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Chapter 4 Taunts

“What? Do you always have an appointment with our Xiao Xue?” The female secretary mocked her.

“No…nothing, I just ask casually.” Pan Aizi also realized that she had asked too much, and said goodbye to the female secretary politely, and went downstairs.

She did not rush to leave Huangtu, but went to the tea room on the first floor, bought a cup of iced milk tea, and sat down on the tea seat near the window. The cup of milk tea was placed on the small tea table in front of her. She didn’t drink it, she only held her cheeks and looked out the window through the glass window.

The time for work has passed, and there are few pedestrians in front of the Huangtu Building.

Pan Aizi has a mentality of waiting for nothing, hoping that that person will appear in her vision. Anyway, she has nothing else to do now, working in Huangtu is her only goal.

After sitting in the tea room for about an hour, she saw a white BMW SUV appeared at the door of Huangtu Building. The door opened and a man in a blue striped suit got out of the car.

The security guard at the door ran over immediately, took the key in his hand, and helped him to park. The man strode towards the automatic glass door of the building.

In an instant, Pan Aizi’s heart seemed to suddenly start a high-power motor, and it jumped quickly, almost popping out of her chest.

But her mind was clear. She only hesitated for two seconds, then grabbed the purse, rushed out of the convenience store, and ran to the elevator.

There was no one in the elevator. She used the elevator door as a mirror to check her image and tidy her hair.

Then, she turned around and hurriedly walked from the elevator to the direction of the lobby.

As soon as she turned out of the elevator, she saw a man in a blue striped suit walking towards him. She pretended to lower her head and took something out of her bag, but in fact she had already aimed at the man’s position, rushed up quickly, and ran into the man full of arms!

“Ouch!” she let out an exaggerated pain.

The man in the suit was knocked back by her, frowning angrily and glaring at her: “What’s the matter? Don’t you walk with eyes long? Which department are you in…”

He hadn’t finished accusing Pan Aizi, and Pan Aizi had raised his head and looked directly at his face.

The man in the suit seemed to be pinched by someone’s neck, but he didn’t say a few words at the back, his eyes were staring at Pan Aizi’s face, and he was dumbfounded.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I was reckless! Did you hurt you, do you want to go to the hospital?” Pan Aizi apologized to the man in the suit very sincerely.

“Oh…” The man in the suit touched his body, and suddenly raised his right foot, “This foot…Oh, I guess your toe was squashed by you! How could this hurt…”

“I’m sorry…or let’s go to the hospital for a look. If it hurts, I will be responsible for your medical expenses.” Pan Aizi leaned forward and held the man in the suit on his arm.

“The car… let them drive out. I’m going to the hospital… my feet hurt.” The man in a suit leaned most of his body weight on Pan Aizi, and turned around to greet people to pick up the car.

Pan Aizi curled his lips secretly, secretly happy.

Triumphantly! Before coming, she assumed various difficulties and coping methods, but she didn’t expect everything to go so smoothly without any deviations and obstacles!

She helped the man in suit, walked out of the hotel lobby, got into the white BMW SUV, and went to the hospital.

Without a driver, the injured cannot be allowed to drive, so Pan Aizi took on the job of the driver.

She drove the car on the way to the hospital, feeling the two attention eyes from her side, and her heart beat fast.

“Miss…” After looking at Pan Aizi for a while, the man who was hit finally said, “You hit me, you haven’t told me your name yet.”

“My name is Pan Aizi.” Pan Aizi turned his head and glanced at him, then smiled apologetically.

The man seemed to be dazzled by her smile, squinted his eyes, pondered for a moment, and asked: “Are you an employee of Huangtu? Why haven’t I seen you before?”

“I came to Huangtu to apply, and participated in the first round of interviews today. The interview was just over, and I was about to leave. I didn’t expect to hit you when I got out of the elevator.” Pan Aizi explained calmly.

“Since you came to Huangtu to apply, you should know who I am? Did you hit me on purpose?” The man looked at Pan Aizi with suspicion.

Pan Aizi thought for a while and said, “To be honest, I really know who you are, but not because you applied for Huangtu to do your homework, but because there was news about you on all major websites and newspapers the day before yesterday…”

The man was not embarrassed, he looked clear, and shook his head: “I’ll just say, I’ve seen you a lot of ways to strike up a conversation. If I were not Xue Shenzhi, you would not bump into me today. .”

Pan Aizi concentrated on driving without looking at him, and said with a smile: “Mr. Xue is a real joke. There are a hundred good ways to let me know you. Who would be stupid enough to hurt his future boss just to let the boss know himself. ? Then can I still get a chance to work?”

Xue Shenzhi turned his head and glanced at Pan Aizi, then nodded: “That’s what I said…but don’t worry, I am a person who is very kind to beautiful women. You are so beautiful and sincere and sincere, so I won’t hold you accountable. Responsible, just go to the hospital for some medicine and bandage it later, it won’t affect the result of your application.”

