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Chapter 3 End

His skin is particularly clean, the bridge of his nose is straight, his eyelashes are very long, his eyes are clear, and his eyebrows are as neat as trimmed. Her nose touched his shoulder, and she smelled a faint scent of perilla grass.

She thought: This man has good taste, starting from him, is it a not-so-bad start?

She curled her lips and smiled bitterly, then stretched out her hand to wrap around the 38th man’s waist: “Mr. Xue, is the air conditioner in your office broken? Why is it so hot?”

She breathed into his ear, whispering to him in a whisper that she thought to be sexy.

The 38th man tilted his head and dodged, and looked at her squintly: “Really? Why don’t I feel hot? If you feel hot, take off your jacket.”

He really meant this!

Pan Aizi scolded the 38 male “sex ghosts” in his heart, but his face was full of coquettish smiles. She slowly raised one hand, pinched the top button of the little suit jacket, her heart was shaking, her chest was throbbing, and her back was chilly.

“Why? It’s not hot anymore?” Seeing that she was not unbuttoning the button, the three-eight man asked her.

As soon as his voice fell, Pan Aizi’s finger was wrong and the button opened.

She moved her hand down and unbuttoned the second button. She took off her suit jacket, which contained a goose yellow silk shirt.

He looked at her up and down, his lips pressed tightly, and the expression on his face was serious: “How about? Is it better? If you still feel hot, you can continue to take it off!”

This time, Pan Aizi did not hesitate anymore.

Having reached this point, she might as well take this man down quickly. Shorten this process, maybe her pain will be less.

“It’s much better now…”

He bowed his head, glanced at her chest, and curled his lips. She was guessing what he meant, but he suddenly picked her up, turned around, and put her on the office table.

She thought he was going to take action, but unexpectedly he backed up a few steps, kept a distance of two meters from her, folded his arms, and looked at her: “Can you take more off?”

Doesn’t this work?

Pan Aizi already feels itching!

She bit her lip, kicked off her high heels, reached into her skirt, and pulled her stockings down.

He was finally impatient! Just now I put on a serious face that didn’t care, now I can’t pretend it anymore, right? Are you here to show your true colors?

Pan Aizi closed her eyes, ready to accept this man’s blasphemy and humiliation to her.

However, she did not feel the man’s hand touching her body, nor did she kiss her cheek with unfamiliar lips. She only heard a sudden sound from the phone behind her: “Mr. Xue, what do you need?”

“Bring me two cups of coffee in.” Sanba’s voice sounded so close in her ears.

She opened her eyes “swiftly” and stared at the three-eight men angrily, thinking: What do you mean? Still have a cup of coffee before doing business? You are not ashamed, I am afraid that people will see it!

In the two seconds she was stunned, the three-eight man had once again retreated to the previous distance, put his hands in his trouser pockets, the corners of his lips curled up with a sarcasm, and looked at her silently.

“Okay, come right away.” The secretary answered on the phone.

Pan Aizi’s face changed color “brushing” and hurriedly jumped off the office desk, no matter what he was standing in front of him, decisively picked up the skirt, pulled up the stockings piled on his knees, and put them on again.

She was so flustered that she scratched the stockings with her nails and pulled silk under the skirt. She couldn’t take care of so much, she pulled the skirt from her waist, shook her hands and started to button the shirt.

Because she was worried that the female secretary would come in with coffee at any time, Pan Aizi was so nervous that her hands were shaking, and the buttons on her shirt couldn’t be fastened.

She gave up altogether, grabbed the coat directly from the chair, put it on the outside of the shirt, and tied only the button that appeared from the neckline.

Just as she gathered her hair, the office door rang, and the female secretary who had brought her over came in with a tray.

Pan Aizi lowered her head to see her socks that were soaking naked, and quickly sat down, folding one leg on the other, covering the place where the stockings were torn.

However, usually her habit of raising her legs is to press her right leg against her left leg. Now she has to press her left leg against her right leg, which is a bit twisted. And she was too nervous just now, even though she looks neatly dressed, her face is flushed.

The female secretary was a little strange to see her twisted and sitting in a chair. As she approached, she realized that her breathing was unsteady, her cheeks were flushed, and the expression on her face was very stiff, so she couldn’t help but look at her a few more times.

Pan Aizi had a guilty conscience and felt that the female secretary must have discovered something, and remembering that the shirt button in her coat hadn’t been fastened, she raised her hand to cover her chest.

The female secretary pursed her lips, put two cups of coffee on the office table, and turned around and went out.

When Pan Aizi heard the office door close behind him, he breathed a sigh of relief, took the coffee on the table, and took a sip.

She just wanted to calm her emotions, but she didn’t expect the coffee to be so hot that it burned her lips and tongue. She screamed in pain, and vomited the coffee that had been drunk into her mouth back into the cup!

