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Chapter 10 Assistant

“Grandma, Pan Aizi’s education and qualifications are good, I want to use her as my assistant, OK?”

It wasn’t until Xue Jinzhi said this that Pan Aizi understood why he invited her to Xue’s house.

Xue Shenzhi said yesterday that he would not let Xue Jinzhi succeed, and asked her to go to work directly in his office today. So after going to the company today, Xue Shenzhi will definitely go to the personnel department to ask for someone.

However, Xue Jinzhi is more cunning than him, and before he asks for someone from the personnel department, he first speaks to Xue Luyanni.

If the old lady agreed to Xue Jinzhi, then even if Pan Aizi’s position was fixed, it would be useless for Xue Shenzhi to find the personnel department.

Pan Aizi knew that she had been fooled by Xue Jinzhi and was very angry, but at this time she cared more about the attitude of the old lady.

She was afraid that Xue Luyanni would say “no”, because that meant that the old lady was resisting her, which meant that she had no chance to work in Huangtu.

But she was also worried that Xue Luyanni would agree, because as long as the old lady nodded, she would be Xue Jinzhi’s assistant. Such a result was beyond her expectation and was completely out of her plan.

She stared at Xue Luyanni’s mouth nervously and entangled, and saw the old lady taking a look at her, nodded slowly, and said, “Okay, you don’t have to ask me about this kind of thing, since you are the vice president in charge of personnel. , You have decided on such a small matter of employing people yourself.”

“Thank you grandma!” Xue Jinzhi leaned down happily and kissed Xue Luyanni on the forehead.

Xue Luyanni was very happy and patted him on the cheek: “Naughty! Since I invite someone to have breakfast, what are you doing here? Take Ms. Pan to dinner.”

Xue Jinzhi posed Pan Aizi with hatred in her heart.

But she had already entered the door of Xue’s house, turned around and left without gain, she was not reconciled.

You can ask Xue Shenzhi to find a solution for work. But at the door of the Xue family, she didn’t get the chance to come in once every day.

So she said nothing, followed Xue Jinzhi, said goodbye to Xue Luyanni, and walked upstairs.

The Xue family has a large restaurant on the west side of the first floor, but usually the family gathers to eat there only during dinner. Breakfast is very casual. It is convenient for everyone, either in the study room or in the tea room.

Xue Jinzhi accompanies his mother to breakfast every morning. The place where the mother and son dine is in the tea room on the second floor facing the sea.

When the two went upstairs, Pan Aizi prayed in his heart: Do not meet Xue Shenzhi and his couple at this time, and do not meet Xue Shenzhi’s mother Ye Haian…

Unexpectedly, her prayers turned into a summoning spell. As soon as she reached the second floor, she saw Ye Haian and Xu Huixin walking down from the third floor, accompanied by them.

The mother-in-law and daughter-in-law were talking and laughing when they saw Pan Aizi suddenly, and the two women changed their faces at the same time.

Xu Huixin didn’t expect that the woman who was caught by her hair yesterday would have the guts to show up in her home today! After a moment of astonishment, she immediately showed disgust and ferocious expressions: “Oh! Am I still not awake? Am I still having nightmares? The foxes have come to the door! What kind of world is this?”

Xu Huixin deliberately said it loudly, but her mother-in-law Ye Haian didn’t seem to hear it. Ye Haian seemed to be frightened, staring at Pan Aizi’s face, his hands were unconsciously twisted together.

“Morning Auntie An.” Xue Jinzhi was expressionless, but very polite, asking Ye Hai’an good morning.

Ye Haian blinked and turned his gaze to Xue Jinzhi: “Jinzhi…this is…”

“Auntie An, this is my new assistant Pan Aizi. I met her during morning exercises and invited her to have breakfast at home.” Xue Jinzhi was very respectful to the elders.

“Pan Aizi…” Ye Haian came down the stairs, walked to Pan Aizi’s, and looked at her carefully, “Sincerely, this girl is very beautiful. If you put her by your side, can you still work at ease?”

Xue Jinzhi smiled humbly: “Aunt An, Pan Aizi is not only this face, she has good education and qualifications. She has worked for Citibank for two years…”

“Really? That’s even more powerful… Be it, this world is really amazing, don’t you think?” Ye Hai’an narrowed his eyes, sneered at Xue Jin’s eye, and continued downstairs.

