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Chapter 2 Interview

Pan Aizi pretended not to hear, speeded up his pace, sullenly walked, and finally got rid of the man and went to the personnel department of Huangtu.

In the reception room, Pan Aizi and a dozen other applicants sat in two rows opposite each other, waiting for the staff of the personnel department to call her name, and then went to the conference room for the first round of interviews.

In the spare time of waiting, she looked at her competitors. Although one by one looks very dignified and stable, there is a cautiousness hidden in the stability. Some people have ultra-short skirts that wrap their hips, some wear extremely thin black silks and socks. Some people have obviously stuffed their chests and hold their chests so high that they are about to unbutton their shirts.

Pan Aizi sneered secretly in her heart: It seems that Xue Shenzhi’s style | Liu is well known to all the people in the world. They just came to apply for his secretary, and these women can really afford it.

But these women didn’t know that among them, there was one woman who gave up more than them.

So, she is bound to win today!

Pan Aizi’s name was finally called. She stood up, took a deep breath, and under the guidance of the lady of the personnel department, came to the small meeting room for the interview.

As soon as the door opened, she walked in gracefully with her chest straight. At first glance, she saw the chief interviewer sitting in the middle. It was the one who witnessed her entering the wrong bathroom and laughed at her in the elevator. The three eight men!

Pan Aizi’s heart “cocked” all of a sudden, and the momentum he had just gathered outside the meeting room immediately dropped by three points!

When the three-eight men saw her, he was stunned for a while, and then he smiled unclearly.

Reading his expression, Pan Aizi was clearly saying: Yo! The woman in the men’s room! We are really fate! meet again!

Life is so terrible! I had known this a long time ago, when he called her when she got out of the elevator just now, she should stop and give him a good smile.

Now I just hope that he has forgotten the glance she stared at him in the elevator.

She sat down opposite several interviewers. One of the female interviewers was about to ask her a question. The 38 men raised his hand to stop, and said, “Pan Aizi, isn’t it?”

“Yes!” Pan Aizi replied loudly.

“Is there a problem with your eyesight?” The three-eight men raised the corners of his mouth and smiled deeper.

Several other interviewers were taken aback, with a puzzled expression, not understanding why he asked about vision problems. Only Pan Aizi knew that he was laughing at her!

She stood up deliberately and replied very seriously: “My vision is absolutely no problem, the standard vision of 5.3!”

The 38th man almost laughed, lowered his head quickly, pretended to look at her resume, and concealed the past.

Except for being teased by the three-eight men with vision problems at the beginning, the entire interview process went smoothly.

After the interview, the manager of the personnel department tells all those who participated in the interview whether they have a chance to participate in the second round of interview, and will call everyone within three days.

Everyone stood up and walked out of the reception room, Pan Aizi also followed them out.

As soon as I arrived at the door, I heard the manager of the personnel department call her: “Pan Aizi…Please keep it.”

Suddenly, all the people who participated in the interview looked sideways at Pan Aizi.

Pan Aizi “clicked” in his heart, and thought to himself: I’m not showing any flaws, am I?

Ignoring the strange eyes of others, she turned around and walked back, recalling her performance in the interview just now…After thinking about it, she never remembered that she had said anything inappropriate.

The female manager of the personnel department glanced at her and said: “We, Vice President Xue, want to see you. Please wait here for a while. Someone will call you later.”

Pan Aizi’s heart flickered, and cold sweat came out of her palms.

So fast? Is this going to see him? She thought she would have to go through five levels and cut six generals and break into the third round of interviews before she had a chance to meet him!

But how could he know her? Was she seen by him when she rushed into Huangtu early in the morning? Or did he come to the personnel department just now when she was not paying attention?

Pan Aizi sat in the reception room, his throat dry with tension, drinking water from glass to glass.

About half an hour later, a young woman walked in and said to her: “Pan Aizi, Vice President Xue is waiting for you in the office, please follow me.”

Pan Aizi clenched his fists and secretly cheered herself up: the opportunity has come so soon! Be sure to grasp it! do not worry! What’s so nervous about me? I even know how many hairs he has! Am I still afraid of seeing him?

She followed the young woman, walked out of the reception room, took the elevator to the top floor, stepped on the soft carpet, and came to the door of an office.

She raised her head and glanced at the house number: the vice president’s office.

it’s him! He is still the vice president! It seems that their old lady is still alive! He doesn’t know how long he will sit in the seat of the prince!

The female secretary in front stepped in and reported: “Ms. Xue, Miss Pan is here.”

Pan Aizi heard a man’s voice saying: “Okay, let her in.”