What a shame to be thrown home! This man made fun of her!

But what can she do? Do you want to splash a cup of hot coffee on his face? In that case, this interview will definitely fail, and I don’t know when to wait for the next opportunity.

She clutched her hot lips, tried to stand up several times, and cursed a few words. But after weighing it repeatedly, she still tried to restrain the anger and embarrassment in her heart, raised her head and looked at the 38 male: “Mr. Xue, do you think this is fun?”

The three-eight man walked over, pushed her cup of coffee aside, and brought another cup of coffee to her: “It’s not fun.”

Pan Aizi didn’t drink his coffee, and stood up: “Since it’s not fun, then let’s stop playing. You are very busy and I have something to do. I’ll go now…”

She had to leave after she said, and as soon as she took a step, the three-eight men stood in front of her. She didn’t have time to back up and ran into him.

He held down her shoulder and reached out to unbutton her suit jacket.

Pan Aizi was confused by him and pulled away his hand: “What on earth do you want? Can teasing me make you happy?”

The three-eight men ignored her, moved his hand to her skirt, and stubbornly unbuttoned her.

Pan Aizi thought he was coming for real this time, and was hesitating whether he wanted self-respect or this opportunity, but found that the three-eight men did not intend to take off her clothes, but instead buttoned her unfastened shirt, one by one. The grain is tied up.

She was puzzled, wondering if there was something wrong with this man? He asked her to come up, what on earth did he want to do?

Pan Aizi tried his best to act calmly, pretending to be indifferent to the touch of the 38 male.

But her instinctive reaction still betrayed her.

The three-eight men smiled: “I just poke you twice, and you are like this. If I strip your clothes, you still have to faint?”

Pan Aizi didn’t understand what the man wanted to do when she asked her to come up. She asked: “Mr. Xue, did you ask me to come up to prove that I am not good at seduce men? What are you going to do? Let’s just say it.”

The 38-year-old man shrugged: “I am very optimistic about you and want to keep you working in the company, so I came up to talk with you.”

“Oh? Is that right?” Pan Aizi looked at Sanba with skepticism, always feeling that there was a problem with his attitude.

The three-eight man showed his suspicion of her indifferent: “Whatever you think, you want a job, I will offer you a job, it’s that simple.

Pan Aizi knew it was not that simple, but she couldn’t guess if he didn’t say it. She was embarrassed, picked up her bag, and glared at the three-eight men: “Since it’s such a simple matter, you can just call me from the Human Resources Department. Do you want me to come up and delay your precious time?”

After speaking, she turned and left.

The 38-year-old man grabbed her arm and said to her, “Pan Aizi, you have an elegant and noble face. Don’t mess around with those women. You are not good at doing things like that, and you shouldn’t do things like that. You know. ?”

Pan Aizi glanced at him: “Mr. Xue, you have too much control, right? Don’t say that I am not your employee now. Even if I become your employee in the future, you will not be able to take care of my private life, right?”

She broke free of his hand and walked outside the office.

The 38-year-old man hesitated for two seconds, followed up again, grabbed her, and stuffed a business card into her hand: “I think you just came to China and have no friends. You may feel very lonely. If you have anything to do , You can call me.”

This time Pan Aizi really couldn’t figure it out. Is this man really caring about her? As the vice president of Huangtu, he actually took the initiative to give a name card to a candidate who met for the first time?

She didn’t know how to react to his behavior, nodded indiscriminately and agreed, holding his business card, and fled away from his office.

As soon as she left the office door, she looked down at the business card in her hand: Xue Jinzhi, the vice president of Huangtu International Hotel Group.

A flash of lightning struck Pan Aizi’s head!

It turned out to be him? ! He has returned to Xue’s house? what happened? Did Xue Shenzhi and his mother lose power in front of the old woman? How could the two of them allow Xue Jinzhi to enter the door of Xue’s house?

She raised her head and glanced at the three words “Vice President” on the house number plate, and thought: When Xue Shenzhi first entered Huangtu, he started as an ordinary hotel lobby manager, and only returned to the headquarters after many years. Xue Jin went back to Xue’s house. What happened to the Xue family when he directly took the position of vice president?

Seeing her standing in a daze at the door of the office, the female secretary came to remind her: “Miss Pan, have you finished talking with Mr. Xue?”

“En…” Pan Aizi nodded, then approached the female secretary and asked in a low voice, “This President Xue…When did he come to the company?”

“Just joined the company last week.” The female secretary replied politely.

“Thank you.” Pan Aizi smiled politely at her.

After thinking about it, she asked: “Is the vice president Xue Shenzhi in the company?”

The female secretary gave Pan Aizi a sideways glance and thought: This woman is really shameless. I just met our boss Xue, and now I’m asking Xiao Xue, is she too ambitious?

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