Xu Huixin was unwilling to let Pan Aizi go, and pulled Ye Haian: “Mom! This woman is the one Shenzhi brought to the hotel presidential suite yesterday! She followed Shenzhi yesterday, and today she is entangled with Jinzhi again! This woman is simply too beautiful. It’s terrible…”

“Hui Xin, the visitor is a guest, she is a sincere guest today, how does grandma usually teach you? Treat guests with courtesy!” Ye Haian did not support Xu Huixin, but instead taught her a lesson.

Xu Huixin was full of grievances, did not dare to refute Ye Haian, and increased a three-point hatred for Pan Aizi.

Facing Ye Haian and Xu Huixin’s mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, Pan Aizi only nodded when they first met, but never said a word.

After the two went downstairs, Xue Jinzhi looked at Pan Aizi with a frozen expression, shook his head, and said, “Actually, I admire you too. When I invited you on the mountain, I was not sure if you could agree to it. , After all, you and Xu Huixin only clashed yesterday. I didn’t expect you to have the courage to face such an embarrassing scene. I am really more and more curious about you.”

“You say that, it makes me feel that your motive for inviting me here is not pure.” Pan Aizi glanced at him obliquely.

Xue Jinzhi hurriedly smiled and said, “No, I am your boss and you are my assistant. We will get along with each other every day, so we need to communicate our feelings first.”

“I thought it was just asking me to eat breakfast, but I didn’t expect that there were additional conditions. Regarding being your assistant, you should think about it again. I am reluctant, because the initiative in work is poor, and you don’t want to find someone without it. Assistant of work efficiency, right?” Pan Aizi declined to work.

Xue Jinzhi disagreed: “It doesn’t matter, if you can’t be too busy alone, I can arrange another deputy assistant…”

“Deputy assistant?” For an unheard of position, because he could figure it out, Pan Aizi almost burst out laughing, “Mr. Xue, I am really curious, why are you doing this to me? Can you tell me the reason?”

Xue Jinzhi tilted his head slightly, looked at her and said, “Reason? I like you. From the moment I saw you, I decided to pursue you. This is called love at first sight. Do you believe it?”

“Don’t believe it!” Pan Aizi didn’t think he had taken her seriously.

He didn’t argue, just smiled, and led her into the tea room in Linhai.

There is a mahogany table with eight immortals in the tea room with four mahogany carved chairs. Breakfast has been set, and a middle-aged woman is sitting in the east seat, watching the morning news on the TV opposite.

Seeing Xue Jinzhi walk in, she immediately smiled: “Jinzhi…”

Just calling out his name, she saw Pan Aizi who was following Xue Jinzhi. The smile disappeared from her face. She was taken aback for a moment and asked: “She is…”

“My new assistant, Pan Aizi.” Xue Jinzhi introduced it again.

Then he turned around and introduced the middle-aged woman to Pan Aizi: “This is my mother…you can call her Aunt Tong.”

“Aunt Tong early.” Pan Aizi greeted Tong Xuefan.

She had heard of Tong Xuefan, but it was the first time she saw him. Looking closely, she found that Tong Xuefan’s appearance was much more gentle than Ye Hai’an, and she was wearing a relatively low-key, white over-the-knee gauze skirt, unassuming.

This woman can be regarded as a resilient woman. Before Xue Yuanchi got married, she gave birth to a son for him. After he got married, she still followed him silently, no nomination, no money, no noise, no noise, she grew up her son alone.

Therefore, for most of Xue Yuanchi*’s life, women came and went like crucian carp across the river, and the only ones who stayed beside him were his wife Ye Haian, and only Tong Xuefan, who followed him at first.

Now she is half a hundred years old, and her face is getting older. But her son has grown up, and he has a good life in Yushu.

In the past, her existence was a shame to the Xue family. Ye Haian hated her to the bone, and the old lady Xue Luyanni also despised her very much. I don’t know if it is because mothers are expensive with children, or if there are other reasons. At this age, she was taken into Xue’s house, and she was openly formed into a family of one husband and two wives.

Pan Aizi didn’t know what happened in this.

At the breakfast table, both women were a little absent-minded.

Pan Aizi looked like he was out of the body and didn’t talk much. He drank the bowl of porridge in front of him bit by bit, and didn’t eat anything else.

Tong Xuefan kept aiming at Pan Aizi with his eyes, with obvious anxiety and dissatisfaction in his eyes. When Pan Aizi was not paying attention, she would turn her head and stare at her son.

Only Xue Jinzhi was eating seriously. He drank two bowls of porridge without raising his head, ate a plate of fried steamed buns, and ate up all the bacon and greens before his eyes.