Huh? This is not Xue Shenzhi’s voice! he is……

She was not allowed to think about it, the door was opened, and the female secretary motioned to her: “Miss Pan, please come in.”

Pan Aizi was puzzled, stepped into the door of the office, and at a glance saw the three-eight men who had been the main interviewer sitting upright inside the large fan-shaped office desk!

Is he Vice President Xue? Which Vice President Xue is he?

What is the relationship between him and Xue Shenzhi?

Pan Aizi stood at the door, looked at the face of the three-eight men, and tried very hard to search for this character in his memory.

Seeing her stunned, the three-eight man frowned, “It seems that you not only have poor eyesight, but also have some brain problems! What are you doing stupidly standing there? Don’t you come in and talk?”

Pan Aizi returned to his senses, came to the office desk and greeted respectfully: “Hello, Mr. Xue…”

No matter where he is sacred, since he is the vice president and the chief interviewer, it is always right to please him.

“Sorry, I was a little reckless in a hurry this morning, and made Mr. Xue laugh.” She first explained to herself that she had taken the wrong bathroom early in the morning.

The three or eight men on the opposite side did not speak. After she sat down, they stared at her face and looked at her unblinkingly.

Pan Aizi didn’t speak at first, and wanted to let him look up and see what he was going to say.

But he just looked at her, didn’t speak, his eyes were straight, as if he wanted to see through her body!

Pan Aizi was a little guilty, moved her butt on the chair uncomfortably, and coughed: “Cough! Mr. Xue, what can you do with me?”

The 38 guy on the opposite side did not take his gaze back, his gaze stayed on her face, touched his chin, and asked her: “I see your information. You were born in the United States and grew up in the United States, where you study and work… …”

“Yes!” Pan Aizi replied very positively.

“Oh… listen to you… but there is no ABC accent.” The three-eight man was suspicious.

“I grew up in a Chinese environment. My parents only speak Chinese at home. Affected by them, I always think Chinese is my mother tongue, so I speak Chinese very well, but English has some accents.” Pan Aizi Explained calmly.

“That’s it…” The 38-year-old squinted his eyes and patted a folder on his desk, “I see your resume… you graduated from a prestigious school, and Citibank has worked for two years… Such a great condition, to We Huangtu came to serve as the secretary of the president’s office, isn’t it too talented?”

This question is completely in the preparations of Pan Aizi. She answered without hesitation: “That’s all in the past. I am here to start again. I don’t mind starting from the simplest job, I know Huangtu is a first-class hotel chain in China. If I can work at Huangtu, it will be an honor for me. If I have enough ability, I believe Huangtu will also give me development opportunities.”

The manuscript prepared by Pan Aizi for the next round of interviews will be used here.

Her answer was perfect, but it was obviously not the answer that the three-eight men wanted.

The 38-year-old man frowned and stopped continuing the topic. He bowed his head for a moment and asked, “Do you really want this job?”

“Of course! I am very sincere and eager to get this job, and I also hope that Mr. Xue will help me.” Pan Aizi replied, while muttering in her heart: This man called me alone and asked these boring questions. He wanted to do it. what?

I saw the 38 men suddenly stood up, walked out of the office desk, turned behind her, and patted her on the shoulder: “I am very optimistic about you. I am very willing to support you, but you also saw it just now. There are many people who look forward to getting this job, and there are also people who are more suitable for this job than you. Why do I have to support you alone? You give me a reason?”

Pan Aizi was stunned: I didn’t ask you to help me! You called me up alone! Ask me to give you a reason now? I also want to know the reason why you called me up alone… Huh? No, why does his hand stay on my shoulder…he is actually rubbing my shoulder? !

Pan Aizi realized that he had been molested, and suddenly got goose bumps!

She instinctively wanted to get rid of the hand that was rubbing gently on her shoulder!

But in the end, she just moved her fingers, but didn’t lift her wrist!

She reminded herself not to forget her purpose! Before coming back this time, she made up her mind: To achieve the goal, do whatever it takes! If you don’t achieve your goal, you will never give up!

Isn’t it just a man? Isn’t it just a body? As long as she can get closer and closer to her goal, she will not hesitate to take the body as the level!

She is no longer herself! But the real personality transformation begins today!

Thinking of this, she tilted her face up, glanced at the three-eight men, and smiled charmingly: “You want a reason? Okay! Then I will give you a reason that cannot be refused…”

While speaking, she stood up, walked to the two transparent glass windows in the office, and put down the blinds. Then, she turned around, walked back to Sanba Nan, raised her hand on his shoulder, and leaned close to his face: “Mr. Xue, is this more convenient for us to talk about work?”

Pan Aizi leaned close to look at the 38 men, and found that he was really a man who could stand up close.

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