“Ms. Xue has a large number of people, and I can’t be thankful enough.” Pan Aizi expressed his gratitude very humbly.

Xue Shenzhi shook his head triumphantly, leaned into the seat, and chatted with Pan Aizi. From her family situation to her previous job, she finally turned the topic to her personal question: “Aiko, you have a boyfriend.” ?”

From the collision to the present, only twenty minutes before and after, he has begun to call her “the beloved son”!

This is really his unchanging virtue for thousands of years! Excessively good feeling about yourself! Inflated sense of superiority! Think of yourself as the emperor in front of women! It seems that it is an honor for every woman to get his blue eyes and favor.

Pan Aizi didn’t change her face and replied: “There was a boyfriend. Before I came to China, we broke up.”

“Doesn’t support your coming to China? That’s his fault! A man who doesn’t know how to respect women, must not ask for it.” Xue Shenzhi resigned.

When this word came out of his mouth, Pan Aizi sounded weird.

Fortunately, she didn’t have to deal with him because the hospital was here.

She got out of the car first, ran to the other side, opened the door, and helped him down. Then she locked the car and walked him to the hospital emergency room.

After entering the hospital, she was busy for a while, first registered, and then lined up to wait for the doctor.

Finally it was Xue Shenzhi’s turn. The doctor looked at his feet and smiled: “Sir, your feet are good, what are you looking for?”

I met a very principled doctor. Although Xue Shenzhi insisted that his feet hurt, the doctor didn’t even bother to prescribe medicine for him, so he sent him out of the clinic.

Out of the clinic, Pan Aizi asked eagerly: “Does the foot still hurt? Or let’s change to a hospital.”

Xue Shenzhi moved his feet and said, “Forget it, I met the Mongolian doctor, but I have nothing to do with my feet. If I insist on seeing the doctor again, as if I’m ruining you, I just go back and raise it Up.”

“Then I will drive you back.” Pan Aizi is both active and enthusiastic.

Xue Shenzhi glanced at her and said, “Of course you are driving, do you want me to drive a injured person?”

Pan Aizi helped him back to the car and drove back to Huangtu.

On the way, Xue Shenzhi said that he was thirsty and wanted to drink coffee. So Pan Aizi parked the car at the door of a cafe, and two people walked in, each ordered a cup of coffee, and chatted while drinking coffee.

The topic has been around Pan Aizi, Xue Shenzhi is full of curiosity about her life experience, from birth to work, from school to dating, he has to ask.

Pan Aizi answered his questions very seriously and patiently, as if the two of them were good friends who had not seen each other for a long time. They chatted with each other about their respective lives after separation. There was no strangeness at all, and the atmosphere was cordial and friendly.

It wasn’t until Xue Shenzhi’s phone rang and the assistant reminded him that there was an important business dinner at noon, and he stood up and said to Pan Aizi: “I should have invited you to dinner, but I have an important dinner at noon, and I will leave soon. You. Leave a phone call for me, I will make an appointment with you when I have time.”

Pan Aizi obediently took out the phone and handed it to Xue Shenzhi.

Xue Shenzhi entered his number in her mobile phone and dialed his mobile phone. After two bells rang, he hung up and returned the phone to Pan Aizi: “What position did you apply for at Huangtu today? I know. Recently, there is a vacancy in the secretary office of the president. Would you like to try it?”

Pan Aizi nodded: “It is this position. If I can pass the interview, then I will often deal with Mr. Xue in the future. But Mr. Xue can rest assured that today is a special situation. I am not a reckless person and will not step on Mr. Xue every day. toe.”

Xue Shenzhi smiled: “It doesn’t matter, it’s a big deal, I will make a pair of iron shoes, so you won’t be afraid of stepping on it, haha… you go home and wait for the call, and I will let you work tomorrow.”

“Thank you, Mr. Xue for your support!” Pan Aizi showed great excitement, bending over to express his gratitude to Xue Shenzhi.

Xue Shenzhi was very courteous and docile to her, and raised an arm to her: “If you don’t mind, start your work now and drive me to the clubhouse, okay?”

“Willing to help Mr. Xue!” Pan Aizi settled the coffee account, took Xue Shenzhi’s arm, and helped him go outside.

Xue Shenzhi glanced down at her slender fingers and snow-white wrists, swallowed quietly, raised his other hand, and pretended to lightly place it on the back of her hand unintentionally.

Pan Aizi pretended not to notice, and talked to him, went out of the cafe’s door, and got into the car.

The dinner party was in a membership-only private club in this city. Pan Aizi parked the car outside the clubhouse. She got out of the car first, then turned to the other side, opened the door for Xue Shenzhi, and helped him get out of the car.

She was about to send Xue Shenzhi into the gate of the clubhouse, when she heard a cold voice behind her: “Isn’t this Miss Pan Aizi? You are really busy. You can see you wherever you go.”

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