Then, he put the bowl down and said to Pan Aizi: “Wait for me, I’ll take a bath and change my clothes.”

“Oh…” Pan Aizi replied stupidly. It wasn’t until he walked out that she realized that she was going to face Tong Xuefan alone. The scene was quite embarrassing.

Tong Xuefan put down his chopsticks, leaned back on the chair and sat upright, looking at Pan Aizi, and said straightforwardly: “Miss Pan, you shouldn’t actually be in our house.”

Pan Aizi hurriedly put down the porridge spoon, folded her hands on her legs, and looked very submissive: “Aunt Tong, I don’t understand what you said, don’t you like me? Then I won’t come to the house to disturb you anymore.”

“Not only should you not come to the house, you should not appear in front of the Xue family…Of course, this is not your fault, you can’t blame you… Auntie has discussed with you one thing, you give up your job in Huangtu, I Help you find another job with a good income, okay?” Tong Xuefan asked for Pan Aizi and became gentle.

But Pan Aizi is not short of work or money. She only needs to enter the royal map. In this matter, obviously she could not agree to Tong Xuefan’s request.

“Aunt Tong, I’m really sorry. I value my job at Huangtu very much. But I can promise you not to be the assistant of Mr. Xue. As long as you tell him, he will listen to you. I can work in other departments. .”

Pan Aizi said this to take the opportunity to dismiss the job of Assistant Xue Jinzhi. Since Tong Xuefan doesn’t like her, should Xue Jinzhi respect her mother’s meaning?

However, Tong Xuefan showed a dissatisfied expression: “You boy… why are you not sensible? I am also doing this for your own good! Knowing that there is a pool of thunder in front of you, do you have to step in it?”

Pan Aizi smiled with a good temper and said, “Auntie, I don’t know what kind of thunder is in front of me. Can you tell me more clearly, why can’t I appear in front of the Xue family? Why can’t I enter? Huangtu’s job? It doesn’t seem fair to let me leave if I don’t tell the reason.”

Tong Xuefan sighed: “It’s all your face…You look very much like an old person in our family…”

Pan Aizi listened carefully, expecting Tong Xuefan to tell some stories she didn’t know. But Tong Xuefan only said a few words, and then paused.

At this moment, a little ay yelled outside suddenly: “Too grandma!”

This milky voice grabbed Pan Aizi’s soul. She seemed to have been cast on a dementing curse, completely forgot to remember the existence of Tong Xuefan on the opposite side, jumped up and ran to the door.

She grabbed the door frame and looked out, but the corridor on the second floor was empty and there were no children.

She hurried out of the tea room and ran to the stairs.

Suddenly there was a child outside who was talking milkily, and Pan Aizi was immediately hooked away. He stood up and chased after him, leaving behind the inexplicable Tong Xuefan, and froze there, not understanding what had happened.

Pan Aizi chased to the entrance of the stairs on the second floor and looked into the hall on the first floor. Sure enough, he saw a little boy lying on Xue Luyanni’s lap, playing like Jiaoer.

The little boy was two or three years old, with dark, soft hair, big eyes, bright eyes like obsidian, round cheeks, and a small pointed chin when he smiled.

He wore a long-sleeved cotton T with a bright yellow and blue collar, yellow and blue checked pants, and white soft-soled shoes. His skin was as fine as jade, bathed in the bright morning sun, as beautiful as a painting.

Downstairs, the old lady Xue had a lot of money to play with her grandchildren, and the little Bay had her childish words, what a wonderful family happiness.

But in Pan Aizi’s eyes, this scene was extremely dazzling. There was an old scar in her heart that was “brushed” torn apart, and the sudden pain felt all over her body, making her tremble uncontrollably.

She firmly grasped the stair railing with both hands and leaned her whole body on the handrail. She must fix herself in this way, otherwise her feet will go downstairs unconsciously.

Her eye sockets were hot and her cheeks were hot. Fearing that she would cry, she tried to hold her breath, her chest was stuffy, and her ears buzzed.

Her gaze followed the little boy for an instant, and his every movement and every word made her heart soar. She is like a boiling kettle, her body is standing there quietly, but her heart is already turbulent.

Fortunately, she held it back and did not cry.

Enough frolicking in front of Mrs. Xue, the little boy clamored to go out to play. Old lady Xue asked the nurse to take him to the yard. The nurse agreed, picked up the little boy, and went out.

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