was sighing when suddenly there was a commotion at the door. Someone shouted: “Chairman Xue is here!”

Pan Aizi was shocked, and then smiled bitterly: What day is this today? What should or should not be seen, unexpectedly appeared!

I saw an old lady decorated with beautiful clothes coming in from the door of the banquet hall, a bunch of people crowded around her, the stars arched around her like a moon.

The old lady has short silver hair, which is very delicately trimmed, which not only does not show her old state, but also adds a lot of wisdom to her. She has very white skin and good skin texture. The lines on her face in those years are like folds piled up on fine white silk. Not only is it not ugly, but on the contrary, it makes people appreciate a kind of texture.

The old lady has tall eyebrows, wears plum-red small square glasses, red lipstick, and a cheongsam dress. The azure satin is sparsely embroidered with red plum blossoms. She pinches her waist and a large skirt. Fashionable and beautiful.

Under the gaze of the audience, the old lady was calm and dignified, with a faint smile on her mouth, and walked in slowly.

Xue Jinzhi and Xue Shenzhi turned around at the same time to meet the old lady.

Two people supported the old lady, one on the left and the other, and respectfully called her: “Grandma.”

“Hey, you guys are early.” The old lady looked at the two grandsons with a satisfied smile.

“Grandma, it’s not an important activity today. I can just come. It would be great for you to take a rest at home.” Xue Shenzhi rushed to say.

The old lady curled her lips and said, “Although it is not a major event, today is your brother’s first appearance in front of the public as a senior member of Huangtu. I am afraid that those people will deceive him and leave him in the cold. Look at me.”

Hearing this, Xue Shenyi’s smile froze on his face, knowing that his cold face was wrong, but he couldn’t hold back his unhappiness, and his expression became very strange.

The old lady only regarded him as if she couldn’t see him, she swept her gaze around, she saw Pan Aizi at a glance, and she was taken aback.

The moment Pan Aizi met the old lady’s gaze, she only felt a shiver in her heart, and she broke out in cold sweat. She put her hands behind her back, squeezed her fists vigorously, and secretly cheered herself up: Don’t be afraid of her! Don’t lose out as soon as you play! Must find a way to get her!

Ruthless words can be slapped casually, and it is not so easy to deal with it.

Pan Aizi had a habitual awe of the old lady and straightened her waist unconsciously.

“Who is she?” After a moment of surprise, the old lady asked Xue Shenzhi.

Xue Shenzhi hurriedly explained: “This is a new employee of the company, my assistant, called…”

He seemed a little nervous, and even forgot Pan Aizi’s name. Pan Aizi received his gaze and quickly introduced herself: “Hello, Chairman, my name is Pan Aizi.”

“Your assistant?” Xue Jinzhi said coolly next to him, “Ms. Pan only went to the company to participate in the first round of interviews this morning. Whether to pass the interview or not requires consideration by the personnel department. Why did she enter your office directly? Your assistant?”

In front of the old lady, Xue Shenzhi was choked by Xue Jinzhi, and frowned angrily: “What? Do I need to get the approval of the personnel department for the people I use in the office? I am the vice president of Huangtu, and I have been selected. Don’t the assistants around you have the power?”

“Be careful not to be so angry. Naturally, you can decide on the candidate. However, the recruitment of Huangtu employees still has to go through the HR department and sign the contract. Without this process, she will not be your assistant, right? “Xue Jinzhi answered unhurriedly.

Seeing that the two grandsons were about to quarrel, the old lady sank her face.

The two stopped immediately, and neither dared to speak.

Xue Luyanni, the old lady of the Xue family, is not an ordinary woman.

She comes from a famous family and has a family of scholars. Before meeting the founder of Huangtu, Xue Jiaqi, she was engaged to the son of a political family in Malaysia.

At that time, Huangtu was just a hotel in D City that was just beginning to make a profit, but the ambition of the owner, Xue Jiaqi, was already great.

He took the money he had just earned from opening the hotel and traveled all over the world to examine the business models of those famous hotels. Although almost all his money was spent on that trip, he had a huge gain. In addition to broadening his horizons, he learned to change the business model of other people’s hotels. Although he almost spent all his money on that trip, he had a huge gain. In addition to broadening his horizons, he met the woman who changed his life-Lu Yanni.

There is no need to elaborate on the ups and downs of the two people from falling in love to getting married. Just imagine for a moment, how difficult it would be for a family that pays attention to family status to retreat from a family marriage and marry their daughter to a small owner who opened a small hotel.

Fortunately, Lu Yanni’s mother loved her daughter very much. After Lu Yanni married Xue Jiaqi, she did not abandon her.

Not only did Xue Jiaqi marry a beautiful woman, but because of Lu Yanni’s sake, her life was broadened.

He was originally an ambitious man, and with the help of the Lu family, he was just as powerful as a tiger. Huangtu quickly developed from an unremarkable hotel in City D to a national chain star hotel.

Xue Jiaqi has grown from a small boss to a rich man who is famous throughout the country, but he never forgets his roots. He has never heard of any scandals in his life, and is loyal to Lu Yanni. When he was critically ill, he made a will to hand over the ownership and management rights of Huang Tu to Lu Yanni instead of his son.

Therefore, Xue Luyanni’s position in Huangtu has always been supreme.

The old lady is educated and never loses her attitude in front of others. Even after she saw Pan Aizi, her surprise was only a momentary expression. Since she said she was here to support Xue Jinzhi, she would naturally take Xue Jinzhi with her and introduce him to the media and some familiar customers.

Pan Aizi watched the old lady walking through the crowd from a distance, and thought to herself: This old lady is as smart and shrewd as ever. If today is a very important event, her appearance would seem reasonable. It happened to be such a promotion dinner that did not require her to appear. She appeared here to support Xue Jinzhi, which shows how much she attaches to Xue Jinzhi.

But what happened to the Xue family? How did Xue Jinzhi return to the Xue family? Where is his mother? How did Xue Shenzhi’s mother and son offend the old lady?

Pan Aizi was thinking about these things, so she heard Xue Shenzhi snorting beside her and muttering to herself: “I knew this was the case, I won’t be here yet!”

He took a glass of wine from the waiter’s tray, drank it, and threw it back angrily. Then he lifted his foot and strode away from the side door of the banquet hall.

Pan Aizi only glanced in the direction of the old lady and Xue Jinzhi, then followed Xue Shenzhi without hesitation, left the banquet hall, and out of the clubhouse.

After getting in the car, Pan Aizi asked Xue Shenzhi: “Boss, where are you going?”

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